Tata Volunteering Week 15 Volume No. 02   
  Blood donation camp Ginger Hotels   
Volunteers from Ginger Vastrapur, Ahmedabad in collaboration with 'Prathama Blood Centre' actively participated in blood donation camp.
  Founder's day celebration with rural school students Tata Chemicals   
Tata Chemicals launched the 15th edition of TVW by celebrating it with primary school students in rural areas of Okhamandal taluka. To mark the birth anniversary of Jamsetji Tata, every year, employees of Tata Chemicals distribute chocolates to the primary students in the rural areas. This year, keeping safety precautions in mind, volunteers prepared kits including packet of 8 chocolates, 2 cotton masks, a bottle of hand sanitiser and 2 packets of seeds for developing a kitchen garden.
Total of 1,494 kits were prepared and distributed in 43 primary schools of Okhamandal with the support of volunteers and the Tata Chemicals Society for Rural Development team.
  Essay competition for underprivileged kids Tata Consulting Engineers   
Volunteers from Tata Consulting Engineers organised an ‘Essay Competition’ in a government school. The aim of the activity was to educate the students about the Tata group and their role in building the nation. The competition was conducted in two languages (Kannada and English) to benefit students. Volunteers played movies on J N Tata, Colors of Tata and Tata Consulting Engineers. Volunteers also entertained students by playing anthakshari and concluded the event with prize distribution.
  Blood donation camp Tata Steel   
On the occasion of Founder’s Day, 16th 'Blood Donation Camp' was organised at Tata Bearings Employee Recreation Club with the help of Tata Steel Worker Union of Tata Bearings, Kharagpur. A total of 56 people donated blood and 14 volunteers participated to organise the blood donation camp.
  Visit to orphanage Tata Advanced Systems   
Employees of Tata Advanced Systems along with families visited Emmanuel Children Home at Taramathipet, Hyderabad to celebrate Tata Volunteering Week. The volunteers interacted and played games with the children. Children exhibited their talents like singing and dancing to the volunteers. Tata Advanced System is supporting the orphanage to provide facilities and commodities, ensuring a conducive environment for growth, learning and mental comfort. The company is also extending tutor support to improve the academic and social skills of the children.
  Virtual teacher Tata Communications   
The COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent lockdown have severely impacted the education sector, leading to the loss of valuable learning time for children. However, schools are putting in their best efforts to educate children through digital means. Volunteers joined together to support these efforts by taking virtual classes for children from shelter homes. Volunteers efforts supported the continuous learning of the children.
  Sustainable lifestyle hacks Tata Communications   
Sustainability focuses on meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. This is only possible if we embrace eco-friendly practices, not just in a personal capacity but also in professional decisions.

Tata Communications volunteers along with their family members took an ethical approach towards a sustainable future and contributed towards the planet. Volunteers also made cloth bags with their old clothes. Approx. 110 volunteers and 33 family members actively participated in the activity.
   Digi lab Tata Communications   
In today’s technology-driven society, digital skills are a job pre-requisite. Job seekers are required to know and make use of different digital software and applications. One such requirement is the knowledge of MS Excel. Volunteers from Tata Communications mentored underserved students who required support in the use and application of MS Office. Volunteers knowledge and expertise supported these young students in their pursuit of gainful employment.
  A day with the elderly Tata Communications   
The World Health Organization (WHO) had estimated that by the year 2020, the global number of people over the age of 60 will almost double, growing from 12% to 22% of the population. Not all senior citizens have the comfort of a home. Many of them spend their old age in old-age homes and care centres with very limited interaction with the outside world, and this was more evident during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Volunteers from Tata Communications spent some time to talk virtually and connected with the elderly. They shared stories, played simple games, sang songs and interacted which brought much-needed joy to their lives.
   Mentoring marathon Tata Communications   
Research confirms that quality mentoring has powerful positive effects on young people in a variety of personal, academic, and professional situations. Tata Communications volunteers mentored underserved youth on career opportunities, soft skills, and professional development that will better equip them for a brighter future.
Volunteers skills and expertise will go a long way in developing the growth mindset and shaping the professional journey of the youth.
  The SheMaker Summit 2020 Tata Sons   
Alka Upadhyay, Assistant Vice President, Sustainability & Environment Services, Tata Sustainability Group volunteered to be a part of The SheMaker Summit 2020 which enables women in manufacturing, supply chain and allied functions. The event was organised by start-ups in HR space for women and girls who aspire to join core manufacturing sector. Alka was a jury member and responsible to shortlist the winners. As a panellist, she outlined the need to constantly reimagine the workplace, making it more equitable for women to enable and advance their career.
   Felicitation and guidance session for students Tata Motors   
To celebrate the 15th edition of Tata Volunteering Week, Tata Motors organised Felicitation and guidance session for 20 meritorious students. These students also visited the company’s skill development centre and learnt about vehicle integration process. Volunteers also organised a career guidance session wherein their queries related to career were also clarified.
   Tree plantation drive Tata Motors   
On the occasion of founders’ day, tree plantation drive was organised by Tata Motors - Pantnagar & Tata Autocomp. Around 300 sampling were planted. Factory head along with senior leadership team, union office bearers and volunteers enthusiastically participated in the plantation drive.
   Awareness session on nutrition Tata Motors   
A team of female volunteers from Tata Motors organised an awareness session on nutrition for parents in Rampura, Rudrapur, Uttarakhand. They also distributed nutritional diet kit to the malnourished children.
  Online essay writing competition Rallis India   
On the occasion of World Wildlife Day, volunteers of Rallis India, Ankleshwar Unit arranged an online essay writing competition. On the topic of ‘My favourite wild animal’, students from 3rd to 8th standard wrote an essay. 128 students participated in this programme. Volunteers collected the essays virtually and announced 6 winners.
   COVID-19 relief and rehabilitation work Rallis India   
As part of TVW-15, volunteers from Rallis India, Dahej plant organised COVID-19 relief & rehabilitation work at residential tribal ashram school. Volunteers sanitised the school, checked the temperature of all the students and distributed few safety equipment.
   Industrial safety awareness session Rallis India   
On the occasion of 50th National Safety Week, volunteers of Rallis India arranged Industrial safety awareness session for government ITI trainees at ITI Vagra. Mr. Dilip Singh, Safety Head, Rallis India conducted the session. 50 trainees from different trades actively participated in the session.
   Road safety awareness session Rallis India   
Volunteers from Rallis India, Ankleshwar unit arranged a road safety awareness session for 11th standard students of Pioneer Junior college, Jitali. Our unit safety officer, Mr. Mohnish Modi conducted this session. Volunteers also shared their thoughts and experience related to road safety. 50 students actively attended this session.
   Online drawing competition Tata Steel Utilities and Infrastructure Services   
Tata Steel Utilities and Infrastructure Services celebrated Jamsetji Tata’s birth anniversary with Oriya Middle School students. Volunteers organised an online drawing competition with the theme of Founder’s Day. Students from class 5th to 8th created beautiful drawings and the best ones were rewarded.
   Fire and safety awareness cum training programme Tata Power   
Volunteers from Coastal Gujarat Power Limited (Tata Power), organised fire and safety awareness cum orientation training for the students from B.Ed. college, Mundra. During the session, the volunteers stressed upon the value and ethos of Tata Group and the role of volunteers for a social cause. The successful event was possible only due to the enthusiastic participation by the students and proactive role played by CGPL volunteers.
   Drawing competition Tata Steel Utilities and Infrastructure Services   
Tata Steel Utilities and Infrastructure Services celebrated Jamsetji Tata’s birth anniversary with UHS New Colony, Adityapur. Volunteers organised an online drawing competition with the theme of Founder’s Day. Students from class 8th and 9th created beautiful drawings and the best ones were rewarded.
   Drawing competition Tata Steel Utilities and Infrastructure Services   
Tata Steel Utilities and Infrastructure Services volunteers organised an online drawing competition with UMS PS-5 students. On the theme of ‘Greenery’, students from class 1st to 6th drew attractive drawings. Students were also rewarded and were appreciated of their art.
   Drawing competition Tata Steel Utilities and Infrastructure Services   
Tata Steel Utilities and Infrastructure Services organised a drawing competition for the children of Pudisili Open Area Teaching. Children from class 1st to 5th were provided crayons and drawing sheets for this activity. Children drew pictures of national bird, national flower and national flag. The best three were awarded.
   Good touch bad touch session Tata Steel Utilities and Infrastructure Services   
Volunteers from Tata Steel Utilities and Infrastructure Services organised a virtual session on ‘good touch and bad touch’ for class 8th and 9th girl students at UHS New Colony. A presentation and short film related to good touch and bad touch for students was also played in this session. Volunteers also emphasized that if they feel insecure in any situation, they should share share their immoral experience immediately with teachers or parents. Many safety tips were given to girls under this online volunteering programme.
   Cleanliness drive Trent   
Volunteers from Trent organised a cleanliness drive at a nearby area. Approx. 30 volunteers actively participated to make the area clean.
   Health camp Tata Coffee   
Tata Coffee volunteers along with Anamallai’s Medical team conducted a health camp at Pathadipalam Tribal colony and Girijan Tribal colony near Malakiparai Tea Estate, Kerala. Vitamins and iron supplement were given to all children and women. 89 people attended the camp and necessary medicines were distributed. Tips on personal hygiene were also shared with the children.
   COVID-19 awareness for contract employees Tata Steel Long Products   
Volunteers from Tata Steel Long Products along with their family members conducted a COVID-19 awareness session for contract employees. They shared few simple safety precautions such as social distancing, wearing a mask, keeping rooms well ventilated, avoiding crowds, cleaning hands and coughing into a bent elbow or tissue etc. They also gave some basic information about the pandemic and took pledge to follow the COVID-19 guidelines.
   Awareness on livelihood Tata Steel Long Products   
The livelihood and community development have a holistic approach encompassing many components of health, education, skills training, capacity building and awareness. Volunteers from Tata Steel Long Products aimed the same and met people in Inganijharan and Gobindpur to enable the beneficiaries by elaborating the means of securing the necessities (food, water, shelter, and clothing) and sharing general updates regarding the current situations in surroundings.
  *This update covers only some of the activities undertaken by companies.