Tata Volunteering Week 14 Volume No. 03   
  Poster presentation activity Rallis India   
Volunteers from Rallis India, Ankleshwar Unit organized the Poster Presentation activity on COVID-19 awareness for primary school students of Gadkhol School. Students prepared handmade posters related to COVID-19 Awareness and displayed it in their houses.
  Essay writing competition Rallis India   
Essay writing competition on the topic ‘COVID-19 Awareness’ was organized by volunteers of Rallis India, Ankleshwar Unit for Sardar Patel primary school students. Students actively participated and expressed their ideas about how to take precaution from COVID-19 virus.
  Health and Hygiene Awareness Tata Communications   
Providing the correct information is of utmost importance in this time of crisis, especially if it is related to health. While there are lot of information floating around us, how do we ensure that the correct information is reaching the people? Volunteer from Tata Communications created a question bank called ‘Your guide to health and hygiene’, to assess the understanding about health and hygiene of young children in a fun filled and innovative manner. Over 500 individuals benefitted by this activity.
  Podcast activity Tata Communications   
Volunteer from Tata Communications recorded an audio clip/ Podcast of day to day process/activities/queries which are readily available over the internet, for example, explaining the detailed banking process about how to create an account, how to apply for ATM cards, etc., for visually challenged students. Each volunteer were assigned with different topics. Over 54 volunteers participated and over 500 participants benefitted from the activity.
  Tree plantation Tata Motors   
Four employees along with their family members from Tata Motors, Pimpri Pune planted saplings at Dattagad Dighi on 6th September 2020. 50 numbers of saplings were planted.
  COVID-19 Awareness for fishermen community Tata Power   
Volunteers of Coastal Gujarat Power Limited (Tata Power) in association with NGO partner “Swadeep” and Health Department (Govt. of Gujarat) organized COVID-19 awareness event for the transient fishermen community at Bunder. During the event, rapid blood test, body temperature and distribution of washable face masks for all the family members of the fishermen community. In addition, awareness on COVID-19 guideline issued by Government was spelled out to the community. About 23 beneficiaries were sensitized during this session. The event was well appreciated by the community and by the Government.
  Visit to Cowshed Tata Power Delhi Distribution   
Volunteers from Tata Power – DDL visited their nearby Cowsheds (Gaushalas) to feed fodder. During this activity, several cows were fed.
  Safety Awareness session Tata Power Delhi Distribution   
A virtual training session on Safety Awareness was organized by Contracts Department of Tata Power – DDL for Government school students in Rohini, New Delhi. As many as 50 students were sensitized during the sessions.
  International Literacy Day celebration Tata Power Delhi Distribution   
On the occasion of International Literacy Day, an online session was organized with ABHAs and beneficiaries, instructors and staff of Women Literacy Centers. The session was taken by senior women leaders of the organization along with other employee volunteers and NGO partners. Over 300 women beneficiaries participated in this session.
  Safety session for students Tata Steel Utilities and Infrastructure Services   
Tata Steel Utilities and Infrastructure Services Ltd. volunteers organized ‘Good Touch & Bad Touch’ Session for students of S.N High School, UHS Dugni and students from Anandpur and Pudisili village. Through presentations and interaction, students were made aware about safety measures and if they feel insecure or uncomfortable, they should indicate their parents or their teachers immediately. Many such type of tips were given to students under this online volunteering programme.
  *This update covers only some of the activities undertaken by companies.