Tata Volunteering Week 10 Volume No. 11  
  Cleanliness drive Ginger Hotels  |  Bhubaneshwar
A team from Ginger Bhubaneshwar conducted a cleanliness drive with 16 volunteers.
  Visit to a non-profit Tata Capital  |  Kolkata
A team of 12 volunteers from Tata Capital teamed up with Bhumi NGO to celebrate and teach the children about the Indian culture and history. The interaction with the kids was focused on historic events and freedom fighters.
  Hygiene session Tata Capital  |  Hyderabad
Tata Capital Hyderabad volunteers partnered with DESIRE Society Care to take a session on hygiene for children. They also served food to the children.
  Visit to a school Tata Capital  |  Jaipur
7 Volunteers from Tata Capital Jaipur office partnered with Annamrita Foundation to interact with the kids and serve mid-day meal to them.
  Visit to a school Tata Technologies  |  Pune
Tata Technologies senior leaders visited a village school and distributed mid-day meal to school students with the volunteers.
  Road Traffic Safety Tata Technologies  |  Pune
Tata Technologies senior leaders along with a group of volunteers visited a management college and gave a safety talk. Some traffic safety videos were presented to students during the talk. A Skit was performed by enthusiastic college students to create road traffic safety awareness.
  Visit to a school Tata Technologies  |  Pune
Tata Technologies senior leaders visited a village school. An education enrichment activity was organized by CSR team to help students to improve their skills like permutation combination, concentration, spatial judgement, imagination, creativity, patience Building, problem-solving, logical etc.
  Drawing competition Rallis India  |  Mumbai
Rallis volunteers organized a drawing competition for tribal children of Kolkhe village. 30 students participated in the competition. Students made drawings on nature, animals, our festivals etc. Volunteers also helped them by giving innovative ideas to draw the pictures.
  Visit to a non-profit Tata Teleservices   |  Delhi
A group of volunteers from Tata Teleservices Delhi, visited The Blind Relief Association (BRAD). They took part in various activities like painting diyas, making paper bags and envelopes for their Diwali Mela. Seven volunteers were engaged in these activities and they spent quality time with them.
  Industrial visit Tata Teleservices  |  Mumbai
"Campus to Corporate" session taken by a volunteer of Tata Teleservices. He made use of very pertinent examples and conducted several activities which helped all learners participate effectively and maximize their learnings.
  Plantation drive Ginger Hotels  |  Mangalore
A group of 40 team members including support of Yojaka Pvt Ltd took the initiative of planting fruit saplings & medicinal plants. Various types of fruit plants such as Mango, Jamun, Chikku, Badam, Laxman fruit, Guava & neem were planted.
  Blood donation drive Tata Projects   |  Hyderabad
Blood donation camp was organized at Splendid Towers, Begumpet, Hyderabad with the help of Institute of Preventive Medicine, Hyderabad. The doctor also told employees about the importance and benefits of blood donation. After the preliminary check-up of the blood donors, they were instructed to lie down on individual beds. All the donors were also awarded a certificate.
  Visit to a school Tata Projects   |  Nellore
A group of 10 volunteers from Tata Projects Krishnapatnam site, Nellore visited a primary school of Nelaturipalem Village. The team conducted games and distributed prizes to the winners. The volunteers motivated the students to concentrate on their studies and reflected on their role in nation building.
  Clay modeling Tata Motors   |  Mumbai
A team from Tata Motors organized a clay modeling competition for the children. This was a fun-filled activity followed by dance and songs.
  Visit to an orphanage Indian Hotels   |  Jodhpur
Indian Hotels volunteers visited Luv Kush Ashram (Orphanage) at Jodhpur. They organized a drawing competition on " Save Environment". After drawing competition, they organized a hygiene awareness session followed by quiz competition. They also offered fruits and other snacks.
  Cleanliness and animal feeding drive Tata Steel Processing and Distribution  |  Kolkata
Volunteers cleaned a ground and surrounding premises of ASHARI, which runs over 4.4 acres of land. The volunteers further showed their affection towards the ailing stray and abandoned animals by personally attending and meeting each one of them and feeding them biscuits, bananas and jaggery with their own hands.
  Visit to a zoo Tata Steel Processing and Distribution   |  Kolkata
Volunteers from Tata Steel Processing And Distribution Limited tok 70 under-privileged kids of about 8 years of age, from an NGO run school named 'Calcutta Rescue' to the Zoological Gardens at Alipore, Kolkata . This visit was followed by a sumptuous lunch and sweets, which was loved by the kids.
  Blood donation drive Tata Motors   |  Pune
Tata Motors commercial vehicle business unit Pune and health services organized a blood donation camp. 813 volunteers donated blood and total 850 volunteers participated in this activity.
  Road safety drive Indian Hotels   |  Faridabad
Indian Hotel team at VBT-Surajkund undertook an activity to guide and counsel team members on the criticality of road safety and to value and treasure one's own lives.
  Cleanliness drive Indian Hotels   |  Faridabad
Vivanta Surajkund, NCR organized a cleaning drive with a motive of Go Clean!! Go Green!! Participation in maintaining the surrounding was received with a great turnout. Associates from all departments came together to achieve the pledge of "Go Clean!! Go Green!!"
  Visit to a school Tata Steel  |  Jamshedpur
Employee and family members visited RML School, West Bokaro. The team interacted with the children took sessions on domestic waste management and personal hygiene.
  Visit to a school Tata Steel  |  Joda
Volunteers from Tata Steel, Joda organized a counseling session on cleanliness and hygiene for the children of Kudurusahi UP School, Joda . Stationery was distributed to the children .
  Visit to an anganwadi Tata Steel  |  Jamshedpur
Volunteers from West Bokaro Division visited the Anganwadi center at Amar Nagar, Ghatotand and interacted with small children. The team introduced learning with fun methods and also distributed some study materials.
  Walkathon Tata Power Delhi Distribution   |  Delhi
242 Volunteers of Prathit Cultural Club of Tata Power-DDL organized a walkathon at Shakti Nagar, Delhi to raise awareness in the neighborhood on Education, Energy conservation, Green Environment and Climate change and motivated beneficiaries to seek skill enhancement, education, health services through various initiatives run by Tata Power-DDL in their neighborhood.
  Career counseling Tata Power Delhi Distribution  |  Delhi
7 Volunteers of Tata Power-DDL visited a secondary school in Narela, Delhi to conduct a career counselling session with students of class 10th, 11th and 12th. It was attended by 100+ candidates and they were very active and enthusiastic throughout the session. Further volunteers also interacted with students on topics like safety, health and hygiene.
  Stationery distribution Tata Power Delhi Distribution   |  Delhi
24 volunteers from Learning & Development group of Tata Power-DDL visited SHAD center for specially-abled children, Rohini, Delhi to spend quality time with beneficiaries, distributed stationery products and organized drawing competition for the community beneficiaries of center and also participated in dance and sports activities.
  Drug de-addiction camp. Tata Power Delhi Distribution   |  Delhi
18 volunteers of Tata Power - DDL participated in the drug de-addiction camp at JJ cluster, Farishta Soap, Delhi in association with NGO partner. Volunteers visited nearby JJ clusters/ Communities to communicate information about activity and mobilized 82 beneficiaries. Beneficiaries were provided medicine and consultation from a de-addiction team. Cured beneficiaries also attended the program and shared their personal experiences to motivate new beneficiaries into kicking the habit.
  Poetry recitation competition Tata Power Delhi Distribution  |  Delhi
A Poetry Recitation Competition was organized at the Department of Social Work between the beneficiaries of Vocational Training Center and students of the Department of social work. Volunteers of Tata Power DDL facilitated the event as volunteers.
  Plantation drive Tata Power Delhi Distribution  |  Delhi
25 saplings were planted to mark the celebration of Hindi Diwas. Trees were jointly planted by volunteers and the students and their teachers. Eco Club of the Department of Social Work actively promoted this activity and facilitated the program with great enthusiasm.
  Visit to a Nirmal Hriday Tata Steel   |  Kharagpur
The team spent time with residents, listening and talking to them. The division generated fund from contributions of Bearings Team and distributed stationaries to them.
  Youth development program Tata Sponge Iron   |  Odisha
A group of 14 Tata Sponge volunteers contributed in the closing ceremony of company's 2 day Youth Development Programme, for local youngsters from nearby villages. Around 50 participants attended the event which focused on various youth-centric themes. At the end of the program, QA session was organized with the best respondents taking away attractive prizes.
  Awareness session Indian Hotels   |  Agra
A team from Indian Hotels visited a primary school at village Karbhana Agra. They conducted a "Save environment" awareness session for the children of Karbhana village primary school. The main focus was on plastic materials and its harmful side effects. They also organized Swachh Abhiyan and cleaned the school and the nearby places. Children also took part in this cleanliness session and cleaned the places with them.
  Dental check-up The Tinplate Company of India  |  Jamshedpur
A dental check-up was organized by the Volunteers of TCIL for the students of Vidya Jyoti Tinplate High School. Dental health conditions of 100 students were captured and parents were advised to take the preventive measures and necessary precautions of those children having severe dental problems. Volunteers from the CSR Department participated in the program by providing support service and explaining to parents how to retain good dental health practices & oral hygiene of their children.
  Yoga session Trent   |  Hyderabad
A team from Trent conducted a "Yoga Session" at Hyderabad.
  *This update covers only some of the activities undertaken by companies.