Tata Engage is delighted to partner with Jaago Re in their newest campaign 'To pledge support for the elderly'. As you may be aware, they are one of the most vulnerable group during this pandemic and we need to be there for them as they have for us.

Log on to www.jaagore.com to know more and pledge your support to help the elderly. And don't stop at that. You can put it into action* by:
- Checking up on them regularly through phone/ video calls
- Purchase groceries/ medicines on their behalf when you step out for your own
- Better so, order it online for them
- You can even cook them a meal

*Remember to keep your safety at priority and take all precautions like avoiding physical contact, always wearing a mask, sanitizing your hands and following all local administration guidelines.

They created imaginary monsters to protect us from real ones. Now it's our turn to support and keep them safe. They are counting on you.

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