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Tata Volunteering Week 4
Update No. 18
Tata Technologies


First Book drive

Tata Technologies North America completed a very successful “truck of books” event working with First Book on October 2-3 in Detroit, Michigan. There were about 30 volunteers helping to sort 20,000 books for educators in the Detroit area. On Saturday, educators came to “shop” for 100 free books each to distribute to their students who range from 0-18 years in age. The team had a great time learning about the First Book mission, enjoying local pizza, and most of all getting the books ready for distribution to area students. The Detroit local news covered the story with a 20-second spot on the event.

Indian Hotels


Save the coral reef

Taking care of environment and the beautiful turquoise sea at Maldives is prime responsibility of all who are located on the beautiful island resort – Vivanta by Taj Coral Reef. As a part of the commitment to ensure safe and great snorkelling experience at the coral gardens and the occasion of the TATA Volunteering Week Celebrations, team Vivanta joined hands to save the Hembadhu Reef on 5th October.

The activity was divided into 2 parts on shore and off the shore.

The first part of the activity was to clean the beach area of the reef. All the volunteers got together and cleaned the beach. Sharp stones, big and small, debris like waste wood, plastic, metal and other material were removed from the area.

The Second part of the activity was underwater. All the associates then moved to the shallow waters to clean the lagoon and a lot of on looking guests also joined the cleaning drive.

A dinghy (small boat) was also organised to collect the garbage and other rubbish from the sea. All volunteers were given snorkelling masks, gloves and life jackets. The garbage that was picked up included plastic bottles, bags, containers, cans weighing approx 800 KG. A Total of 35 Associates across all departments participated in the activity.

Guests, who were witnesses to this activity, appreciated the resort’s team effort to ensure clean and safe snorkelling through this team building activity.


Visit to an orphanage

Volunteers from VBT Connemara along with HR Manager, Security Manager, Financial Controller visited the oldest orphanage for under privilege students home and donated things what they collected from the associates as ‘ JOY OF GIVING “ for two weeks. Associates contributed Daal, Atta, Rice, Sugar, Tooth Paste, Tooth Brush , Bath Soap, Rin Soap etc. which our volunteers nicely packed and donated to Ramakrishna Mission.. Swamji with his students was thrilled and happy to receive and towards donation they have issued receipt for all the above goods.

The volunteers took pictures with the students and spent an hour with them and all students were overjoyed.


Exhibition of local handicrafts

On the occasion of the World Tourism Day, The Gateway Hotel, Athwa Lines, Surat, organized a Local Handicrafts Exhibition. As part of the Corporate Social Responsibility initiative of building livelihoods, a local NGO Shakti Foundation was invited to sell traditional handicrafts on September 27. The volunteers had set up a desk at the lobby to showcase their talent. They exhibited different kind of products like artifacts especially Warli paintings, wall hangings, candles, purses etc. The exhibition started sharp at 1100 hrs all in house Guest approached to the desk and were very happy to see the handmade items. By end of the end of the exhibition they generated revenue of INR 5000. The ladies of Shakti Foundation were very happy after the exhibition and thanked the Hotel Management Team for all the support which is going to the benefit almost 500 women of the community.

Donation of lost and found items

The Gateway Hotel, Athwa Lines, Surat, is always committed for Community initiatives and on the occasion of Tata Volunteering Week IV. The volunteers donated lost and found items to Missionaries of Charity and Shantivan Leprosy Home. The items included semi used cloths, bags, shoes, trolley bags etc. and was handed over to Sister Mag Dalena John and Sister Mereita.

There are around 400 Leprosy patients residing at Missionary of Charity Shantivan Leprosy Home. These people have been abandoned because of various family reasons and are under treatment there. Sisters of Missionaries of Charity, Shantivan Leprosy Home, were delighted by the efforts made by the team and thanked for bringing smiles to their faces by this goodwill gesture and will be utilized for old people.

Yoga session for the guests

On the occasion of World Tourism Day 2015, The Gateway Hotel, Surat, attempted to give fresh life to the idea that yoga can help restore national pride and a return to ancient values in an age of tarnished virtue and health crises. On September 27, first floor terrace was filled with 25-30 participants including Guest and Associates for bending and twisting their bodies in Yoga postures. The professional yoga teacher Mr. Denish Rana was invited for conducting this session. The instructor briefly explained the philosophy of yoga and started the session with Pranayam (breathing techniques) and demonstrated a few basic and simple yogic postures and ended the session with meditation. It was an hour-long session. Fresh juice and snacks was served to all participants after the session. The purpose of organizing this session for Guest on the World Tourism Day is to create awareness about the benefits of practicing yoga which is a key for the health & wellness.


Donation of Shoes

On the occasion of Tata Voluntering week, The Gateway Hotel, Nashik took the initiative to help the needy person by donating the old shoes to Green sole. Green Sole converts old sports shoes into footwear for the underprivileged, especially in the villages. For this a big box was kept at the time office area of staff entrance and the person while coming they put their old shoes in that box. Every one participated with their heart for helping the poor people. Almost 60 pairs of shoes were donated to the green sole.


Blood donation

As part of the TVW-4 The Gateway Hotel, Bangalore organized a Blood Donation camp on 29th Sept in coordination with the Rotary CLUB, Bangalore. Around 15 associates have donated the blood voluntarily.

Tata Consultancy Services

UK and Ireland

Coffee morning

Between September 25th and October 4th, TCS UK&I raised £ 4500 for Macmillan Cancer Support through the Coffee Morning events organised in 16 locations throughout the UK and Ireland. The recent partnership with Macmillan is a new way of offering TCSers the opportunity to get involved in volunteering initiatives.

The World’s Biggest Coffee Morning is Macmillan’s biggest fundraising event for people facing cancer. The charity asks people all over the UK to host their own Coffee Mornings and donations on the day are made to Macmillan. Macmillan Cancer Support is one of the largest British charities and provides specialist health care, information and financial support to people affected by cancer.

For TCS UK&I this was the first year to be involved in the initiative and were happy and grateful to see such a great response and involvement from TCSers. More than 100 volunteers baked, donated and sold delicious both sweet and savoury treats with +500 participating in fun challenges, enjoying the food and making donations to the partner charity.


Drawing competition

As part of Tata Volunteering Week, the Volunteers from NXP project organized a drawing and painting competition at the school and Sadashraya orphanage. Around 50 students participated in this activity. This was a theme based competition and the volunteers gave 3 themes to the students – Independence Day, Nature & Pollution, Swachch Bharat Abhiyan and General topic. The students were very enthusiastic in completing this activity. The event was enjoyed by the volunteers and students. The winners were presented with gifts and chocolates.

Yoga camp

Nine Volunteers from Ameriprise Account participated in Yoga Camp @Garudacharapalya School. The activity started with a talk by one of the volunteer who explained the students about importance of yoga on a day to day life. Post the talk, the students were split into 3 batches and assigned pre-trained volunteers to teach Yoga. They were taught asanas like SuryaNamaskara, VeeraBadrasan, Thadasan, Purna Thitiasan, Arda Chandrasan and Trikonasan. These asanas will help kids to boost up their memory, increase concentration, improve Self-confidence and Body Posture, grow healthier etc. A total of 100 beneficiaries were covered in this yoga camp.

Visit to a National park

As part of Tata Volunteering Week, the Volunteers from JPMC project at TCS SJM Towers organized for an annual outing for the students to Bannerghatta National Park. A total of 39 students along with 6 staff members from the school and 17 volunteers visited the National Park. The students were excited and thrilled to visit the Zoo and spend time in seeing different animals and birds. The event was thoroughly enjoyed by the entire team.

Amalgamated Plantations Pvt Ltd


Constructing roads for the local school

Three loads of sand shingle were given to fill in the approach road to the school and some depressions in the school campus. The volunteers levelled the sand shingle and filled up the depressions. This will help the school students during monsoon as the approach road will no longer be water logged. 10 different fruit trees were planted. The fruit trees have been protected with bamboo guards. The exterior of the school building and the blackboards were painted. Colour coded dustbins were provided to segregate waste.

Cleanliness drive

On 24th of September, under TVW-4 voluntary activities cleaning of college compound, plantation of trees, white washing of compound walls was organized at Rangapara College by Nahorani Tea Estate.

A voluntary team from Nahorani Tea Estate comprising of Management Staff, Hospital & Office Staff, School teachers, Workers, EEC members, Mother’s Club members, line chowkidars, Union members etc. took active part in the said programme. The voluntary team started cleaning of the college compound, planting of tree saplings and white washing of trees & walls. The students of the college also took part in the activities & co-operated the estate voluntary team.

The programme went off very well and all the students & teachers of the college have very much appreciated the activities taken by the estate. The programme ended with a cup of tea & refreshment offered by the college authority at the college itself.

Rallis India


Construction of a loose boulder

On 30th September, 2015 a group of 14 volunteers went to Brahminwadi of Songaon village and made a Loose Boulder on a stream coming from a waterfall with the help of few farmers of the same village. The purpose of making loose boulder is to storage the natural rainwater in the same area so that this can be recharged to the ground and also usable for cultivation purpose of vegetables in the paddy field. The attempt was successful and our volunteers and the farmers were very happy.

Health awareness session

On 3rd October Rallis India Lote Unit arranged an awareness session on “Personal Hygiene, Sanitation & Good Housekeeping” for the women group of Songaon Village. 52 women participated in the awareness session. This was conducted by an experienced Gynecologist from Chiplun. The volunteers made all the arrangement for the programme. The Gynecologist delivered a lecture and made them understand the importance of personal hygiene, physical changes in girls and women, good housekeeping and sanitation. The Gynecologist cleared all the doubts and questions raised by the participants. It was a highly informative and useful session for the women group.

Tata AIG General Insurance Company


Visit to an ashram

Volunteers from the Belgaum Branch visited Shantai Vridhashram at Belgaum along with a few producers. With the help of ISKON, they arranged Kirtan, Bhajan and a sumptuous lunch for the 35 Ashram inmates.


Awareness session

Volunteers from Pune zone visited Pune Slum area on 1st October. The main objective was to educate the people and children there about cleanliness and thereafter cleaned the surroundings separating dry and wet waste. The volunteers spent time with the children and arranged for snacks for them. They also donated dustbins, garbage bags, pencil box, water bottle, drawing books with crayons, etc.

Tata Coffee


De-addiction awareness program

With the association of Toopran police department and Mandal Tashildar, Tata Coffee ICD-Toopran organized De-addiction awareness program in Tooparn city and Koonaipally Village on 29th and 30th September during the Tata volunteering week-4. The volunteers from Tata Coffee Limited ICD-Toopran conducted the event at catchment area Mandal Office, Toopran with the support of CURDS - NGO (Chethana Urban and Rural Development Society). DSP & Sub-Inspector of Police, Toopran explained experiences on drunk& drive cases, accidents and effects of alcoholism in daily life. 500 people from the surrounding villages participated in the program through two days.

Tata Consulting Engineers


Co-Curricular Activities

The volunteering initiative continued with active involvement of 25 GET’s in conducting the co-curricular activities in Govt. High School. The volunteers successfully conducted the drawing competition, co-curricular activities and participated in singing and dancing, which made the whole environment lively for around 300 children of High School, Jamshedpur. In the end, volunteers along with school teachers distributed the prizes to children. The teachers and children thanked the volunteers for successful conduction of the program. The day ended with gifts (Pen+ Chocolates) distribution for all of them and TCE (Trainees) volunteers saying "cheers" to the event.

Visit to an Old age home

Some memorable moments and thoughts were shared with the esteemed senior citizens at Ashirwad Bhawan an old age home situated at Sakchi, Jamshedpur,05 employees from Tata Consulting Engineers Ltd. spent cherish able moments in order to celebrate the spirit of TVW-4. The group spent time together with the residents of Old age home and had sharing of their life experience to give them self-confidence and strength. At the hour of bidding goodbye, it was heartening to see.

Visit to an orphanage

Engineers working with TCE voluntarily choose to spend with children at 'Nirmala Shishu Bhawan', an orphanage run by Missionaries of Charity at Jamshedpur. The orphanage is new to this group of engineers as they have been visiting it, the team spent around 2 hours with these children, had carried a cake on the eve of Gandhi Jayanti to celebrate with them.

Visit to a village school

25 volunteers visited a local school in Morbad district. The volunteers spread cheer among the adivasi children in the school by conducting activities and distributing toys, stationery and books. Later, the volunteers staged a skit to drive health and hygiene among the village folk. TCE employees contributed clothes, toys and books which was distributed among the adivasis in the village.

Tata Housing


Wish tree

Tata Housing, Bangalore visited Cheshire Home, Bangalore, a Residential care for Physically challenged and hearing impaired girls on 24th September under the Tata Volunteering Week 4 activities. The CSR team met the girls and asked their wishes, they collected these wishes and put it in the form of wish tree at the office. These wishes were fulfilled by employees of ROSI, Peenya and Promont site. Apart from fulfilling the wishes of kids, they also provided UPS inverter for the foundation and distributed chocolates to the children. Volunteers interacted with the girls and shared a few light moments with them, the volunteers collectively brought grocery items like rice, wheat flour, Sunflower oil, Dal, biscuits, fruits etc. All girls were equally surprised and contented after receiving the gifts. The day included some joyful moments like Lemon-Spoon Race, paste the bindi and Tambola games played by volunteers with all specially abled girls, which was full of learning, wonder & fun with each other. The Volunteers as always were full of admiration for the girls, who against all odds are joyful, energetic and looking ahead for a better life.

Tata Sons


Setting up a community library

Tata Sons partnered with OSCAR Foundation to set up a library for the underprivileged. This library is set up in a fishermen community for the children to access academic as well as story books. The volunteers got together and purchased academic books and also donated games and story books. On 5th October, 4 volunteers went to the library and helped with the coding and classification of books. The children were excited to see the new books and sat along to help in setting it up.

Tata Steel


Visit to a primary school

As a part of volunteering week 4 Automation department of Tata Steel visited to Primary School Khokro and distributed some gifts items like Bags, Stationary, Chocolates, Durri & Sports items.

Road safety awareness

An Awareness campaign organised at Bhalubasa to make people aware of the Road Safety Norms and reinforce the habit of using Safety-gears.

Football coaching

Under Volunteering week 4 a special football coaching camp organised for the boys and girls of Adityapur bustee to provide constructive guidance about football match.

Cleanliness drive

As a part of volunteering week 4 a special cleanliness drive organised for the bustee people at Kasidih Area

Women empowerment

A special session organised of various ‘Women Empowerment” activities like Sewing & Stitching & Mehendi Rachna for giving equal status to the women of the bustees.


Awareness session

As part of the Tata Volunteering Week-4, Tata Steel Wire Division has arranged a knowledge sharing session with the local college ‘Rustomjee Academy of Global Career, Dahanu’ on the Road, General and Industrial Safety as well as panel discussion on safety, which was live telecasted in each and every classrooms. There was a drama performed by students on Work – place – Safety. Around 250 students took the benefit of the session.

Promotion of warli art

As part of the Tata Volunteering Week - 4, to create awareness as well as promote Warli arts and culture in Palghar, Dahanu Taluka, Tata Steel Wire Division, Tarapur, Volunteering team Visited local areas on holiday and interacted with the team on the topic and made some initial movement on Warli painting and handicrafts making. The team had a session with the community to understand and develop their hidden talents. The volunteers spend time with the community as “Tribal Dances and Handicrafts” manufacturing.



Eye check-up

On September 21st, 2015, volunteers from Titan Company Limited conducted an Eye-Check-up camp for 64 boys in the age group of 11years to 17years of the Shelter run by Don Bosco. This NGO helps educate orphans and underprivileged children across BMC and state run schools in Mumbai. The Company will be providing spectacles to the needy children who have been diagnosed with vision problems.

Trent Hyper Market Ltd-Star Bazaar


Birthday celebration with a cancer patient

Volunteers of Trent Hypermarket Ltd- Star Bazaar Andheri celebrated 9th birthday of Namrata along with her friends. She is suffering from cancer and had a wish to celebrate her birthday in a grand manner. A Team of 5 colleagues from Star Bazaar visited her house and gave her a surprise Birthday party. She was delighted to get a Barbie doll as a Birthday gift. The Happiness on her face says it all. One of the customer had come up with this request and provided with this opportunity of making someone’s wish true.

Visit to a charitable organization

Volunteers of Trent Hypermarket Ltd- Star Bazaar – visited Asha Deep Association a charitable organization that works towards enhancing the lives of the deprived and needy single parent children, orphans, handicapped and widows. The Team donated toys, study kids and clothes for kids at the NGO

Vocational training

Volunteers of Trent Hypermarket Ltd- Star Bazaar – Andheri organised on the job training for aspirants undergoing vocational training in Retail & hospitality management at Kotak Unnati (Kotak Unnati is an NGO which works towards providing training and employment opportunities to youth from below poverty line)


Donating nutritious meal

Volunteers of Trent Hypermarket Ltd- Star Bazaar – Aurangabad visited Kanifnath School of Differently abled and donated nutritious meal prepared in store kitchen.



Skill development training

Three volunteers conducted a very important part of the skill development program at Shri Ram Shiksha Peeth, Madanpur Khadar, Delhi. The topic was guidance on Career planning, feedback was taken from all the students and depending upon their thinking, possible options, avenues, requirements and efforts requirements were explained to them by our volunteers. Students were very excited to participate in such program and now looking forward to the next and concluding session of first phase of Skill Development Program. The next session in the school will be focussed on general knowledge, current affairs and general awareness.


Visit to a blind school

During the Tata Volunteering Week –4, Voltas Ltd, Pune Volunteers organised an visit to “ The Poona School & Home for the Blind Trust “.The event began with a Prayer song, followed by Inmates introducing each other. They sang few popular Marathi & Hindi Songs & also played few Musical instruments. Volunteers interacted freely with these Children & NGO's & the School Staff for a long time.

The experience was very heart touching, to know the Joy of Giving. After spending time with inmates, we could realise how Severely Blindness has affected their lives & despite that they try to live a simple life like normal human beings. All our volunteers were seen to be very emotional during that short duration. Most of the Volunteers felt the need to do a lot more for these inmates, who seem to be considered under the neglected sections of the Society. They donated items worth INR 3800/- including Grocery, Pulses, edible Oils,Biscuits & Chocolates,Fruits etc.

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