Tata Volunteering Week 15 Volume No. 05   
  Grooming session for students Indian Hotels   
Tata STRIVE, a skill development initiative of the Tata Community Initiatives Trust under the aegis of Tata Trusts is addressing the pressing need of skilling India’s youth for employment, entrepreneurship and community enterprise. It reaches to communities, develops skills of people from financially challenged backgrounds and acclimatizes them with the changing work environment. The core philosophy is to create courses that would help in creating and supplying trained manpower across the entire industrial spectrum as well as develop entrepreneurial talent. As a part of their course they do series of guest lectures and industrial visits to provide hands-on practical on real time industrial applications, equip learners with skills and knowledge that are of current practice of trade and provide access to experts in the industry through guest lectures. This year given the pandemic they are having these sessions virtually.
Taj Falaknuma Palace, Hyderabad recently conducted one such session on grooming and its importance. Around 80 students from the batches specifically for Automobiles, Engineering and Banking participated on this call. The session was conducted by Mr. Jai Kumar Udhani, Learning and Development Manager. The session was a two-way interaction which gave the students the opportunity to ask questions and queries. It was truly an enriching experience for all the participants and they all were looking forward to complete the course successfully.
  Awareness session about ban on single-use of plastic Indian Hotels   
Volunteers from Vivanta Goa, Panaji organised an awareness session about ban on single-use of plastic for their vendors. They shared the insights on how the use of plastic has affected the environment and the steps we need to take to protect our environment.
  Distribution of hand sanitizers Rallis India   
Rallis India, Lote Unit volunteers visited S K Vidyalaya, Gunde and organised an awareness session on COVID-19 and suggested suitable precautions to be taken by the school management and students. At the end of the session, they also distributed hand sanitizers to the school management.
  Distribution of hand sanitizers Rallis India   
21 volunteers from Rallis India, Lote Unit visited Primary Health Centre organised an awareness session on COVID-19 and suggested suitable precautions to be taken by the people. At the end of the session, volunteers distributed hand wash sanitizers in the Primary Health Centre. The session was well accepted by the health workers.
    Distribution of tree sapling Tata Chemicals   
Tata Chemicals volunteers visited rural schools around Mithapur and gifted saplings of pollinator-friendly Malabar Spinach to students for plantation in their school campus. The students were enlightened on the ecological importance of pollinators and the role Malabar Spinach could play in sustaining them as also other urban wildlife including birds, bats and squirrels. Malabar Spinach is an easy to grow creeper, does not require much care and the leaves are used as vegetable for cooking curries and soups. It is considered to be a good food for providing nourishment. The aim of this initiative is to revive this vanishing indigenous flora species for the benefit of urban wildlife and rural population and garner community support for conservation of the same.
  Awareness about water conservation Tata Metaliks   
An awareness programme was organised by Tata Metaliks as part of pre-event celebration of World Water Day. Community was made aware about water conservation, plantation & cleanliness issues.
Important points that were covered in the activity included the following:
  • What is water conservation, its need for the hour and means to conserve water in the form of Roof rainwater harvesting and conserving water bodies like pond.
  • Using the available water judiciously and keeping all taps close while not in use. Reusing the wastewater for irrigating plants and kitchen garden.
  • Keeping the water bodies clean to harvest enough rainwater for recharging the aquifer. Draining wastewater from all tap points and connecting to recharge pit.
  • Planting more and more trees to keep the environment clean, checking soil erosion and invite rain in the area. Avoiding cutting down of trees.
  • Maintaining personal hygiene and ensuring to keep the village clean by avoiding use of plastic. Taking own bag to the market to carry household materials.
Leaflets in local dialect were distributed to the participants to help them understand the issues better. The session was combined with quiz and drawing competition to make the programme interactive and fun learning. Session was concluded with prize distribution to all the winning participations.
  Training on defensive driving Tata Metaliks   
Tata Metaliks organised a session on domestic safety for the Self-Help Group (SHG) women of Basantpur village. The women also celebrated International Women’s Day by showcasing a small skit and some quizzes. The session was conducted by employees from the safety division. They spoke about the areas at home about which one should be careful of; precautions to take while using an LPG cylinder, steps one should take to combat any unforeseen situation. Tips were also given while using electric appliances at home. The women were made to understand how even when outside home while driving and riding vehicles they should ensure their family members also comply with safety rules of wearing a helmet and fastening a seatbelt. In case of lightening outside during rains, one must not take shelter under the tree, to avoid electrocution. The women found the session informative and helpful.
  Supporting the disabled Tata Motors   
Team from Tata Motors, Chinchwad Foundry contributed and donated INR 25,001 to Jhunj Divyang Sanstha for carrying out marriage ceremony of 5 couples from handicapped community.
This function was graced by Foundry Head, Mr. Prashant Joshi and he handed over a cheque to President, Jhunj Divyang Sanstha.
   International Women’s Day celebrations Tata Power Delhi Distribution   
On the occasion of International Women’s Day, an online pledge taking activity was organised by Tata Power DDL in which all women staff from WLC, beneficiaries participated. Around 354 volunteers actively participated including SIG team members, NGO partners, WLC instructors etc. Everyone supported in the facilitation of pledge taking by helping the beneficiaries take the pledge online which stressed on spreading the message of empowering women and to act as role model for other women and motivate them.
   Shapes of Tomorrow Series – Session 1 Tata Power Delhi Distribution   
Shapes of Tomorrow Session was organised by Learning & Development department of Tata Power Delhi Distribution. The session comprised of volunteers and students enrolled in various trades. The objective of the session was to prepare beneficiaries to be future leaders. So, various fun activities were organised to engage with the participants. This was an opportunity for them to explore their strengths and weaknesses and acknowledge the strength of their colleagues.
   Awareness session on breast cancer and anemia Tata Power Delhi Distribution   
Volunteers of Tata Power-DDL organised an online awareness session on breast cancer and anemia, in association with Eduquest (NGO Partner) for beneficiaries and staff of Women Literacy Centers (WLCs) and ABHAs. The session focused on Health and other issues, with a special focus on COVID-19 related problems. The session was an enriching experience for the participants, and it broadened their understanding of overall well- being. ABHA and WLC women also shared that they would further spread their learnings with their family members and others in the community.
   Career counselling session Tata Power Delhi Distribution   
Career counselling session was conducted at Wazirpur for Vocational Training Center (VTC) beneficiaries by F&A department. The main aim of the session was to help students enrolled in various trades to choose a field that is in tune with their skills and their job expectations. So that they end up choosing the right career and perform the task assigned to them with satisfaction and succeed in their journey. This session was an opportunity for the participants to find out their key strengths and work on it and most importantly, utilize it to their advantage.
   Awareness session on safety Tata Power Delhi Distribution   
A session on safety was organised by KCG group for ABHA & WLCs beneficiaries. The main objective of the session was to ensure safety at all times- at home, on the road, and at workplace. The organisers laid emphasis on the fact that safety awareness goes much beyond what we think, and creating ongoing awareness plays a vital role in building a successful safety culture. As safety is such an important part of our daily lives, it is always important to remain aware of potential safety issues and consciously act in one’s best interest.
   Shapes of Tomorrow Series – Session 2 Tata Power Delhi Distribution   
Second session of Shapes of Tomorrow Series was organised by Learning and Development Department of Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited for beneficiaries across various VTC. The volunteers organised various activities to engage the participants and it was an opportunity for them to understand Leadership development and its importance.
   Session on safe and eco-friendly holi Tata Power Delhi Distribution   
A session on ‘Safe and Eco-Friendly Holi’ was organised by KCG Department of Tata Power Delhi Distribution. Holi is the most colorful festival of India. It is the festival with a beautiful blend of vibrant colors and the great indulgence of celebrations that add life to the day of fiesta. Celebrations play a significant role in our lives. But while we are engrossed in celebrations, we also need to realise the importance of environment around us. It is our responsibility to take care of it. So, an awareness session was conducted on how to play holi in a eco-friendly way. An eco-friendly celebration of holi is no less than the way we celebrate it.
   Awareness on COVID-19 in a temple Tata Steel Long Products   
VSN Volunteers organised a volunteering programme on 11th March at the premises of Pashupati Shiv Temple. The aim was to help devotees to understand the consequences for not using masks and maintaining proper social distance as COVID-19 is still spreading and a threat for all. The exercise was all the more important to prevent excessive personal interaction at the temple during the Maha Shivratri.
   Community sanitation activity Tata Steel Long Products   
Sanitation is one of the most important aspects of community’s well-being because it protects human health, extends life spans, and benefits the economy as well. To promote the concept on healthy living, 8 volunteers from TSLP organised an awareness session for 50 households of Balita village on various facets of sanitation, to protect the natural resources (such as surface water, groundwater, soil), and to discourage people from open defecation or urination.
   Dance activity Tata Steel Long Products   
Dancing can be a way to stay fit for people of all ages, shapes and sizes, having a wide range of physical, and mental benefits. Lady volunteers from Tata Steel Long Products township took upon themselves to teach some dancing steps to the children of Residential Bridge Course and the result was exhilarating for these children, who rather ended up teaching a step of two from their skill sets!
   Rural development activity Tata Steel Long Products   
One of the Tata Steel Long Product volunteer took out time to spend some golden moments with a few senior citizens in a nearby old age home. They shared the importance of sanitisation as they often begin to neglect their personal care and encouraged good personal hygiene.
   Maintaining hygiene at kitchen Tata Steel Long Products   
Failure to clean and sanitise our kitchen may result in the spread of bacteria and germs, which has been a common cause of illness for members of the families. Some of the important tips regarding maintenance of hygiene was discussed by our volunteers with the children at RBC.
   Tutoring sessions for kids Tata Steel Long Products   
A group of volunteers took out time to tutor the children of RBC. Children enthusiastically learnt writing alphabets from the volunteers.
   Capability Building Training Programme Tata Steel Long Products   
A two-day teacher training programme for the PLC & PMC teachers was organised by Tata Steel Long Products, CSR Joda at L&D Centre. CSR team arranged a resource person Mr. Narayan Chandra Senapati (State Level Education Trainer) from Odisha. The main aim of the training was to prepare teachers for helping, physical, mental, social, emotional and language development of children and it was encouraging as all 16 PLC & PMC Teachers with 8 VSN education volunteers participated in the training.
   Free tuition for needy children Tata Steel Long Products   
Children deserve an extra attention and focus on their studies therefore our volunteers took a special initiative by creating a homely campaign "Free Tution" which they are now running on a regular basis to make education available to all the needy boys of RBC , specially focusing on enhancing their ability to develop and enrich their potential and skills.
   Dream Hunt - Achieve your goals Tata Steel Long Products   
There is a famous saying “The only limit to the height of your achievements is the reach of your dreams and your willingness to work for them". Visualizing the same Tata Steel Long Products volunteers had a session with PLC & PMC teachers for uplifting their dreams to pursue higher goals.
   Cultural aspect for children Tata Steel Long Products   
In continuation to the dance tips given in the earlier volunteering activity, the children of RBC center were up for some new forms of local dance steps which were taught by some of the dance enthusiasts of VSN.
   Discipline - Key to Success Tata Steel Long Products  
A group of young children from local school experienced the pleasant visit of some of the volunteers from VSN who spent time with them to know more about the importance of discipline in life, how to focus better in life and live a life with dignity.
   Stop killing foeticide Tata Steel Long Products   
Group of lady volunteers from Tata Steel Long Products conducted a session on ‘Stop killing foeticide’ for a section of village women and explained on how it was not only a social evil, but also illegal to promote female foeticide. All of them were informed about protection of girl children and report about any such incident to the Gram Panchayat Sarpanch and if required, at the nearby Police Station too.
   Capability development session with teachers Tata Steel Long Products   
Volunteers from Tata Steel Long Products organised a session with a group of 16 PLC & PMC teachers and encouraged them to help people to improve their developmental capabilities, problem-solving skills, and coping mechanisms.
   No Smoking Day awareness programme Trent Hypermarket   
To mark No Smoking Day on 10th March, the employees of Star Bazaar, Surat and Pune organised a session to raise awareness on the harmful effects of smoking. They interacted with the people to generate awareness and shared the health benefits gained by quitting smoking. A special note was attached on customer bill copy to raise awareness regarding the harmful effects of smoking.
   Career guidance session Indian Hotels   
Career guidance counselling helps in taking students to the right path of their life. Hence, the team at Taj North Goa, Taj Fort Aguada Resort & Spa and Taj Holiday Village Resort & Spa Goa led by Mr. Anmol Ahluwalia, Cluster General Manager organised for a Career Guidance Session as part of the Tata Volunteering Week 15 initiative. This was in collaboration with the Lion’s Club for the students of St. Theresa’s High School, a nearby local community school for 60 students.
Mr. Bosco Furtado, Human Resources Manager welcomed the gathering and spoke on the growth of the hospitality industry and various career options within the industry. He mentioned that a career should not be forced due to peer or parental pressure or lack of information, but rather should be a natural flow of interest.. Ms. Sarita Fernandes, Executive Housekeeper then took the students through opportunities for women and how the company strives to maintain gender diversity along with facilities provided for women at work. She stressed on IHCL as a safe place to work in. Executive Chef Rishi Manucha and Guest Relations Manager Dr. Derek Monteiro spoke on operational excellence – where the only way to do great work to is to love what you do, to make time for your passion. Mr. Ronnie John, Human Resources Manager asked the students to retrospect on what matters to them the most and explore opportunities until satisfied. And finally Ms. Archita Gupta and Vikram Singh from the Hotelier Development Program Batch 2019-21, shared their personal story as to why they chose the Indian Hotels Company Limited to begin their careers with and their journey with the company so far.
Mr. Nicholas Fernandes, Headmaster of St. Theresa’s High School thanked the Taj North Goa team and the Lion’s Club for spending their precious time in guiding the students on the world of work and identifying options and choices through the wide range of job options available.
   Celebration of Women’s Day Rallis India   
On the occasion of International Women’s Day, volunteers of Rallis India organised a programme for parents of special children from Shaishav Divyang Children School, Ankleshwar. Volunteers arranged some yoga sessions, motivational and fun games. They also gave small gifts to all participants. 20 parents joined this programme with their children.
   Career guidance programme Rallis India   
As part of TVW15, volunteers of Rallis India, Dahej organised a virtual career guidance programme for 10th and 12th standard students of P J Cheda High School and Junior College,Dahej. 250 students attended this session and resolved their queries about the available career paths.
   Distribution of mask, sanitizer and sanitizer stand Rallis India   
Volunteers of Rallis India, Ankleshwar Unit organised mask, sanitizer and sanitizer stand distribution programme at Juvenile Children's Home, Bharuch. Volunteers guided all children on how to take precautions to prevent COVID-19 virus. Juvenile Children's Home is a government organisation run by local NGO, and children come from across the states.
   Food distribution to senior citizens Rallis India   
Under TVW-15, volunteers of Rallis India, Ankleshwar organised a food distribution programme for orphan senior citizens, Bharch. Seva Yagna Samiti has been working for orphan old age people from last 20 years. They do this work with help of community donors. Now 250 people are living there. So, Rallis organized one-time food for all people. Rallis volunteers interacted and served food to all senior citizens.
   Fun and learning based activity with kids Rallis India   
Rallis volunteers with NGO partner ALLLSG organised various fun and learning based activities for 1st to 5th standard students at Saraiwadi near Karjat. Students participated in solving puzzles, singing poetries, essay writing and drawing.
   Health Camp Tata Advanced Systems   
Doctors - General Physician, Orthopedic, Pediatrician and Gynecologist participated in health camp organised at Nadergul Village for all citizens. 213 citizens including 37 children visited the camp. Citizens were made aware regarding the COVID-19 vaccine and precautions to be taken. Free consultation was given, and medicines as prescribed by doctors were distributed free of cost to the citizens.
   Science Experiments at Orphanage Tata Consulting Engineers   
With most of us working from home and adapting to the new normal, TCE volunteers came up with a way to connect with orphanage kids on-site with all the precautionary measurements. Company’s NGO Partner was ‘Anand Marg children home’ who gave the opportunity for volunteers to visit their orphanage. Volunteers conducted few simple science experiments to demonstrate the working principle of motor, fire extinguisher and 3 more experiments. All kids did experiments with great enthusiasm and the activity was fun filled. They also distributed lunch and sweets to kids. Post-Lunch they also played Pictionary game with kids which in turn made kids think in a creative way and activity was a stress buster for kids. TCE volunteers were successful in bringing smiles on kid’s faces with a friendly Volleyball match at the end of the session
   Providing education to the dropouts Tata Motors   
Volunteers from Tata Motors conducted a session for the drop out beneficiaries who wish to continue their education. There were 3 Volunteers and 15 beneficiaries for the volunteering activity.
   Online mentoring session Tata Power Delhi Distribution   
The first online mentoring session for Udayan Care Shalinis, Kolkata Chapter was held on 7th March 2021. Volunteers helped resolve the queries of the participants and mentored them for their future growth.
   Gift a mask Ginger Hotels   
Joy of Giving. We must give more in order to get more. Protect yourself and your community. Team of 13 volunteers from Ginger Hotel, Ahmedabad actively participated in mask donation and COVID-19 awareness drive.
   Road Safety awareness Ginger Hotels   
Everyone needs to be aware of the road traffic rules especially children and young people who are at significant road accident risks. Team of 12 members from Ginger Hotels, Ahmedabad, created awareness to communicate with the road users and shared safe driving tips. They highlighted that bikers or people using two-wheeler vehicles must wear helmets and everyone using road should be well aware of the road signs and must follow rules.
   Cleanliness Drive Ginger Hotels   
Ginger East Delhi has organised Cleanliness Drive (Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan) in the near by area with aim to create awareness on cleanliness and its benefits.
They also pledged to keep our surrounding including home, locality and city clean. It was a unique experience for all the volunteers.
   Food distribution to kids Ginger Hotels   
Volunteers from Ginger Hotels donated food and spent some good time at Government School Salvav Vapi.
   Sapling plantation drive Indian Hotels   
Giving back to Nature is a great way of appreciating its value in our lives. To celebrate the Tata Volunteering Week 15, Taj North Goa decided to have a floral sapling plantation drive on 12th March 2021. 12th March is also celebrated as Plant a Flower Day to mark the start of the spring season and it gives us a great opportunity to thank Mother Earth.
At Taj North Goa, the team took part in this noble initiative with pure joy. Horticulture Manager - North Goa, Mr. Prashant Paradkar arranged for some beautiful purple tibouchina urvilleana (commonly known as princess flowers) for planting by the employees. The Hotel Manager of Taj Fort Aguada Resort & Spa Goa, Mr. Pradhuman Singh Rathore, all the Heads of Departments (HODs), employees and trainees got together at the main gate entrance of the resort and planted one sapling each. Similarly, at Taj Holiday Village Resort & Spa Goa, Mr. Prashant Paradkar arranged for lovely Ixora saplings to be plated besides the guest pathways at the Resort. The HOD’s, associates, and trainees of Taj Holiday Village Goa got together and planted these beautiful saplings together. This enhanced the beauty of the pathway. The entire team of Taj North Goa was very happy to be part of this Sapling plantation drive. Around 40 saplings were planted across both resorts.
   Awareness programme on different govt. schemes Indian Hotels   
On 5th March 2021, a government camp on ‘Awareness programme on different govt. schemes’ was organised at Vivanta Vadodara. The objective of this session was to explain the different government benefits that the employees, family, and their friends can use post COVID-19 pandemic.
Government schemes such as ESIC, different types of budgets were explained in detail.
The camp was attended by underprivileged people as well as friends and family of Kitchen Stewarding Team. This session helped them to know about the different kinds of schemes and the correct information pertaining to it. The camp was conducted by Dr. Pradhnesh from ESIC. Participants received great learnings from the session and were grateful to organise such a session.
   Session on grooming and personality development for trainees Tata Metaliks   
Tata Metalik’s CSR team organised a session on grooming and personality development for the trainees of Tata Metaliks Skill Development. The candidates were from general duty assistant, banking finance services insurance trades. These trainees are enrolled for three-month short courses, the training for which is imparted by implementing partner Tata Strive. The session was led by Ms. Neha Agarwal, Mrs. India 2017, Mrs. East Asia Earth 2017, pageant groomer, personality development trainer & spouse of our employee Mr. Avneesh Joshi. Ms. Neha took a detailed session on interview tips, basic office etiquettes and dressing sense for appearing for interviews, presentations, etc. These candidates will soon be appearing for placements in various organisations. Hence, it was a useful session for them that gave them a good opportunity to learn.
   Adult Literacy Tata Motors   
Tata Motors organised a volunteering session on Adult literacy with 4 volunteers. 20 individuals actively participated and benefited from the session.
   Moral Re-Armament programme for villagers Tata Steel Mining   
Mrs. Anjna Tiwari, Head Security, Tata Steel Mining engaged with nearby village women on Moral Re-Armament Programme organised by Tata Steel Rural Development Society. She had a wonderful engagement with women on Self health awareness, own and family wellbeing and importance of giving time to self. It was inspiring moment for all women associated there and they received great insights from the programme.
   No Smoking Day awareness Trent Hypermarket   
On the occasion of No Smoking Day, employees of Star Bazaar, Panathur, Bangalore organised a session to raise awareness on the harmful effects of smoking. They interacted with the people to generate awareness and shared the health benefits of quitting smoking.
  *This update covers only some of the activities undertaken by companies.