Tata Volunteering Week 11 Volume No. 10  
  Visit to a school Tata Steel  |  Joda
Volunteers engaged with school children of RBC at Tata Sponge to sensitize children on environment especially trees and water conservation. They conducted a drawing and slogan competition on flora & fauna conservation and distributed prizes. Few documentaries were also shown during the session.
  Awareness session Tata Steel  |  Gomardih
An awareness program was organized at RBC Girls Hostel Gomardih by Tata Steel on deworming.
  Fire safety session Tata Steel  |  Tarapur
A group of five volunteers from Global Wires, CSR and Security Department organized a fire safety and fire combating training session along with a demonstration on operations of the fire extinguisher at Industrial Technical Institute, Vangaon.
  Health check-up camp Tata Steel  |  Tarapur
A group of five volunteers organized a general health check-up camp for students of Ashram School, Shigaon.
  Visit to a school Tata Consulting Engineers   |  Jamshedpur
TCE Jamshedpur employees visited the School of Hope & demonstrated innovative ways of aromatherapy candles to the teacher-in-charge. The staff of the school showed immense interest in learning the ways to prepare the candles using oranges, lemon & peppermint.
  Celebration of cultural diversity Tata Power Delhi Distribution  |  Delhi
A cultural diversity programme was organized by a team of 1600+ volunteers from Tata Power-DDL, TCS and other partner organizations to celebrate the success of the beneficiaries across different areas of intervention. The event brought forward the hidden talents of young kids, their zeal and energy recharged the large audience present there.
  Distribution of educational kits Tata Power Delhi Distribution  |  Delhi
52 Volunteers from Connection Management Group of Tata Power-DDL visited Vocational Training Centre, Wazirpur, Delhi to spend quality time with the beneficiaries. They also distributed stationery products to the children.
  Blood donation camp Tata Power Delhi Distribution  |  Delhi
Tata Power - DDL in association with Indian Red Cross Society organized a blood donation camp at Tata Power-DDL Corporate Office, Hudson Lane, New Delhi. The camp had a registration of 55 motivated and enthusiastic employees of which 37 units of blood was collected.
  Drug de-addiction camp Tata Power Delhi Distribution  |  Delhi
23 Volunteers of Tata Power - DDL participated in the Drug De-addiction Camp at Todapur, Motinagar & Jawahar Camp, Naraina, Delhi in association with NGO partners. Volunteers visited nearby JJ clusters/ Communities to share information on the camp. Beneficiaries were provided medicine and consultation from the team. Cured beneficiaries also attended the program and shared their personal experiences to motivate new beneficiaries into giving up the habit.
  Facilitating health services Tata Power Delhi Distribution  |  Delhi
219 Volunteers of Tata Power - DDL participated in Health Camps, organized across 20 various locations in Delhi in association with NGO partners. Volunteers visited nearby JJ clusters/ Communities to share information and mobilized more than 2000 beneficiaries. Beneficiaries were provided medicine and consultation from Mobile Dispensary team.
  Women's day celebration Tata Power Delhi Distribution  |  Delhi
A Women's Day Celebration was organized by Tata Power DD that included games and sharing of experiences, along with a talk on the role of women beyond the household.
  Awareness session Tata Projects  |  Nellore
A team of 86 volunteers from Tata Projects-Nellore, Krishnapatnam site, conducted an awareness program on safety at APGENCO Hospital. The volunteers explained about the safety and conducted some induction program on safety. They interacted with the employees and gave them an awareness of personal safety equipment.
  Awareness session Tata Coffee  |  Toopran
The volunteers of Tata Coffee Ltd - ICD Toopran organized an environmental awareness program and conducted plastic clean-up drive at TS government residential school for boys. They explained the importance of Environmental Protection.
  Drawing competition Tata Consulting Engineers  |  Mumbai
TCE volunteers along with the kids of Door Step School participated in the drawing competition held in a community. The topic of the drawing was focused on climate change. Kids were given snacks and colour boxes at the end of a session.
  Sports day Tata Consulting Engineers  |  Mumbai
TCE volunteers spent good time with the community kids . Volunteers played different games and helped NGO in the arrangement of sports and other activities. At the end of a program, volunteers distributed the snacks to the kids and prizes to all the winners.
  Visit to a school Ginger Hotels  |  Mysore
Volunteers from Ginger Mysore visited Government Higher Primary School, Nazarabad, Mysore. They encouraged the students to come to school daily, study diligently and respect their teachers, elders and parents. They briefed the children's about the traffic rules, environment & its maintenance, food hygiene, personal hygiene and cleanliness. Electrical issues were also addressed along with set up of few bulbs & holder in classrooms. All the volunteers participated in cleaning the school premise and washrooms. They donated books to the students.
  Health awareness session Tata Steel Processing And Distribution  |  Tada
Volunteers of TSPDL Tada team organized a Health awareness session in Government managed Tada ITI and 100 students of ITI participated in this activity.
  Hockey tournament Tata Steel  |  Gomardih
Inter village hockey tournament was successfully organised by GDQ Officials at Gomardih Unit.
  Helping at an event Tata Steel   |  Jamshedpur
2 Volunteers from Tata Steel helped during the Disability Camp at Dhatkidih Community centre by managing the registration desk.
  Blood donation camp Tata Strategic Management Group  |  Lower Parel
Tata Strategic Management Group conducted a blood donation drive at Marathon Futurex, Lower Parel East. This drive was conducted in partnership with Sion hospital to fulfill their urgent need for blood. 96 people participated for this cause from Tata company, family members and additional volunteers from other companies in the office building premises.
  Plantation drive Indian Hotels  |  Bengaluru
The employees of Taj West End visited the Parkirma Centre. The employees and the students had a ball digging and planting saplings.
  Self-defense session Tata Bluescope Steel  |  Jamshedpur
A session on self defense and women empowerment was organized for contractual female employees with the help of SIS security team in which 33 participants received training and learned various techniques of self-defense. The participants learned about the hand blade neck strike, finger thrust on a face, front kick from ankle, knee kick on growing and outer thigh, basic punch and wrist lock.
  Food grain distribution Tata Bluescope Steel  |  Jamshedpur
Volunteers from Tata BlueScope Steel, Jamshedpur visited a village Dogagaral near Patamda, East Singhbhum. They contributed and distributed 125 kg Rice Bags and 25 kg dal to 20 families.
  Road safety session Ginger Hotels  |  Chennai
Ginger Hotels conducted a road safety session at Chennai.
  Linen donation Ginger Hotels  |  Chennai
A team of 32 Volunteers from Ginger Hotel Chennai Vadapalani donated the hotel linen to people in slum areas of Thirunagar.
  Safety training Tata Power Delhi Distribution  |  Delhi
Tata Power- DDL organized a safety training for drivers. 40 volunteers from Tata Power DDL and JK Tyres facilitated this program. The activity aimed to bring forward the circumstances which may lead to a road accident, thus discussing what measures should be taken to keep self and fellow commuters safe.
  Celebration of safety week Tata Power Delhi Distribution  |  Delhi
Tata Power DDL celebrated safety week wherein 750 Volunteers visited communities across North & North West Delhi and sensitized people on safety culture in our surrounding. The activity apart from sensitization included drawing and slogan competition on the theme of safety.
  Community reach out program Tata Power Delhi Distribution  |  Delhi
A Community Reach Out Program was organized by Tata Power-DDL wherein 1100 volunteers of Tata Power- DDL visited JJ clusters across 12 districts, under Tata Power-DDL working region, and collected data for the upcoming and existing initiatives. They motivated the community to avail the initiatives being run by Tata Power-DDL. The volunteers also sensitized the community on safety at home and in the community.
  Counselling session Tata Power Delhi Distribution  |  Delhi
Tata Power DDL in association with Development Alternatives organized Career Counselling sessions and later a Placement drive in 7 Vocational Training Centres; M2K Rohini, Indra JJ camp Rohini, Sector 11 Rohini, Narela, B Block and N Block Mangolpuri and Wazirpur. The activity aimed to make beneficiaries aware of their potential and relevant field for a job. 400 beneficiaries benefitted the program.
  Uganda delegation visit Tata Power Delhi Distribution  |  Delhi
A delegation from Uganda visited Tata Power DDL- NSP center and took a session on "Importance of Education on individual's Development". He was joined by 14 employees who facilitated and contributed to this session.
  Certificate distribution drive Tata Power Delhi Distribution  |  Delhi
100 Volunteers of Tata Power-DDL participated in Women Literacy Centre Certificate Distribution drive at various locations for 9870 beneficiaries. Volunteers contributed to the smooth functioning of the program. The certificates are issued for the successful completion of their course of functional literacy.
  Financial literacy camp Tata Power Delhi Distribution  |  Delhi
A Financial Literacy camp was organized by Tata Power - DDL in association with Canara Bank at Vocational Training Centre, Timarpur for the beneficiaries of all trades. The session included awareness on securing bank accounts, the importance of bank accounts and uses of digital banking.
  Technical training Tata Power Delhi Distribution  |  Delhi
The technical training program was organized by Tata Power - DDL for beneficiaries of Aryabhatt technical training institute at Tata Power-DDL learning center. The session included awareness on the safety and other technical work. 20 volunteers participated in the same and benefited 60 beneficiaries.
  Cleanliness drive Coastal Gujarat Power  |  Mundra
Volunteers from Coastal Gujarat Power conducted a cleanliness drive in the village. The community, Panchayat members and the school children participated too. They arranged refreshment and other cleaning items for all the volunteers. They also explained the importance of cleanliness.
  Interaction session Coastal Gujarat Power  |  Mundra
Volunteers from Coastal Gujarat Power arranged a one-day exclusive interaction program with the farmers of the region. They visited the farms and the house of the farmers and interacted with them about the crop pattern, prudent usage of water in the arid region of Kutch, Cultivation of higher variety of fodder (Napier Bajara-21) which can yield them more fodder for their cattle. The visit was arranged along with an agriculture expert who oriented the farmers with all the agricultural aspects for better practices and technological intervention.
  Visit to a school Coastal Gujarat Power  |  Mundra
Coastal Gujarat Power volunteers spent the day with school children. They interacted with the school teachers, children and gave a lecture on the importance of education in everybody's life, especially the Education of Girl Child. She also assessed the Smart school program being implemented by CGPL in the school, its impact and the view of the children and teachers.
  Blood donation camp Titan  |  Pantnagar
51 employees from the Jewellery Division and 12 employees from the Watch Division came together to participate in a blood donation camp at Titan Company Limited, Jewellery Division, Pantnagar. A total of 63 units of blood was collected.
  Awareness session Tata Metaliks  |  Kharagpur
An awareness program on water conservation and hygiene was conducted by the volunteers. They also organised a drawing competition on the theme of water conservation in Ajabpur Primary School wherein about 72 students participated in the program.
  Visit to a village Tata Motors  |  Sanand
Employees of HR, Admin & Finance Department of Tata Motors Sanand plant visited Madhav Nagar village and organized different sessions and activities along with primary school students and children of Anganwari Centers of the village. The session included the basics of hygiene and cleanliness, non-usage of plastics and why it is important to have good health and wellbeing along with a question answer session. A rally was conducted in the village & 300 students participated in the program.
  Hygiene and Food Safety awareness session Ginger Hotels  |  Chennai
Volunteers from Ginger Hotel Chennai Vadapalani met street food vendors and educated them on Hygiene and Food Safety. Around 29 volunteers participated in this activity.
  Visit to an old age home Tata Advanced Systems  |  Hyderabad
Tata Advanced Systems visited Venkateshwara old age home, Thorrur. Items like colors, water dispenser, bed covers, mattresses, fans and lights were distributed to the home. Children from 3 Orphanages were taken to the home to have an interaction between the children and elders. Children distributed fruits to the elders and elders distributed snack boxes to the children. Children performed cultural activities like singing and dancing for the elders.
  Blood donation camp Tata Advanced Systems  |  Hyderabad
Blood donation camp was organized at TASL in coordination with "Thalassemia and the Sickle Cell Society, Hyderabad". A total of 117 employees donated blood.
  Visit to a school Ginger Hotels  |  Agartala
17 employees visited Bholagiri school campus and Ashram to conduct a cleanliness drive. They also spent time with children.
  Road safety awareness Ginger Hotels   |  Kochi
Employees from Ginger Hotels conducted a road safety awareness drive at Infopark road, Kochi.
  Road safety awareness Ginger Hotels  |  Agartala
12 employees conducted a traffic road safety awareness drive at Agartala and spent time in traffic to make people understand the traffic rules and policies.
  Visit to slum Ginger Hotels  |  Mysore
Volunteers from Team Ginger Mysore visited J P Nagar area at Mysore. They provided information about proper hygiene, cleanliness and health. They interacted with families, advised them to send their kids to school on a daily basis and made them understand the importance of education. They spoke to kids and families and briefed on how clean surroundings prevent diseases like dengue and malaria. They distributed washed discarded linen to the people.
  Helping Hands Ginger Hotels  |  Mysore
Volunteers from team Team Ginger Mysore donated the linen to homeless people who were sleeping at the bus station, railway station, Government Hospital, market area & outside the shops. They also suggested a few ashrams for night stay.
  Industrial visit Rallis India  |  Akola
41 students from Science stream (BSc) visited Akola plant for a practical exposure of industrial working, safety procedures & knowledge of chemical application. The students were given the overview of the industry working and the various chemical applications related to their field.
  Career counseling Rallis India  |  Akola
Rallis Akola volunteers organised a career counselling session for the students of Sipna Collage of Science, Chikhaldara (Amravati District). The volunteers explained the skills & knowledge required during their professional career in addition to technical knowledge. The students were very satisfied and motivated by the processes and the policies which they feel that will really benefit them for their entire professional career.
  Best out of waste Rallis India  |  Panvel
Rallis volunteers organized an art and craft activity for tribal students of Kolkhe village. Volunteers taught them to make a bird out of paper. Volunteers enjoyed the activity with the students and made colorful birds.
  Plantation drive JUSCO  |   Jamshedpur
JUSCO Water Management, JTO, Safety, JUSCO Sramik Union volunteers organized a 'Green Initiative' drive and planted 20 fruits & medicinal plants at Tata Nagar Water Tower Sakchi, thus propagating the message "Plant trees and save our mother Earth".
  Road safety awareness JUSCO   |  Jamshedpur
JUSCO, Corporate office volunteers organized a road safety awareness session for class IV -VII students of Utkramit Middle School Bhatia BastiKadma. Volunteers informed them about general safety measures. A quiz related to safety was also conducted and gifts were given to the winners.
  Session on water conservation JUSCO  |  Jamshedpur
JUSCO Water Management department volunteer organised a session on water conservation at Utkramit Middle School. A total of b44 students of class VI to VIII participated this awareness session. Volunteers also organized water conservation related quiz for the students.
  Sports day Rallis India  |  Lote
Eight Volunteers of Rallis India Lote Unit conducted various outdoor games at Z P School -2, Ghanekunt for their 5th, 6th & 7th Standard Students. There were 32 students participated in the games. Boys participated in running and girls in langdi competition. Volunteers briefed on the importance of sports and games in schools. Prizes were distributed to the winners of running and Langdi games.
  Road safety awareness Tata Motors  |  Pune
The team UV from Tata Motors Pune visited the nearby Shankutalabai Shitole Primary school at Sangavi (Pune). The team spent quality time with the students of the school making them aware of the road traffic safety. They were made aware of how safely to crossroads, how to walk on the road with the kind of traffic nowadays and many other things. All the team members along with the school children took out a rally on the roads of sangavi and carried out an awareness programme for the citizens about road safety.
  Science Intervention Rallis India  |  Lote
Rallis volunteers along with science intervention consultant arranged a science subject projects session at SKV School, Gunde. In the session, four groups of students presented their various projects like atmospheric pressure, separation method and oxygen content in air. 38 students participated in the session.
  Medical camp Tata Chemicals  |  Porbandar
A medical camp was organized by Tata Chemicals Ltd Ishwaria & Devda Limestone Mines at Ishwaria village in Porbandar. 241 Patients from Ishwaria and Nearby community benefited from this camp. General Medicine Practitioners, Dentist & Eye Specialist were present in this camp.
  *This update covers only some of the activities undertaken by companies.