Tata Volunteering Week 10 Volume No. 05  
  Fire safety training Coastal Gujarat Power  |  Mundra
Volunteers organised a fire safety training and awareness session for school students. They were given information on how can a safety hazard can be resolved if the mitigation measures are known. The students got exposed to different equipment that is used for controlling the fire menace which was demonstrated during the event. This event was attended by 300 students along with the teachers; later the CGPL volunteers through the classroom program, shared their knowledge on fire safety through the question- answering session.
  Health awareness session The Tinplate Company of India  |  Jamshedpur
A health awareness program was organized for community women. Basic health problems normally overlooked in day to day activities were discussed and remedies how to handle them were shared. Volunteers made the participants understand all the suggestions made by the doctor.
  Quiz competition Tata Sponge Iron  |  Odisha
An Interschool speech & quiz competition was organized in Vidya Shakti Niyas, Bileipada. Around 36 students from 12 schools from the periphery participated in the event. A group of 16 volunteers helped organize the event at the Vidya Shakti Niyas Training Hall, Bileipada. The objective of the program was to improve the students' oratory skills & develop confidence in public speaking while giving them the competitive edge in their academic careers.
  Tree plantation drive Ginger Hotels  |  Delhi
Ginger East Delhi contributed to the movement started by Govt. Of Delhi for planting trees. Govt. Of Delhi undertook initiative to reduce the air pollution in Delhi by planting trees.
  Cleanliness drive Ginger Hotels  |  Vapi
Volunteers took up the task of cleaning the main street and market area at Salvav, Vapi. 16 enthusiastic volunteers gathered at Salvav area and started cleaning of the area with equipment's provided by the Hotel. A session of awareness and importance of cleanliness was also shared by associates with local sellers and shopkeepers.
  Visit to a non-profit Tata Consulting Engineers  |  Kolkata
Universal Smile is a Kolkata based NGO, giving shelter to over 38 orphan children. TCE volunteers participated in organizing some fun educational activities with the children. Six Volunteers were engaged in this activity & they spend some quality time with the children. They played games like Passing the ball, Paper Rock Scissor game etc. with the children. Kids also participated in singing and group dance.
  Tree plantation drive Tata Consulting Engineers  |  Kolkata
A group of volunteers from TCE conducted a plantation drive at Kendriya Vidyalaya 2 located in the Salt lake area of Kolkata. They planted 15 varieties of herbal trees along with 5 varieties of flowering plants in the specific spotted area marked by them.
  Awareness on road safety Ginger Hotels  |  Vadodara
25 Volunteers from Ginger Vadodara-RCR organized a safety march. During this activity local traffic police also joined them to spread awareness about road safety. The volunteers reached out to the common public and explained about the importance of road safety.
  Cleanliness drive Ginger Hotels  |  Mumbai
The volunteers of Ginger Hotels, Mumbai participated in an initiative to clean the Hubtown Solaris Square Mumbai-Teligali.
  Cleanliness drive Ginger Hotels  |  Mangalore
Ginger Hotels Mangalore conducted a cleanliness activity. 43 employees actively took part in the hygiene & cleanliness drive.
  *This update covers only some of the activities undertaken by companies.