Tata Volunteering Week 12 Volume No. 15   
  Cleanliness drive Tata BlueScope Steel   |   Jamshedpur
Under Swchchata hi Seva 2019, Tata BlueScope Steel Jamshedpur volunteers conducted a cleanliness drive at river meet (Domuhani, Sonari Jamshedpur) in collaboration with Tata Steel, JUSCO and local NGOs. Volunteers collected discarded clothes, plastics, tins and glass from the river bank and tried to make a great effort to clear the plastics which were strewn around the banks and poses a threat to the river.
  Reduce-Reuse-Recycle activity Tata BlueScope Steel   |   Jamshedpur
Under Swachhata Hi Seva Campaign, Tata BlueScope Steel, Jamshedpur volunteers conducted Reduce- Reuse-Recycle Activity in Sri Surat Sarwajanik Gujrati School for students of class 7th, 8th and 9th. Volunteers made students aware about the single use plastic ban, its impact on the environment and how to minimise its use, reuse and recycle the plastics. Students enjoyed making vertical planters using waste bottles.
  Plantation drive Tata Steel   |   Kallinganagar
Tree Plantation program was organsied with our local school students and planted more than 80 trees.
  Session on resume writing Tata BlueScope Steel   |   Sriperumbudur
Tata BlueScope Steel, Sriperumbudur volunteers conducted session on resume writing skills for students of Dr. J. C. Kumarappa ITI. Students learned basic concept of resume writing and wrote their own resume for applying in companies after the completion of their ITI course. this will help them a lot on preparing resumes. Teachers and students gave a positive feedback on preparing resumes and thanked the volunteers for this activity.
  Blood donation drive Tata Motors   |   Pune
Health department from Tata Motors Pimpri organized a blood donation camp at Pimpri factory at CVBU and PVBU.
  Food distribution Amalgamated Plantations   |   Guwahati
As part of TVW12, volunteers from the APPL Corporate office visited St. Jude Child Care Center, Guwahati to distribute food baskets and spend time with the children there, undergoing cancer treatment.
  Plantation drive Titan   |   Hosur
12 Community development forum volunteers of Titan Engineering and Automation Limited took part in sowing palm tree seeds at Gopanapalli Lake, Hosur. This team enthusiastically dug and planted the seeds, around the entire lake boundary. More than 300 seeds were sown due to the tireless work done by all the volunteers.
  Visit to a school Tata Steel   |   Kharagpur
Bearings Division, Kharagpur volunteers visited a school where, they installed dustbins in and around the school and helped fix water taps. They also educated the mothers on hygiene and how they should maintain the same for their kids. The little children sang a prayerful song to God which they are taught to do daily. And as a token of love & care, we distributed sweet bread to the little children.
  Craft work competition Rallis India   |   Ankleshwar
Volunteers from Rallis India Limited, Ankleshwar unit arranged a craft making competition for 3rd to 5th standard girls. 160 girls participated this program and made various types of models. The best ones selected and awarded prizes and sweets were distributed to all.
  Drawing competition Rallis India   |   Ankleshwar
Volunteers of Rallis India limited, Ankleshwar unit organised a colouring competition for mentally disabled children. They gave various picture stencils to the children for filling colours. 70 special children`s participated in this activity.
  Hand wash program Rallis India   |   Dahej
Volunteers of Rallis India Limited, Dahej unit arranged a hand wash awareness session for the tribal ashram school students. The volunteers explained best method of hand wash and benefits of personal hygiene and sanitation. 190 Students participated this program who were practically show good hygiene practices and given Dettol soap to all.
  Post eye operation check-up Tata Steel Long Products   |   Joda
A group of 18 volunteers helped conduct a post eye operation check-up of 45 patients who recently underwent cataract operation at Jamshedpur. A doctor from Purnima Netralaya, Jamshedpur conducted the crucial tests to ensure the operation was free of infections and was healing properly.
  Awareness program about zero plastic usage Titan   |   Hosur
The Community Development Forum of Titan Engineering and Automation Limited Division conducted a second phase of awareness about the use of zero plastic for the villagers of Bedrapalli at Hosur. Eleven volunteer performed a skit on the theme which explained the negative impacts for using plastic and alternatives for the same, tree plantation, rain water harvesting and waste segregation and disposal was also explained. Volunteers distributed jute bags and conducted spot quiz for the audience.
  Cleanliness habit awareness Tata BlueScope Steel   |   Pune
Volunteers conducted a session on cleanliness where they interacted with the kids and informed them about good health and hygiene practices. The session was conducted at Swadhar IDC, Pune.
  Community engagement program Tata Steel   |   Kolkata
TATA Steelium successfully conducted its community engagement program at Ek Tara as part of its Skilling India initiative. Volunteers conducted spoken English classes for the NGO children and imparted knowledge on them.
  Drawing competition Tata Steel   |   Jamshedpur
Safety and OHS team visited a primary school of 70 students. They conducted a drawing competition on Swachhata theme to sensitize them on importance of a clean environment. They also donated school essentials.
  Session on menstrual hygiene Tata Steel   |   Jamshedpur
A team of women employees took a session on menstrual hygiene for adolescent girls of Masti ki Pathshala in Jamshedpur. They sensitized the girl child about the importance of menstrual hygiene and how to go about it.
  Visit to a school Tata Steel   |   Jamshedpur
TFA and Sports department of Tata Steel visited Primary School at Nischintpur. They gave basic training on various sports such as karate, yoga, running, football and self-defence. They also conducted sports activities post that, they gave sports equipment such as bats, balls and jerseys.
  Visit to a school Tata Steel   |   Jamshedpur
Land and Market department of Tata Steel visited a primary school in Jamshedpur. They had a knowledge sharing session and also provided the children with school stationeries, fruits, snacks and donated essentials for the school.
  Dental check-up camp The Tinplate Company of India   |   Jamshedpur
A Dental check-up camp was organized by the volunteers of TCIL for the pre nursery students of Aastha C.D Centre. Dental health conditions of 50 students were captured and those children having severe dental problem, their parents were advised to take the preventive measures and necessary precautions.
  Domestic safety awareness The Tinplate Company of India   |   Jamshedpur
A session on Domestic and Fire safety was organized by the Security Department of TCIL for the community girls and ladies of No. 10 Basti. Dr. J.P. Singh, Head (Security Services) along with the other employees from Security dept. of TCIL conducted the session on how to remain safe and secure, at home and even at workplace. The program was attended by 60 girls and ladies along with the staff of C.D center.
  Heart health camp Tata Consulting Engineers   |   Pune
On the eve of World Heart Day, a heart health camp was organized by TCE in Kondhwa where heart consultation and diagnosis was provided to more than 90 patients. The patients came from very humble backgrounds and were unable to pay for diagnosis.
  Teaching aids for kids Tata Consulting Engineers   |   Pune
In only 6 hours volunteers covered 200 books, the cover will more than double their life. Volunteers also prepared teaching aids out of 400 chart papers, which will be given to beneficiaries in excess of 7000 kids under DoorStep School, across Pune.
  Providing drinking water tank and plantation drive Tata Consulting Engineers   |   Pune
Drinking water tank provided as per a school for special needs’ urgent requirement. A tree plantation drive was also along with landscape vendor team at school premises. 30 plants of different varieties were planted.
  Awareness session on plastics and food distribution Tata Consulting Engineers   |   Jharkhand
Volunteers gave an educational session to the children with the focus on Do’s and Don’t’s for good health & safety. They gave insights about how dangerous the plastic is for environment; which items can be used instead and how we should dispose plastic waste. Volunteers also distributed food items to the children like, banana, chocolates, biscuits e.t.c
  Cleanliness and plantation drive Tata Consulting Engineers   |   Guntur
10 volunteers participated in cleaning the school premises, filling water stagnated areas with sand and tree plantation drive at KK Municipal Upper Primary School (7th Ward) at Mangalagiri, Guntur. They also insisted on the importance of using dustbins and gave them 4 dustbins.
  Plantation drive Tata Consulting Engineers   |   Assam
Volunteers undertook plantation of saplings and fruit bearing trees at a hospital premise in presence of the hospital staffs and doctors, main contractor SPCL's representatives also participated in this activity.
  Awareness session Tata Consulting Engineers   |   Jamshedpur
Volunteers conducted an awareness session on safety, cleanliness and effects of using plastic to our environment. Green pledge was taken with students of Government Primary school, Lupungdih, Hurlung and a quiz competition was conducted.
  Marine safety Tata Consulting Engineers   |   Kochi
TCE Team conducted a class room awareness training activity on marine safety. ISRF Project is a marine related job, volunteers gave a training session on the marine safety practices involved in the material shifting, accessibility, work at height, shuttering works, dredging, rig movement, usage of life jacket etc for the staff at site.
  Session on defensive driving Tata Consulting Engineers   |   Kochi
TCE team conducted a classroom awareness training activity, which included defensive driving and motor vehicle act -1988 and the 2019 amendment. The awareness program mainly based on human safety and precautionary measures to be taken care while driving vehicle on highways and around construction site. They also shared the rules and regulations and penalties for the offences.
  Session on personal hygiene Tata Consulting Engineers   |   Kochi
TCE team conducted an awareness program on personal hygiene topics among the site workers. The event was mainly based on the sanitation, communicable disease, unhygienic practices, uses of Toilets and and good kitchen Practices.
  Session on 5S Tata Consulting Engineers   |   Kochi
TCE Team conducted a class room awareness training on "5S (Sorting, systematic arrangement, shine, standardization and sustain). 5S is a japanese technique which helps to improve the workplace culture in a standardized manner. The training was given to the housekeeping staff at the construction site and its benefits. TCE organized this session with the help of pictorial and visual representation, which was easy to understand by the workers.
  Work at Height Tata Consulting Engineers   |   Kochi
TCE Team conducted a class room awareness training activity on Work at Height. The program included safe and behavioural based techniques which prevents the height related injuries at construction site.
  Visit to Punarutthan Samarasta Gurukulam Tata Consulting Engineers   |   Pune
TCE volunteers conducted a drawing competition for 4th to 7th std students of Gurukulam on the theme of Swachhata Hi Seva. They also conducted a food healthy habits awareness session and donated old books, stationery and clothes. The event concluded with the employees sharing a meal with the children.
  Awareness rally and cleanliness drive Tata Power Delhi Distribution   |   Delhi
Volunteers of 2 Cultural Clubs; Prathit and Abhivyakti of Tata Power-DDL organised an awareness rally and a cleanliness drive at Vidhan Sabha and Shakti Nagar, Delhi respectively. A march to raise awareness was conducted in the neighbourhood to generate awareness on reduction of plastic usage and climate change and motivate beneficiaries and public to seek changes through various initiatives run by Tata Power-DDL in their neighbourhood. Volunteers whole-heartedly and enthusiastically participated and pledged to conserve energy for a greener planet.
  Cyber security awareness session Tata Power Delhi Distribution   |   Delhi
Volunteers of IT Department of Tata Power-DDL organised an activity at the vocational training centres of Bawana, Narela, Sultanpuri and Mangolpuri, Delhi on theme of IT and Cyber security. Awareness session through presentations, fun games and quiz competition on IT application and Cyber security was organised.
  Blood donation drive Tata Power Delhi Distribution   |   Delhi
Volunteers of Tata Power - DDL, in association with Indian Red Cross Society, organized a blood donation camp at UP Samaj, Delhi. Volunteers facilitated the blood donation camp and the camp had a registration of more than 50 motivated and enthusiastic employees of which 32 units of blood have been collected.
  Mentor - Mentee program Tata Power Delhi Distribution   |   Delhi
Employees from the senior leadership team from various department of Tata Power-DDL organised an activity at Industrial training institute, Jahangirpuri and Dheerpur, Delhi under Tata Volunteering Week 12. Volunteers conducted a mentoring session with students of electrical trade of Industrial training institutes. They helped them to choose better career option, work on soft skills and importance of technical skills in life.
  Session on job readiness Tata Power Delhi Distribution   |   Delhi
Volunteers from senior leadership team from the learning and development department (HR - L&D) of Tata Power-DDL organised an activity at Delhi School of Social Work(DSSW), Delhi University, Delhi. Volunteers conducted a session on interview skills and how to prepare a professional CV for the students of MA Final Year of the DSSW. Students also asked queries on interview to volunteers.
  Session on 6S Tata Power Delhi Distribution   |   Delhi
Volunteers of Connection and Meter Management Group of Tata Power-DDL organised an activity at the Vocational Training centres, Sector 11 Rohini, Delhi on the theme of 6S techniques. Awareness session through presentations, fun games and quiz competition on techniques of 6S was organised among the beneficiaries of the Vocational Training Centers. Volunteers generated awareness on how the techniques of 6S are related to our daily lives and cab be implemented in the daily life of the individual.
  Community reach-out program Tata Power Delhi Distribution   |   Delhi
Volunteers of the operation team, district & zonal team and ABHAs of Tata Power-DDL organised a Community Reach out Program (CROP) to conduct a socio-economic survey at Juggi Jhopdi clusters of 5 districts of Tata Power-DDL; Keshavpuram, Shakti Nagar, Mangol puri, Pitampura and Bawana. In addition to this, volunteers have also disseminated awareness in the life of community members about various programs available for them like vocational training, women literacy program, mobile dispensary services etc.
  Visit to Jivodaya Ashralyam Tata Power Delhi Distribution   |   Delhi
Volunteers of corporate services, business excellence, strategy and CEO Cell of Tata Power-DDL organised an activity at Jivodaya Ashralyam, Vikas Puri, Delhi. Mostly differently abled women and abandoned women are staying at this home and well managed by Sisters of the Destitute (Catholic Nuns) from Kerala. Volunteers have quality spent time with the beneficiaries.
  Visit to Palna Tata Power Delhi Distribution   |   Delhi
Volunteers of Internal Audit Group of Tata Power-DDL visited Palna - Child Home, to spend some quality time with children. In addition to it they also distributed chocolates among beneficiaries and basic amenities for their daily use.
  Volunteering at NGO Tata Motors   |   Pune
162 Volunteers from Tata Motors Pimpri visited at Snehwan Koyali Phata Tal Khed, whom they pledged to support financially for their next month's food arrangements. Team aslo cleaned up, beautified & carried out small plantation at the selected part of their premises. Volunteers invested valuable time with Snehwan children' by taking some sessions on Art & Craft, Brain Development techniques, etc.
  Visit to old-age home Tata Consulting Engineers   |   Noida
Over 15 volunteers of Tata Consulting Engineers, Noida visited an old age home "Bhagwat Dham" located in Mayur Vihar ,New Delhi on the occasion of "International Day of Older Persons". Quality time was spent with the residents hearing their experiences and activities like tambola, antakshari was organized for them which they participated with full enthusiasm.
  Cleanliness drive Tata Consulting Engineers   |   Bangalore
Earthen lamps which were hand painted by students of Asha Centre for Disabled children were show cased in TCE Bangalore. Employees visited and encouraged the students and the center by buying the materials displayed by the Centre. Materials like hand painted Diya's, pen stand, napkin holder, chocolates, complementary covers.
  Chimbai beach clean-up Tata Sons   |   Mumbai
850+ volunteers from over 20 companies participated in the beach cleaning drive at Chimbai beach in Bandra, Mumbai. The drive saw enthusiastic participation from all volunteers as they came together for the One Tata response in the Swachhata Hi Seva 2019 campaign. The visible difference on the beach post the clean-up truly showed the difference it can make when everyone comes together for a cause.
  Best out of plastic waste Tata Sons   |   Mumbai
Volunteers participated in the reduce-reuse-recycle plastic waste drive where they engaged with kids from Oscar foundations to create planters from waste plastic bottles. The kids interacted with the volunteers as they painted the bottles and put plant saplings in it. The kids were also told about reducing use of plastic in their daily life, the harmful effects and ways of recycling it.
  *This update covers only some of the activities undertaken by companies.