Tata Volunteering Week 15 Volume No. 01   
  Cleanliness Drive Ginger Hotels   
Cleanliness is not next to godliness. 20 volunteers from Ginger Pantnagar participated to clean the surrounding areas.
  Women’s Day Celebration Rallis India   
Volunteers from Rallis India and their NGO partners organised Women’s Day celebration at Mograj village near Karjat. On this day volunteers organised various competitions like mehndi, rangoli making and cooking tribal traditional food. 25 women participated in these competitions and made beautiful rangolis, prepared different types of traditional food and drew attractive mehendi designs.
  World Wildlife Day Celebrations Tata Chemicals   
On the occasion of World Wildlife Day, TVW15 was launched by Tata Chemicals. The focus was on conservation of urban wildlife and biodiversity. Saplings of Malabar Spinach were planted at the township garden. These saplings will provide sustenance to pollinators like honey bees, butterflies etc.; birds like Bulbuls, Babblers, Koel, Rosy Pastors, Parakeets, Myna etc.; and animals like squirrels and bats.

Volunteers were also given saplings to plant in their home garden. Malabar spinach leaves was once common in Mithapur region but is now disappearing. The aim of the programme is to repopulate and conserve this species for the benefit of wildlife and human beings.
  Engaging session with orphanage children Tata Coffee   
Volunteers of Tata Coffee, Jaagruthi team, Toopran celebrated TVW15 by spending time with orphanage children and sharing their life experiences. The also narrated the leadership lessons of great personalities like JN Tata & Abdul Kalam. After the session, they distributed chocolate, books & pens to the children and shared fruits to the care takers and teaching staff. 22 volunteers took part in the session with 4 hours each and touching 126 lives in the KRUSHI orphanage home, Gundlapochampally.
  Rally to create awareness on eliminating single-use of plastic Tata Coffee   
Volunteers of Tata Coffee, team Jaagruthi, Toopran kicked off the 15th edition of TVW with great enthusiasm and participated in the rally at Ravelli village on single-use plastic elimination. They also shared the promoted usage of cloth bags & jute bags instead of plastic. 42 employees participated with 4 hours each by touching 2116 lives in Ravelli village.
  Learn the signs Tata Communications   
What can you do about inclusion as an individual? Think, if sign language is the only way that you can communicate with a deaf child. Will you invest some time to create an inclusive world for children who cannot hear and speak? Tata Communication volunteers along with their family organised a virtual session to learn the basics of sign language.

Volunteers also recorded and submit a small motivational sign language video that will be shared with the NGO's beneficiaries. 100 volunteers and 23 family members participated in the session actively.
  Grow your own food Tata Communications   
As urban citizens, we are constantly disconnected from nature and the environment. Growing your own food and relishing nature’s bounties within your home environment is a great experience and is much more sustainable than buying them from the supermarket as it means less food waste, no packaging and zero transport emissions.

Volunteers from Tata Communications alongwith their family members joined for an interesting volunteering initiative to learn how to grow a kitchen garden. Volunteers also created seed pots with the plastic waste and placed the same in the common parks near their community. About 682 volunteers and 182 Family members participated in this activity.
  Eco classroom Tata Communications   
Awareness on environment is an essential part of learning for young minds as they help make them more aware and conscious of environmental problems. It also boosts their interest in caring for the environment and to adopt sustainable practices in their daily lives. Volunteers from Tata Communications took up sessions for the school students of Parikrma Humanity Foundation on the environment to motivate and create awareness about sustainable practices. Approx. 35 volunteers participated impacting 50 beneficiaries.
  Food Distribution at Orphanage Tata Technologies   
10 volunteers from Tata Technologies distributed food to about 350 children at local orphanage. Volunteers enthusiastically conducted this activity and with utmost safety precautions. Kudos to all volunteers who are going extra miles.
  Interaction with Tentuldanga villagers Tata Steel Long Products   
Tentuldanga is a village that falls under Municipality Ward No-1 amidst a long forest patch. A total of 62 households and about 700 total population lives in the WARD. Labour and milk selling is the primary occupation of the village. The literacy rate is abysmally low. Since, there was no proper roads in the village, students find it difficult to cross the jungle and opt for higher study. Hence, high dropouts especially among girls are evident. One-third of the population is below the poverty line. The housing pattern majorly is thatched with average cattle population in the village as well. All the issues were revealed during the interaction and transect walk led by Mr. Vilas Gaikwad, Senior General Manager, Safety, Health & Environment (SHE) along with volunteering team of Tata Steel Long Products Officers. Through this interaction, volunteers were able to identify few key concerns of villagers and documented the same.
  *This update covers only some of the activities undertaken by companies.