Tata Volunteering Week 14 Volume No. 05   
  Tree plantation Rallis India   
Rallis volunteers encouraged Shenve Girls Ashram School students to plant trees. 25 girls students actively participated and planted various fruit and flower saplings.
  Fancy dress competition Rallis India   
Volunteers from Rallis India, Dahej Unit organised a ‘Fancy Dress Competition’ for government school students. Over 100 students participated in the activity. Aim of the activity was to encourage students and rejuvenate their mind in these tough times.
  Online Speech Competition for students Rallies India   
Rallis India, Lote Team has conducted an Online Speech Competition on ‘Biodiversity’ for the students of nearby schools on 16th September 2020. 44 students were present and 12 students enthusiastically participated in the competition. Students spoke on What is Diversity, its importance in process of food chain, nutritional needs, cleaner air, better cultivation of crops, etc. Volunteers concluded the session by stating that ‘Conservation of Biodiversity is essential for the survival of living beings on Earth’.
  Motivation session for women Tata Chemicals   
Tata Chemicals Limited (TCL) and Tata Chemicals Society for Rural Development (TCSRD) are continuously working for the development of tribal communities near the TCL plant, Cuddalore. The tribal women of Saminagar village, Cuddalore who were looking for a livelihood opportunity successfully completed the training on tailoring organized by TCL and TCSRD. TCL employees created awareness on the importance of women empowerment and their financial independence. Employee volunteers also distributed snacks and masks to the self health group women.
  Water Conservation session Tata Consulting Engineers   
Tata Consulting Engineers along with NGO partner Door Step School (DSS), conducted an online water conservation session called ‘Water – Jal Hi Jeevan’. Session was conducted in two slots covering 58 underprivileged kids. Through games, quizzes, stories, etc they were guided on importance of water and water conservation. It also included discussion on natural water cycle and water resources. Storage and distribution of water was also discussed with the children. In addition, an engaging activity including narrating stories, poems, songs, pictures on water, quiz and drawing sessions helped to create awareness on water preservation among the children.
  Hygiene Awareness on Corona session Tata Consulting Engineers   
Volunteers from Tata Consulting Engineers conducted ‘Hygiene Awareness on Corona’, and online activity with orphanage children of ‘Lal Bahadur Shastri Sudarshnam Bal Ashram’. Children were briefed on precautionary measures to be taken through pictures and enacting the steps that will help prevent COVID-19 such as how to wash hands, wear a mask and maintain social distance etc. The activity was followed by conducting poster session on ‘Corona Precautions’. 23 children enthusiastically participated in the session.
  Appreciation session for children Tata Motors   
Continuing the online Eco-friendly Ganesh idol workshop, an online appreciation program was organised by Tata Motors team. The aim of this program was to encourage children to celebrate our festivals in an environmental friendly manner. The team appreciated children who made their own eco-friendly Ganesh idol and had only environment-friendly decoration (without use of plastics). 25 kids were rewarded with trophies and certificates.
  Workshop on MS Power Point Voltas   
Volunteers from Voltas organised an educational session on MS Power Point to the group of NGO coordinators and tutors for improving their proficiency in the using the skills on ppt presentation. 25 individuals benefited from the interactive session.
  Session on Menstrual Health & Hygiene Tata Metaliks   
Female volunteers from Tata Metaliks conducted an informative session on Menstrual Health & Hygiene with High school girls on 9th September 2020. They explained the basic concepts of menstruation, reproduction, importance of keeping oneself clean and healthy. Many myths regarding menstruation was cleared, the need to have a balanced diet during menstruation and in general was also covered. The usage of sanitary pad was encouraged and safe disposal of the same was taught. The taboos around menstruation was discussed and the beneficiaries expressed their concerns. Volunteers suggested basic exercises, a good diet, and also the need to visit a doctor if major problems occur during this period.
  Drawing competition Tata Metaliks   
On 11th September 2020, female employees from Tata Metaliks, Environment & Safety Department and Marketing team conducted a drawing competition with the girls football trainees on the theme of ‘Water Conservation’. The girls are mainly High school students, who were oriented about the need for conserving water in their day-to-day lives. Real life scenarios from the world were described to them about the depleting water resources and climate change. Employee from our Environment & Safety department described the climatic conditions and rising sea water levels and steps that can be undertaken to combat these issues. In addition to the awareness session, girls sketched their understanding on paper about the ways one can conserve water in their own homes and surroundings.
  Awareness on COVID-19 Tata Metaliks   
Tata Metaliks team organised an COVID-19 awarness session for the villagers of Paschim Mednapurt, West Bengal. A team of medical professional are constantly engaging the villagers and creating awareness about COVID-19 through virtual communication.
  Essay writing activity Rallis India   
Volunteers from Rallis India organized theme-based Essay writing activity for the students of Shenve girls ashram school near Shahapur. The theme shared with the students was ‘Mobile Boon Or Bane’. Students have expressed their feelings in various ways about positive & negative impacts of mobile use.
  Vishwa Hindi Diwas activity Tata Consulting Engineers   
25 Volunteers from Tata Consulting Engineers conducted an online session on’ Vishwa Hindi Diwas activity’ along with NGO partner “Door Step School (DSS). 73 underprivileged kids connected online and actively participated in the session. The session was organised to create awareness among beneficiaries about the importance of Hindi Diwas and its recognition as an official language of the country. Sessions kicked off with creating awareness of Hindi Diwas, its brief history, the unique place it occupies, and it being recognized as one of the official languages of our country. Activities conducted also included recitation of Hindi poems by both volunteers and beneficiaries, posters showcasing our unique culture of multiple languages being spoken across our country, short quizzes , stories emphasizing peaceful coexistence in today’s world and love & respect for friends, family and elders, interaction, sharing of videos, fun dance sessions, etc.
  International Literacy Day celebration Tata Consulting Engineers   
On the occasion of International Literacy Day, Tata Consulting Engineers collaborated with Door Step School and connected volunteers with 75 underprivileged kids through video calls for an engaging activity. Children were guided and shared the importance of literacy and education various activities like games, quizzes, stories etc.
  Session on Tata Code of Conduct Tata Metaliks   
An informative session on Tata Code of Conduct was presented by Mr. Sanjoy Guha with the project staff of the Livelihood project implementing agency Saunta Gaunta Foundation. Ten participants from the NGO participated in the session, where they were oriented about the Tata way of working, the culture, and business ethics. The mode of working in the Tata way was emphasized upon to create good working environment.
  Pledge taking activity Tata Power Delhi Distribution   
On the occasion of International Literacy Day, an online pledge taking activity was organized in for WLC staff. Around 354 volunteers including SIG team members, NGO partners, WLC instructors etc. supported in the facilitating the pledge taking activity stressing on the importance of literacy and the need for women to be literate. Around 2000 pledges were undertaken.
  Animal Welfare Activity Tata Power Delhi Distribution   
On the occasion of Hug-a-Dog Day, a few animal welfare activities like feeding stray animals were taken up by volunteers of Tata Power Delhi Distribution. Around 6 volunteers participated in this activity.
  Tree Plantation Tata Power Delhi Distribution   
Several volunteers from UPPCL and RM department of Tata Power Delhi Distribution undertook plantation activity at their homes and nearby locations. Around 19 volunteers participated in this activity.
  Story recording session for disable Tata Realty and Infrastructure Limited   
Volunteers from Tata Realty And Infrastructure Limited, across different locations in India participated for story recording. Online session was organised followed by recording audio books to create a knowledge base for visually impaired beneficiaries. 39 Employees along with their family members joined hands for this noble cause.
  Kitchen Garden Workshop Tata Realty and Infrastructure Limited   
Volunteers from TRIL across different locations in India participated in Kitchen Gardening Workshop. Online session was organized to impart knowledge and teach how to grow a kitchen garden at home. During the workshop, volunteers sowed fenugreek seeds in reusable plastic bottles. 40 employees along with their family member actively participated in the online session.
  *This update covers only some of the activities undertaken by companies.