Tata Volunteering Week 12 Volume No. 18   
  Road Safety Awareness Tata Consulting Engineers   |   Mumbai
11 volunteers from TCE Mumbai office participated in the road safety awareness and traffic control activity near the T-Junction of Reliable Plaza on Thane -Belapur Road in Airoli Navi Mumbai. All the volunteers helped in controlling the traffic and created awareness about the traffic rules and safety among public. Volunteers distributed the rose flowers to the public who were breaking the traffic rules. The traffic copes also helped the volunteers for traffic control.
  Career guidance session Tata Consulting Engineers   |   Chitoor
2 volunteers from TCE gave career guidance, technical guidance and awareness on Swachhata Hi Seva for civil engineering students at Aditya College of Engineering in Madanapalli, Chittoor district.
  Cleaning drive Indian Hotels   |   Surajkund
Vivanta Surajkund brought together a team of committed individuals to lead a cleanliness drive a round its periphery & Surajkund road, Faridabad. The team was briefed to collect only plastic trash in the area. There were 48 volunteers who took part in it.
  Plantation drive Indian Hotels   |   Surajkund
57 associates participated in a tree plantation drive and planted 55 saplings, taking an oath to protect them.
  Bird feeders from plastic waste Indian Hotels   |   Surajkund
Vivanta Surajkund have created bird feeders by using the plastic waste for local bird species.
  Awareness session on waste management Indian Hotels   |   Surajkund
Volunteers organised an awareness session for all vendor in collaboration with Eco Green which is a leading privatized waste management and waste-to-energy company. The session conducted discussion on "saying no to single use plastic" & waste management.
  Road rally on say no to plastic Indian Hotels   |   Surajkund
Vivanta Surajkund organised a silent road show in the nearby housing society & neighbourhood market in collaboration with students from IIHM Bardarpur .The rally aims to build awareness on waste management, waste segregation, single use plastic, up-cycling and recycling.
  Vertical garden Indian Hotels   |   Surajkund
Vivanta Surajkund created a vertical garden in the neighbourhood lawns by recycling the plastic bottles.
  Say no to plastic Indian Hotels   |   Surajkund
Vivanta Surajkund, NCR organised Nukad Natak in the nearby neighbourhood market in collaboration with the students from IHM Faridabad on waste management & single use plastic, up-cycling and recycling.
  Cleanliness drive Indian Hotels   |   Surajkund
Vivanta Surajkund organised a cleaning drive in collaboration with Save Aravali Trust. The starting points of the drive was Manava Rachna University, Faridabad. There were 35 volunteers who participated in the activity.
  Cleanliness drive Indian Hotels   |   Guwahati
Volunteers organized a cleanliness drive in the vicinity, created an awareness about harmful effect of plastic. Inspired with passion, associates at 'Vivanta Guwahati' took the pledge to give back to the society by keeping the hotel premises and its surroundings clean and free from plastic. The team collected the waste which was then disposed through designated waste collectors. Poster and banners with ‘say no to plastic’ were carried out by the Vivanta Team while collecting the plastics.
  Blood donation drive Tata Steel Processing Distribution   |   Kolkata
TSPDL in association with "The All-India Anglo-Indian Association", (AIAIA) Calcutta Branch organised a Blood Donation Drive at Tata Medical Center, a Cancer Hospital, on 14th September'19. A group of around 35 volunteers donated blood and made a difference to some one's life. MD, Mr. Abraham Stephanos and the President-In-Chief of the AIAIA, Mr Barry O'Brien were both present and donated blood, leading by example, reaching out to society. The donors left the hospital feeling good with a sense of self-achievement and satisfaction.
  Visit to an Old-Age Home Tata Steel Processing Distribution   |   Kolkata
Employees of TSPDL organized a full day fun filled event at Tollygunge Homes, an old age home located near Netaji Subash Chandra Bose Road, Kolkata. The objective of the event was to bring smiles to the faces of the elderly people. Around 50 residents participated in various events like dancing, singing, passing the parcel, observation game, housie etc. organised by the volunteers. These events were followed by a sumptuous lunch served by the volunteers. The program concluded with distribution of goodies to all the residents.
  Awareness session on Heart Attack Rallis India   |   Lote
Rallis Lote Unit had organized a session on heart related diseases for the benefits of associates. This was conducted by our Occupational Health Centre In-charge Mr. Prashant Salve along with our First Aider Team. They explained on symptoms and types of heart attack, precautions and how to shift the patient to the hospital, etc. The training session helped the participants to understand more on Heart Attack.
  Physiotherapy exercise session Tata Motors   |   Sanand
Five volunteers from Rallis India Lote Unit visited 'Jidda' school running for the disabled children at Chiplun. We organized a physiotherapy practical exercise session for the disabled children of the school. At the end of the session we have distributed sweets to the children.
  Cleanliness drive JUSCO   |   Jamshedpur
JUSCO KPO volunteers organized a cleaning drive at Danagadi Community Health Centre. After the cleaning drive volunteers arranged a rally regarding Say No to Plastic from Danagadi CHC to Military Chowk Jajpur.
  Plantation drive JUSCO   |   Jamshedpur
JUSCO Kalinganagar volunteers organized a tree plantation drive at Mongalahat Puri. Volunteers planted 45 neem plants for lushes' greenery and ecological balance.
  Fruits distribution JUSCO   |   Jamshedpur
JUSCO Kalinganagar volunteers visited maternity & child health, Puri. They distributed fruits and snacks to 100 patients. The team spent quality time with all the patients which left unforgettable memories for all.
  Students visit to Bara waste water treatment plant JUSCO   |   Jamshedpur
JUSCO WM department volunteer organized a field trip for 25 students of S.N High School to visit the Bara Waste Water Treatment Plant site. They were shown the process how the JUSCO team re-cycle the waste water of whole town.
  School bags and stationary distribution JUSCO   |   Jamshedpur
JUSCO ICS water department volunteers visited to Primary School, Mohardoa and distributed school bags with stationary to each student. They also distributed sweets to each child.
  Say No Use to Plastics JUSCO   |   Jamshedpur
JUSCO CSR & BE department volunteers organised an awareness drive along with UHS Bhatia Basti Kadma Students and Teacher for 'Swachhata Hi Seva Hai' and 'Say No Use to Plastics' Rally at AIDA location Adityapur.
  Drawing competition JUSCO   |   Jamshedpur
JUSCO Billing &CR department volunteers visited Anandpur Academic Centre and organised drawing competition. All students of Academic Centre participated in the drawing competition. They also distributed crayon and sweets to each student. They distributed prizes to the winners of the drawing competition.
  Visit to orphanage JUSCO   |   Jamshedpur
JUSCO Kalinganagar volunteers visited to Khaneipur Shanti Niwas. They spent quality time with the special people and distributed useful materials & food materials for special people.
  Plantation drive JUSCO   |   Jamshedpur
JUSCO KPO Volunteers organized a tree plantation drive inside the police station at Daitari. Volunteers along with the police station members planted plants - Mango, Neem etc. for lushes greenery and ecological balance of the Police Station campus. The team also enlightened the member on how to save the environment by planting trees.
  Say No Use to Plastics JUSCO   |   Jamshedpur
JUSCO KPO volunteers organised a 'Say No Use to Plastics' awareness programme for the students at M.E School Noamundi.
  Visit to old-age home Tata BlueScope Steel   |   Sriperumbudur
Tata BlueScope Steel, Sriperumbudur volunteers visited Little Drops Old Age Home and donated medicines, rice bags and LED bulbs. The volunteers interacted with old age people and spent quality time with them. The older people and the in-charge expressed their happiness and were glad about the visit.
  Visit to camp school The Tinplate Company of India   |   Jamshedpur
The School consists of 110 students who were the first generation learners and have never gone to school. Volunteers where surprised to see the talents showcased by these children. Various activities including quiz, song, poetry recitation, etc were conducted by the employees where these children participated with full enthusiasm. Students also shared their past and current experience with the team.
  Awareness session on cleanliness Tata Consulting Engineers   |   Pune
TCE Pune Office volunteers engaged 300 students of a government school in a colourful and insightful activity. After an interactive session and presentation, all the students took a pledge to grow more trees and keep their surroundings clean and plastic free. We donated soap bars to the school administration for all students.
  Ploggathon Tata Consulting Engineers   |   Pune
A team of 28 volunteers assembled for plogging/ collection of litters around the city of Pune on Gandhi Jayanti. After collection of all litters from respective society premises (outside)/ roads, all the bags were deposited at one central location from where further collection was done.
  Painting a kid’s centre Tata Consulting Engineers   |   Pune
A small Angannwadi (baby day care centre) located in a slum in Aundh, Pune was identified, and its interiors were revived for the children visiting that Anganwadi. Mostly children from the age group 1-5 visit this day care centre. While the interiors of the place were dull due to limited resources. A group of 8 volunteers reinvented the space by painting education friendly and lively paintings on the walls.
  Visit to a handicap centre Tata Motors   |   Pune
Team of 40 volunteers From Tata Motors Pimpri visited to Handicap Centre in Chinchwad, Pune. They donated medical equipment to the people. Team also donated books to the library in sangli.
  Career awareness Tata Motors   |   Pune
22 volunteers from Indirect Tax, Pune headed by Rajesh Shukla visited to Abasaheb Garware College of Commerce, Karve Road, Pune 41. They gave information about professional and non-professional courses after passing 12th commerce. Importance and opportunities of professional courses like CA, CMA, CS etc.
  Single Use Plastic awareness Tata Motors   |   Pune
Chinchwad Foundry team visited Akurdi railway station. The team of 57 volunteers headed by Mr. Damodar Kulkarni- GM Foundry, joined hands for a plastic free Swachah Bharat & Swastha Bharat along with Pimpri Chinchwad Health department and other senior citizen groups.
  Collection of plastic waste Tata Motors   |   Pune
Under TVW-12, team of 44 Volunteers from Car Plant, Paint Shop visited to Korigad Fort near Lonavala. This initiative steered by Mr. Mukesh Maloo (Head- K Paint shop). They collected plastic waste (approx.-105 kg) and planted 25 saplings on Korigad Fort and near base village area. They also created awareness about the importance of environment and health. The event was jointly organized with Pune Venturers team.
  Say no to Plastic Tata Chemicals   |   Cuddalore
A team of four volunteers from Tata Chemicals Ltd and TCSRD visited 'Oasis Trust', Cuddalore, a school and home for special children. A collection drive was organized inside the plant by the employees to support the school. The team conducted drawing competition with the theme 'Say no to Plastic', Wheelchair race, balloon breaking, musical chair and Skipping competition. The children were encouraged to take part in competitions. In the end, the children who excelled in the competitions were awarded. The team distributed snacks and stationery materials to the children and contributed necessary items to the school as well.
  E- Waste drive Tata Motors   |   Pune
Volunteers from Tata Motors organised, mobilised people in their society to participate in collection drive of E-waste. Awareness about e-waste was given to residents through personnel talks and social media. 6 laptops,10 cameras ,20 mobiles and many other electric waste collected during this drive. Awareness was given to residents about proper recycling of e waste. They also connected with Croma for required support and ensured to continue this activity ahead.
  Blood donation drive Ginger Hotels   |   Kochi
Employees from Ginger Kochi conducted blood donation drive at IMA, Kochi.
  Food donation drive Ginger Hotels   |   Ahmedabad
Volunteers from Ginger Ahmedabad actively participated in feeding the poor and needy outside "Shree Jagannath Temple" Ahmedabad.
  Science quiz competition Rallis India   |   Dahej
Volunteers from Rallis India Limited, Dahej arranged a science quiz competition at boy`s Primary school, Dahej. 6th to 8th std students participated this program. as per class wise volunteers divided students into three group. We selected best team and felicitated them with a prize.
  Road safety awareness program Rallis India   |   Dahej
Volunteers from Rallis India Limited, Dahej organised a road safety awareness session for factory employees & contract workers. As per the new RTO rules & regulations how we should take precaution on road this idea was explained by Factory Safety Head Mr. Arvind Mahuli.
  Re-cycling of plastic waste Amalgamated Plantations   |   Namroop Tea Estate
The volunteers conducted a training on re-cycling of plastic waste, the target group was the estate children and Muskaan (Adolescent) Girls Club.
  Cleanliness drive Indian Hotels   |   Bangalore
A trip to Nandi Hills, armed with gloves, and gunny sacks turned out be a moment of reclamation for the beloved temple hill station. The team from across 6 Taj hotels in Bangalore reached out to the local authorities to take up a plastic cleanliness drive. Chants of ‘Plastic, plastic, not fantastic’ permeated the air. The team together cleared almost 30 kilos of plastic waste from the location.
  Road safety awareness Ginger Hotels   |   Tirupur
Ginger Hotels Tirupur created an awareness program related to road safety. 14 Volunteers from Ginger Tirupur took a rally of 2 KM. The whole drive was quite inspiring and motivating for the team.
  Visit to a school Ginger Hotels   |   Goa
Ginger Goa-Dona Paula team conducted a Govt. School visit from hotel to Dona Paula Jetty with some snacks distribution. They played some fun & G.K base games with students as they were celebrating Sarswati pooja in their school.
  Visit to old-age home Voltas   |   Lucknow
12 Voltasites from Lucknow branch decided to spend time at the Vradhashram in Barabanki village, Lucknow. All of them were enthusiastic and each one was willing to contribute and distribute to the inmates and speak to them. There are approx. more than 100 inmates and are taken care by 15 caretakers. There are men and women more than 60 years old. They have been left away by their children. Some of them do not want to stay as they are not happy. The team had taken with them a 15 Ltr geyser, slippers and snacks like fruits and biscuits.
  Single Use Plastic Indian Hotels   |   Goa
Volunteers of Vivanta Goa, Panaji have enthusiastically taken a pledge to avoid using Single Use Plastic. The essence of contributing towards environment among associates was greatly elevated and this reflected while taking pledge, some of the groups wanted to end their pledge with a determined actions.
  Run for Incredible India Indian Hotels   |   Goa
50 Students and Faculty Members from Institute of Hotel Management, Goa participated in the 'Run for Incredible India & Awareness' from Kala Academy to famous Miramar Beach. As the starting point for this run is within stone's throw from their hotel, General Manager, Mr. Jaikant Shroff has taken a swift decision to contribute towards this noble cause by supporting participants with a snacks & refreshments from hotel.
  Food distribution drive Voltas   |   Thane
Voltas UPBG Pantnagar team contributed and distributed food grains in Vanwasi Kanya Chhatravas, Rudrapur. Volunteers had first met and understood food requirements from the Chhatrawas in-charge as per there actual requirement for one month. Vanvasi kanya chatrawas has 60 girls from age group of three years to 23 years.
  Cleanliness drive Ginger Hotels   |   Faridabad
Volunteers from Ginger Hotels, Faridabad conducted a cleanliness drive in their vicinity.
  Blood donation drive Indian Hotels   |   Guwahati
Vivanta Guwahati conducted a Blood Donation Camp at thier premises with the assistance of Guwahati Medical College (GMC). Guwahati Medical College (GMC) appreciated the efforts of Team Vivanta and liked the zeal displayed by the associates.
  Swatch Bharat Abhiyan Ginger Hotels   |   Vapi
A group of volunteers from Ginger Vapi undertook a cleanliness drive to support 'Swatch Bharat Abhiyan'. Total 12 volunteers cleaned the vicinity area of Salvav and also instructed people keeping the environment clean and use dustbins to dispose garbage.
  No to single use plastic Tata Consulting Engineers   |   Jamshedpur
TCE Jamshedpur volunteers actively promoted the campaign for the ban on single use plastic and spread awareness about the importance of keeping the environment clean. Various posters on harmful effects of plastic were displayed.
  *This update covers only some of the activities undertaken by companies.