Tata Volunteering Week 14 Volume No. 06   
  Tree plantation Tata Metaliks   
Employees of Tata Metaliks conducted a tree plantation activity at Risa Kharagpur village in West Bengal. Employees planted about 200 Mohagani and 200 Sisam plants.
  Session on Road Safety Tata Metaliks   
An interactive session on road safety was organised by Tata Metaliks employees. A descriptive presentation on Do’s & Don’ts of road safety, good and bad practices, and how to build a culture of adhering to road safety guidelines was presented to the trainees of Tata Metaliks Skill Development Center. session encouraged individuals to wear a helmet and not to use mobile phone while driving.
  Menstrual health & hygiene session Tata Metaliks   
An interactive session on menstrual health & hygiene management for High school girls in our learning centre was organised by female volunteers from Tata Metaliks. The awareness session was aimed at creating awareness around the myths of menstruation among women. The volunteers described in detail as to why periods happen among women, what are the biological changes a woman goes through, usage of sanitary pads, disposal of the same, the importance of a proper balanced diet and relaxation time during the menstruating cycle. Initially, participantants were very hesitant to ask questions, but when they felt comfortable, they opened up and asked about the irregularities of the cycle, weakness, low motivation to eat and work during the cycle. The volunteers solved their queries, motivated them to talk more openly with their mothers and peer group and visit the doctor immediately in case of any problems faced.
  English Grammar session Rallis India   
Volunteers from Rallis India, Lote Unit along with three teachers conducted an Online English Grammar session for the students of Nutan Vidyalaya, SK Vidyalaya and Z P School, Lote. They also covered an exercise of basic word formation, its meaning in Marathi, right pronunciation of words with its meaning. 48 students actively participated in the session.
  Drawing competition for students Rallis India   
As part of our TVW 14, volunteers from Rallis India, Dahej Unit organized a ‘Drawing competition’ on the theme of COVID-19 awareness for students of government Primary school Luwara. 20 students took part and drew beautiful drawings.
  Rangoli Competition Rallis India   
Volunteers from Rallis India organized Rangoli competition for Shenve girls school students. The highlight of the competition was to prepare rangolis using natural ingredients available with them. Girls participated enthusiastically and made beautiful rangolis with pulses, flowers, leafs, etc.
  Menstrual health & hygiene session Rallis India   
Volunteers from Rallis India organized awareness session on Menstrual hygiene for women near Dhasai village, Murbad. Team of doctors, Psychologist participated and explained various ways to maintain hygiene of private parts of our body to avoid diseases. 100 women participated in the session.
  Tree plantation Rallis India   
Rallis India volunteers encouraged students near villages at Karjat to plant trees. 30 students actively participated in tree plantation and planted various fruit saplings, flower saplings, vegetable saplings etc.
  Meal distribution for healthcare workers Indian Hotels   
Employees from Taj Exotica got together and packed 150+ meal boxes for the medical staff who have been tirelessly working day and night to assist people at local hospital in Hulhumale. The box was customised containing local delight and immunity boosting super food. The box also included personalised thanking note on it. The aim of this activity was not only provide meals but also recognise and appreciate the efforts put in by the healthcare workers everyday.
  Enabling Digital Education Tata AutoComp Systems   
Tata AutoComp Systems volunteers coordinated and organised an interactive session for teachers of ZillaParishad/ PCMC schools to help teachers embrace the digital way of connecting with kids. They also conducted a real time survey with the teachers to help them understand the know how of digital learning.
  Engineer’s Day celebration Tata AutoComp Systems   
On the occasion of Engineer’s Day, volunteers from Tata AutoComp Systems celebrated Engineer’s Day by conducting real time quiz competition with Engineering Girls Students from Maharashtra. Students enthusiastically participated in the competition.
  Health & Fitness session Tata Consulting Engineers   
Volunteers from Tata Consulting Engineers conducted ‘Daily Fitness Session’ for orphanage children of “Lal Bahadur Shastri Sudarshnam Bal Ashram”. 23 children were briefed on the importance of daily body exercises. The session was conducted for consecutive five days to bring exercise in routine of children. Each day children were taught different exercises along with giving brief about the benefit of each exercise.
  Safety Awareness Session Tata Power Delhi Distribution   
Volunteers from Tata Power Delhi Distribution, Moti Nagar District office organized a virtual synergy session for beneficiaries of Vocational Training Center – Kirti Nagar and students in public school, Delhi. Apart from the main theme of Safety and other topics like electrical safety, fire safety and road safety etc., the volunteers also spoke about energy conservation and digitization. The awareness session was organized through a presentation and a quiz was conducted thereafter to make it an interactive and fun session for the beneficiaries. Around 19 volunteers and 90 beneficiaries participated in this session.
  Visit to Cowshed Tata Power Delhi Distribution   
Around 18 volunteers from Tata Power Delhi Distribution, PSC department visited the Shri Krishna Gaushala (Cowshed) in Sultanpur Dabas, Delhi. During the visit, fodder was provided to the Gaushala.
  Dry Ration Distribution Tata Power Delhi Distribution   
During this pandemic, several families are helpless and are in dire need of ration and other essentials. Around 5volunteers from Tata Power - DDL including staff members of Aradhya NGO partner and ABHAs distributed 93 dry ration and hygiene kits to the families living in Rohini, Keshavpuram, Pitampura and Badli districts.
  Engineer’s Day Celebration Tata Power Delhi Distribution   
On the occasion of Engineer’s Day, an online session was conducted with Women Literacy Centers’ (WLC) coordinators wherein a few volunteers spoke about their experience and challenges of being an Engineer. In addition, the WLC Coordinators were provided information regarding WLC exams being conducted online, the method and the know-hows. The volunteers clarified the queries of the participant regarding online platform and others.
  Consumer Education Series with ABHAs Tata Realty and Infrastructure Limited   
Volunteers from Tata Power Delhi Distribution, Corporate Communications department organized the online session under the ‘Consumer Education Series’ for the ABHAs, brand ambassadors of the company in the JJ clusters. The volunteers spoke about various features implemented by the company for customer support and satisfaction pertaining to meter readings, bill, digitisation etc.
  Skill Enhancement session Tata Power Delhi Distribution   
An online session on skill enhancement was organized by 11 volunteers from Tata Power Delhi Distribution, TOPPPG department for Vocational Training Centers (VTCs) – Netaji Subhash Place (NSP) and CSA Colony (CSA). Around 35 beneficiaries participated in this session.
  Shapes of Tomorrow session Tata Power Delhi Distribution   
An online session ‘Shapes of Tomorrow’ was organized by volunteers from Tata Power Delhi Distribution, Talent Development and SIG department for Vocational Training Centers (VTCs) beneficiaries of VSSD and SOFIA NGO partners. Around 60 beneficiaries participated in this session. The session dealt with several topics like Time Management, digitisation etc.
  Digital Marathon event Tata Realty and Infrastructure Limited   
Volunteers from Tata Realty and Infrastructure across different locations in India participated in Digital Marathon Event. Online session was organised for volunteers. The aim of this session was to do good while keeping ourselves fit. For every completion of 5 km run volunteers pledged to donate PPE kit to a front-line health worker. 89 employees along with their family member participated.
  *This update covers only some of the activities undertaken by companies.