Tata Volunteering Week 15 Volume No. 08   
   Blood donation drive Ginger Hotels   
17 Volunteers from Ginger Hotels - Pantnagar in association JLN District Hospital participated in the blood donation drive.
  Imparting culinary skills Indian Hotels   
Team from Taj West End went to APSA, an NGO which is primarily engaged with child centered for community development. The chef of the Indian Hotels demonstrated and cooked carrot halwa and veg cutlet to the children of APSA. Over 80 Children benefitted from this activity. Volunteers interacted with the children and the team were thankful for the efforts taken by Taj.
  World Forestry Day celebration Rallis India   
On the occasion of World Forestry Day, volunteers from Rallis India limited organised a tree plantation drive and tree adoption moment. Volunteers encouraged all employees through social media to plant and adopt trees. Volunteers gave some guidelines to adopt trees such as one can install tree guard, arrange water, or nurture the tree to grow. Volunteers actively participated in this programme along with their family members and friends.
   Colouring programme for kids Rallis India   
Volunteers of Rallis India, Ankleshwar unit organised a picture colouring programme for anganwadi kids of Junaborbatha village. Volunteers provided some pictures and crayon colour boxes to anganwadi teacher. She distributed all this material to kids and post the activity she shared the photographs with the volunteers to select the best picture. 20 kids actively participated in this programme and enjoyed the activity.
    Online drawing competition Rallis India   
On the occasion of World Water Day, volunteers of Rallis India, Dahej unit organised an online drawing competition programme on the theme of ‘Save Water’. Through social media volunteers created awareness about the activity and disseminated messages to all students. 97 students actively participated in this programme by submitting their beautiful drawing on the theme. Through the drawings students shared their ideas, thoughts, suggestions about how to save water and the best ones were rewarded.
    Celebration of National Puppy Day Rallis India   
On the occasion of National Puppy Day, volunteers of Rallis India, Ankleshwar unit organised a National Puppy Day celebration programme with the help of Pure Souls for Animals Help, Ankleshwar team. Volunteers contacted a veterinary doctor and conducted an examination, supplied dog food including milk and water, to street dogs. Under this event, volunteers covered 350+ stray dogs.
  Hand sanitizer distribution Rallis India   
Rallis India, Lote volunteers visited Kavita Vinod Saraff High School, Lote and organised an awareness Session on COVID-19. They suggested few suitable precautions to be taken by the school management and students. At the end of the session they also distributed hand sanitizers to the school management.
   Awareness session on COVID-19 Rallis India   
Rallis India, Lote volunteers conducted an awareness session on COVID-19 for the students of Kavita Vinod Saraff High School, Lote on 25th March 2021. They briefed on COVID-19 virus and various precautions that can be taken to protect our self from the infection. Volunteers advised to follow the guidelines like frequent washing of hands with soap and running water. If you feel unwell, seek medical advice without any delay and wear mask while you are outside the house. Do not keep direct contact with anyone if you are experiencing cough and fever, don’t be in crowded places, etc. 30 students actively participated in the session.
   Mock Interviews Tata Chemicals   
Tata Chemicals volunteers in collaboration with ConnectFor NGO interacted with 30 differently abled individuals from Ratna Nidhi Charitable Trust, Mumbai. The interactions were focused on explaining beneficiaries with basic interview etiquettes and providing them with feedback and improvisation tips. This was followed by one on one mock interview sessions. The volunteers expressed their willingness to guide and mentor the beneficiaries for the future as well. 26 enthusiastic volunteers from across locations like Noida, Kolkata, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Gandhinagar, Mumbai, Mithapur, Ahmedabad, etc joined in for this online session.
   Seed ball making activity Tata Power   
As a part Tata Volunteering Week 15, the CSR team of Tata Power, Trombay in collaboration with TPREL CSR Team organised a seed ball making activity at Junior Club, Trombay Colony for employee volunteers and their family members. A bag containing soil, seeds and compost has been handed over to volunteers. 40 employee volunteers and family members especially children enthusiastically participated in the activity and made approximately 500 seed balls. These seed balls will be handed over to TPREL representative for plantation at different sites.
   Awareness on Education Tata Steel Long Products   
Group of 8 volunteers from Tata Steel Long Products conducted an awareness on Education, Health & Road safety for PLC students of Kandara. They also distributed sanitizers to the students and tried to inculcate set of practices that may foster forms of awareness in students, that generates motivation and regulation of learning.
   Awareness on Health Tata Steel Long Products   
A vivid discussion was held as VSN Volunteers visited Lahanda AWC for awareness of COVID-19 and distributed sanitizers to 22 students of Anganwadi Centre and PLC. Volunteers oriented the villagers about the significance of cleanliness inside their own houses and outside the homestead land. They also highlighted that better sanitation practices more particularly during COVID-19 have become a way of life for our safe and secured health.
   General awareness session with students Tata Steel Long Products   
A key role was taken by our volunteers from Tata Steel Long Products who regularly acknowledge 33 students in RBC. Volunteers take different approaches to share knowledge and develop the RBC students by observing their behavior which ultimately helps in growth of the child’s ability and willingness to be reflective, self-aware, and mindful.
   Awareness on nutrition and COVID-19 Tata Steel Long Products   
Volunteers organised a session on awareness on nutrition and proper diet in Kaliabeda Anganwadi for 17 children and teachers. They also explained the importance of immunity development at the pandemic situation.
   Education on youth development Tata Steel Long Products   
"Today’s young generation is more powerful than the previous one”.
Young generation have different policy priorities than other age groups and their engagement also promises a sustainable future for democracy. Students from RBC resemble the same interest on learning and to support them, volunteers from Tata Steel Long Products had a discussion with 33 students on how youth can become future policy makers.
   Health and hygiene – cause for a living Tata Steel Long Products   
8 volunteers from VSN family had a great time with the students at Kitabeda Anganwadi and explained that how hygiene refers to good practices that prevent disease and lead to good health, especially cleanliness, proper disposal of wastewater and drinking water supply.
   Cataract screening camp Tata Steel Long Products   
Cataract screening camp was organised at Tata Steel Long Products, Bileipada in coordination with Bhoomika Eye Hospital. Out of 58 eye patients, 23 were identified for cataract surgery and treated them at Bhoomika Eye Hospital. Volunteers also spoke about COVID-19 and distributed masks, sanitizers and spread the message of maintaining social distancing, etc.
   Importance of time Tata Steel Long Products  
Female volunteers from Tata Steel Long Products helped 33 children at RBC by taking responsibility of creating awareness about time and helping them establish the habit of timeliness that have a positive ripple effect to our life.
   Awareness on Atma Nirbhar Bharat Tata Steel Long Products   
Volunteers had a session with high school students of Beleipada and created awareness on Atma Nirbhar Bharat (Self-Reliant India). Unemployment, a major social scenario at present was the topic of discussion which was explained by volunteers and they stated that children should focus on skills and knowledge which will reflect their future and contribute their livelihood.
   Safety awareness Tata Steel Long Products   
Safety awareness is essential in mitigating safety-related risks. 4 groups of volunteers organised a safety awareness programme with labours of Tata Steel Long Products. Everyone took an oath to upkeep the process regularly with a constant realisation that every worker should always be aware of how they are working and being able to recognize the hazards they face.
   Plastic hazard awareness Tata Steel Long Products   
Plastic waste is considered as the most hazardous among the total solid waste generated worldwide. We need to manage/recycle/degrade it. Taking it forward, our volunteers had a session on plastic hazard awareness at Bileipada market area with 56 people. They created awareness about how Plastic is harmful for our environment and encouraged people to use recycling materials.
   Right of equality Tata Steel Long Products   
Students are a voice to future generations. Volunteers from Tata Steel Long Products discussed about the Right of Equality (Samanata Ka Adhikar) at Bileipada High School with 34 students.
   Cleanliness drive Tata Steel Long Products   
Swachh Bharat Abhiyan is a campaign in India that aims to clean up the streets, roads, and infrastructure of India’s cities, smaller towns, and rural areas. Keeping the same ideology in mind, group of volunteers from Tata Steel Long Products carried out a cleanliness drive at new Shiv Mandir in Bileipada.
   Capacity building training for farmers Tata Steel Long Products   
The Agriculture Sector in India occupies the centre stage to promote inclusive growth, enhance rural income and sustain food and nutritional security. This task can be accomplished by strengthening the capacity building of agricultural extension personnel. 30 volunteers organised a training programme with 150 farmers and helped them to solve their queries with advance tools.
   Awareness on menstrual hygiene Tata Steel Long Products   
A woman’s menstrual health is crucial to her and family’s well-being. To create awareness among the women and girls of Bileipada village, volunteer had a discussion on menstrual hygiene and especially in the developing world — mindsets, customs and institutional biases prevent women from getting the menstrual health care they need to thrive. Volunteers also suggested to take measures as menstrual hygiene continues to be among the most challenging development issues today.
   Career guidance activity Indian Hotels and Voltas   
Taj Krishna, Hyderabad in collaboration with Voltas organised a session for all the Refrigeration and Airconditioning learners from various centers. There were 124 beneficiaries listening attentively to Mr. Sharique Khurshidi - Director of Engineering.
Mr. Sharique shared stories which were related to Career Objective. He gave insights on career such as hard work, positive approach, sharpening skills and upgrading knowledge at intervals, finding opportunity in failure and not being overconfident.
   Distribution of linen and rice Ginger Hotels  
Ginger East Delhi team distributed linen and bucket full of rice to the needy people in slum areas.
   Kitchen gardening Indian Hotels   
Volunteers from Vivanta Goa, Panaji created awareness on cultivating kitchen gardening with plants like lemon grass, tomato, chili, mint and other herbs.
    Animal feeding day Indian Hotels   
Volunteers from across Taj hotels in Bangalore visited animal rescue centre named CARE (Charlies Animal Rescue Centre).
Charlies Animal Rescue Centre – CARE is an animal shelter established in January 2013, with the aim of providing timely medical aid to injured and ill animals of the street in Bangalore city. “NO ANIMAL LEFT BEHIND” is their motto. CARE is home to many dogs, cats, ducks, guinea pigs, birds and terrapins. Volunteers took a tour around the centre and spent quality time with the lovable pets. They also gave some nutritional food to the animals. Activity was concluding by clicking a group picture of the team. Volunteers thanked the entire team of CARE for doing such a wonderful job and for sharing some valuable insight on showing compassion towards these voiceless animals.
   Menstrual awareness session Tata Chemicals   
Menstrual awareness session was organised for 51 adolescent students (boys and girls) of primary schools in Bhimrana and Mojap villages of Okhamandal Block. Volunteers also distributed a booklet that provided information on health and hygiene.
   Online session on menstrual hygiene Tata Chemicals   
Online session on menstrual awareness was organised for 25 students in Ghadechi village Primary School and general health and hygiene awareness session conducted with 17 students in Batisa village primary school. Booklet on health and hygiene were distributed to the students of 3 schools namely Gadhechi Primary School, Ghadechi Ashram Shala and Batisa Primary School.
   Paper bag making session Tata Consulting Engineers   
Paper bags are an ideal choice as eco-friendly products. These reusable and recyclable carry bags are more resilient and durable enough to replace the non-degradable plastic bags.
The intention of this activity is to make paper bags from easily available materials at home and distribute it to the street vendors and shops nearby. A demonstration of a simple and easy way of making paper bags was given to the participants and they were asked to make the paper bag during the 1-hour session. Employees and their family members enthusiastically participated in the activity.
   Inauguration of water and sanitation project Tata Metaliks   
A drinking water facility and sanitation project was set up in Mollacahk village. With the help of solar power, the project was set up that included 25 tap stations at different location in the village . About 300 people will be benefited by these projects. Under sanitation project, eight community toilets and two ladies bathroom has been constructed. The water management has also done in the village and it has been linked with the livelihood projects such as vegetable cultivation, agriculture cultivation, fishery, etc. The projects are aimed to provide pure drinking water with proper facility of sanitation keeping in mind the health, hygiene and environment issue in the community.
   Supporting an old age home Tata Motors   
Group of volunteers from Tata Motors Pimpri (Central Maintenance) visited and supported Matruseva Niwasi Seva Kendra (Old Age Home) by providing water purifier, boxes of diapers for senior citizen, cotton and surgical gloves worth Rs.21,000. Volunteers interacted and spent quality time with them by reciting poems and articles written by residents.
   Skit for SHG women on gender issues Tata Power   
As a part of TVW 15, volunteers of Tata Power organised a skit for Self-Help Group (SHG) women from slum to sensitise on gender issues such as eve teasing, access to public infrastructure, food security schemes, domestic violence faced by women living in slum locality. During the street play, it was projected that, how teamwork of SHG members can resolve social issues they face in day to day life and play a critical role of change agent by transforming lives through power of collective action. The skit was organised at the corporate centre of Tata Power located at Carnac Bunder. Around 100 employee volunteers participated to watch skit online. Overall, the event has facilitated to boost employee volunteering in ongoing women empowerment interventions.
   Blood donation drive Tata Power   
CSR team of Tata Power, Trombay organised a blood donation drive in collaboration with Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai. Due to COVID-19, there is huge shortage of blood availability to patients hence CSR team appealed employee volunteers to participate in the drive. Total 101 unit of blood was collected during the blood donation drive. This was first in-house blood donation drive organised by Tata Power during COVID-19 pandemic.
   Power of Collective – Experience sharing session Tata Power   
CSR team of Tata Power Trombay organised an experience sharing session of community women with female employees and leadership team of Trombay Tata Power Plant. They shared their success stories of collective efforts resolving livelihood, food security, gender biased and violence against women. They also shared their experience about how they collective came together to form SHG and how they have improved their social status in the community.
Around 25 employee volunteers and senior leaders participated in the session. During the session, senior leaders were given token of appreciation to the community women for their efforts.
   Impact assessment for women advocacy intervention on food campaign Tata Power   
Volunteers from CSR team of Tata Power Trombay organised an impact assessment for women advocacy intervention at Chembur Location. Employee volunteers conducted focus group discussion (FGD) with beneficiaries to know the food campaign impact on their lives. The study was conducted online and offline.
   Confidence building session Tata Group   
With an objective to prepare students to face exams confidently and also share tips on study skills, volunteers from Tata group organised a session for the students. The volunteers came with many useful tips on study skills to share with the students and motivated them by explaining their own experiences of facing exams in their childhood. Volunteers highlighted that students should not only aim for good scores but also study to gain knowledge.
   T-shirt bag making session Tata Group   
A session on recycle and reuse materials was conducted for employees of Tata group. Volunteers learnt the skill of making T-shirt bag. This session was organised with an aim to spread awareness about non usage of single use plastic. Participants learnt the art of making bags and said that they will teach others as well.
   Blood donation drive Amalgamated Plantations   
Employees from Amalgamated Plantations along with their family members participated in the blood donation drive. Approximately 41 participants donated blood in the drive.
   Drawing competition Amalgamated Plantations   
Volunteers from Amalgamated Plantations conducted a drawing competition for kids. Kids actively participated in the actively and drew beautiful drawings.
   COVID-19 awareness session Indian Hotels   
As all of us are aware of the pandemic resurging across the world and started to effect the day-to-day life. Undoubtedly, homemakers are primary influencers role models for every family. With the intension to educate the neibourhood, volunteers from Taj Bekal organised an awareness session on COVID-19 at the vicinity. The session enabled a group of women to actively take preventive measures and and fight against the spread of COVID-19 virus.
   Cleanliness drive Indian Hotels   
As part of Tata Volunteering Week 15, the associates at Taj Bekal Resort & Spa, Kerala organised a cleanliness drive at the nearby beach area. The team consisted of close to 15 volunteers across all the departments actively took part in this initiative.
   Clothes donation drive Indian Hotels   
Clothes donation drive was organised at Institute of Public Assistance Provedoria, Candolim, by Taj North Goa on 27th March 2021, as part of TVW15.
   Earth hour celebrations Indian Hotels   
The Human Resources team at Taj North Goa – Taj Fort Aguada Resort & Spa and Taj Holiday Village Resort & Spa Goa celebrated Earth Hour with a host of exciting activities at the respective staff cafeterias. The day began with a daylong screening of the official video launched by WWF.
An ideation board was displayed at the cafeteria wherein associates were encouraged to share ideas on how to contribute towards sustainable initiatives. Associates came up with very meaningful and practical ideas like placing a bowl of water in the balcony or terrace for the birds who might farce a scarcity of water due to the harsh summers, car pool to save resources, think paperless in this digital age including bank statements and toilet paper, use refillable water bottles and tiffins, compost your wet waste, carry shopping bags along when you go shopping, repair instead of replacing.
A green menu was served at the respective cafeterias comprising of green pea rice, green moong dal, mixed vegetable curry, green chicken curry, sliced cucumber and green banana which was relished by all.
A quiz competition was held at teatime at the respective staff cafeterias in which many associates participated, had fun guessing the right answers and learnt about Earth Hour at the same time.
All lights were switched off/minimalized at heart of the house areas like lockers and staff dining between 8.30 and 9.30 pm.
   Online essay, drawing and recital competition Tata Investment Corporation   
Tata Investment Corporation held an online essay writing, drawing and recital competition for the students of St. Mathew’s High School & Junior College. The students actively participated in the competition and the best ones were rewarded. The Company has been supporting St. Mathew’s High school & Jr. College from FY 2015-16 onwards for upgrading their infrastructure/IT facilities. The Company contributed by purchasing 10 desktop computers & projector for their 5th and 8th standards’ E-Learning facility and also replacing two/three-seater laminate benches and furniture.
   Online felicitation programme Tata Investment Corporation   
Together Foundation works to empower a life of happiness, safety and independent living for people with autism and other intellectual disabilities. Despite the huge challenges faced during lockdown and the pandemic, Together Foundation managed to keep the wheel turning. Tata Investment Corporation along with Together Foundation was able to reach out and support the families across sections of society. The Online felicitation function was held in which Mr. Amit Dalal – Executive Director, Tata Investment Corporation Ltd presented certificates to the young adults and their parents for their resilience and endurance.
   Online drawing and speech competition Tata Power   
Volunteers of Coastal Gujarat Power Limited (Tata Power) organised an online drawing and speech competition in 12 schools from 5th to 10th March 2021. Total 175 enthusiastic students participated in these competitions. The topic for these two competitions were based on “Road Safety”. Volunteers judged all the winners and arranged prize distribution ceremony for the winners.
   First Aid distribution Tata Power   
Volunteers of Coastal Gujarat Power Limited (Tata Power) organised “First Aid Distribution” in 42 schools in the nearby vicinity. The distribution of the kits was organised from 10th to 15th March. During the distribution, the students were encouraged to concentrate on health and hygiene. Volunteers also oriented the teachers on usage of First Aid Box. These activities were appreciated by the school authorities and gram panchayats.
   Blood donation camp Tata Steel Long Products   
In association with Jamshedpur Blood Bank, a blood donation camp has been organised at Training Center (TSTI). Employees and along with family members donated blood at the center. Mr. Debashis Mazumdar, Senior General Manager, Operation and Maintenance Steel along with Mr. Chandra Mohan Verma, Senior General Manager inaugurated the camp and urged all donors to maintain physical distance. Mr. Kishore Tar, Senior General Manager, Engineering Projects told us we must continue such a noble initiative, particularly during such a crisis period. Mr. Satyanarayan Nanda, Head CSR congratulated each volunteer of the company for a successful camp with nearly 251 blood packets.
   Personal attributes for effective teaching Tata Steel Long Products   
Volunteers from Tata Steel Long Products (TSLP) very aptly chose the topic to orient the teachers of TSLP Gurukul, Pre-Matric Classes & Primary Learning Center. They urged each teacher to think through differently and make the teaching compatible with the students. Volunteers wanted the teachers to be innovative and thought-provoking. Volunteers also congratulated all these para-teachers for their efforts in making home visits and enhancing the learning capabilities to the best of their abilities.
   Hum hain-you are not alone Tata Steel Long Products   
Parents often used to take their children to shopping malls, theatres, picnic spots, and parties. But, both Sanjaya and Sanvi students of Heritage School Kolkata will certainly cherish their memorial visit to Dakshin Kalikata Sevasram, Kolkata. Mr. Sanjaya Srivastava, Chief Financial Officer of Tata Steel Long Products along with his colleagues spent memorable time with 18 orphan children and their warden. They also gave some eatables for the inmates of the orphanage.
   Nadiya ke iss paar Tata Steel Long Products   
163 volunteers of Tata Steel Long Products took up another activity to clean the river ghat of Domuhani in its Part-2 drive of Naddia Ke Iss Paar. Mr. Tar, Senior Generak Manager, Engineering Projects addressed all volunteers and said to continue this volunteerism drive in coordination with CSR team in days to come. It was a delightful moment to see the team scattered all over the river bank in groups cleaning non-biodegradable garbage.
   Physical exercise for smart life Tata Steel Long Products   
Today's pattern of living is leading to multiple adverse impacts on human life. Our children are now more indoor-oriented. With no physical outdoor activities, children are noticed as having serious ailments at a very early age. Regular physical exercise is the need of the hour to make our children fit and free from a lethargic mindset. Volunteers of Tata Steel Long Products demonstrated few easy and doable tricks for the kids to practice daily in the group as well as individual. The demo was extremely fruitful to all the parents as well.
   Sketching activity on water conservation Tata Consulting Engineers   
Volunteers from 110V BWSSB site office visited Sneha Jyothi Orphan Children Home, Bengaluru, which accommodates 30 kids of age 5 to 17 years. Activities like speech, drawing and singing were conducted. As world water day was celebrated during the week, kids were encouraged to sketch “Importance of water conservation”. Various innovative ideas and messages were sketched by kids and the event concluded with distribution of snacks and gifts.
   Financial Literacy Tata Power   
Under the Power of Collectives campaign, volunteers organised a session on Financial Literacy by Mr. Sunil Aggarwal, Head Taxation for SHG members. The session was on many important topics affecting the SHG's like savings, insurance for personal and business, bank mergers, business acumen, etc. The session was very informative and was well appreciated by the participants.
   Awareness session on COVID-19 vaccination Tata Power   
As part of TVW 15, awareness session on COVID-19 vaccination was organised for allied manpower at Dharavi covering 50 workmen. The session also helped in busting myths related to vaccination and was conducted by the medical team from Tata Power.
   Awareness on COVID-19 and drawing competition Tata Power   
Volunteers from safety department of TPSSL Dholera Project site organised a drawing competition on road safety, preparation for natural disaster, awareness session on COVID-19 precautions and vaccination for school students of Mahadevpura Primary School.
   Cleanliness drive at a riverbank Tata Steel Long Products   
Mirgi Singha, one of the few quaint riverbanks in Keonjhar has always mesmerised the visitors for its stunning landscape and so it became a natural attraction for picnickers and weekend revellers. It is indeed a matter of great concern that once a pristine riverbank, Mirgi Singha has now been obliviously and savagely littered by its visitors. Therefore, the volunteers of DRI Plant, Joda decided to take the mantle on themselves. The morning hours of 28th March saw a team of 75 such selfless participants, took a trip to this site and engaged themselves into picking up all the filths. After 3 hours of cleanliness drive, the area was cleared of all trashes which brought a sense of achievement among all the volunteers, as one of them stated “this is an attempt to send a message to the society”. The volunteering team also took this opportunity to clean a local temple area and planted 25 crepe Jasmine saplings around its periphery which will not only add a flowery milieu around the temple but also provide the required flowers to the worshippers visiting the temple.
   Storytelling session Tata Teleservices   
Volunteers from Tata Teleservices partnered with Kankura Masat Social Welfare Society and conducted a storytelling session with kids. It was a fun session with a powerful moral shared with the kids at the end of each story.
   Session on health and hygiene Tata Teleservices   
Session on women health and hygiene was conducted by Tata Teleservices. It was an online session by 2 volunteers for 30 mins each.
   Session on recording stories Tata Teleservices   
Volunteers from Tata Teleservices partnered with Manovikas Kendra Rehabilitation and Research Institute for the handicapped and conducted a session on recording stories. 6 Stories were recorded (video/ audio) and shared with NGO partner for anytime use.
   Finance Literacy session Tata Teleservices   
Volunteers from Tata Teleservices partnered with Bhumi NGO and conducted an online session on finance literacy for teenagers.
   Session on career counselling and soft skill Tata Teleservices   
Tata Teleservices partnered with Kankura Masat Social Welfare Society and organised an online on career counselling for teenagers.
   Plant a sapling Indian Hotels   
Cidade de Goa launched a weeklong sapling plantation drive held for all the associates under the Tata Volunteering Week15. The activity was planned and facilitated by the HR Team of Cidade de Goa. There was a broadcast message sent to all our staff members at CDG via the hotline number of the hotel. Each associate received an individual message regarding the drive that would be held for plant a sapling.
Employees were encouraged to plant at least one sapling at their home gardens. Some of employees even got creative and brought the greenery to their workstation. They decided to add plants to their desk with the help of the gardening team, contributing to the plant a sapling drive. At the end, volunteers managed to get 32 new saplings from employees.
   Yoga and Holi celebrations at old age home Tata Consulting Engineers   
Tata Consulting Engineers conducted an event to spread the knowledge of YOGA by YOG guru Shree Devki Nandan Agarwal and to celebrate Holi with Seniors residing in the old age home. There were 21 senior men and 10 women present for the event. After Yoga session, volunteers distributed towels to the old men and saree to the old women. Volunteers also celebrated Holi and wished each other to continue spreading colours in their lives. Volunteers and senior citizens at the old age home enjoyed the event and blessed the volunteers.
   Online speech and elocution competition Tata Power   
Volunteers from Coastal Gujarat Power Limited (Tata Power), organised speech and elocution competition among the students in all the schools nearby. All these competitions were organised online; the participants were asked to prepare their speech and elocution and after recording the same, shall deliver online to the volunteers. The theme for the competition was in alignment with the theme for this year’s National Safety Week-2021, “Learn from Disaster and Prepare for the Future”. Volunteers also arranged the award ceremony on 26th March and gave the awards after visiting the schools. During the award distribution, volunteers had organised “Student Contact Program” to orient them on various facets for all round development of any students. The efforts of the volunteers were duly appreciated by the School Management Committee.
    Session on safety tips, ethics and customer satisfaction Tata Power Delhi Distribution   
Five employees from the Corporate Communication group of Tata Power DDL volunteered to conduct a session on safety tips, ethics and customer satisfaction. The purpose of the session was always to ensure safety, to avoid loss of life, ill health and injury. The session also focused on ethics while managing daily situations and volunteers discussed about the importance of keeping customers satisfied as it reflects on the reputation of an organisation.
   Plantation drive Tata Power Delhi Distribution   
A tree plantation drive was organised to promote green cover in the area. The purpose of organising such an activity was because nature is god’s most beautiful creation. It facilitates the growth, development, and nourishment of all its creatures. The enabled the volunteers to think about environment and our future generations, they conducted a plantation drive for a greener and cleaner tomorrow.
   Ration Distribution in old age home Tata Power Delhi Distribution   
Twelve volunteers organised ration distribution at Apna Ghar Ashram. The volunteers felt for the elderly who are abandoned by their families, so decided to provide ration to them as they struggle to make ends meet. The focus was on those who couldn’t make money or who weren’t able to go to sites where food was being distributed. The elderly thanked the organisers and appreciated them for their thoughtful gesture.
   Awareness session on COVID-19 Tata Power Delhi Distribution   
A few volunteers decided to conduct motivational sessions on COVID-19. The purpose of the session was to undertake a proactive approach to help ensure the safety of the public. The public was sensitised to avoid large gatherings, wear masks when out of home and use sanitizers frequently for precautionary reasons. They were also motivated to maintain social distancing to help stop the spread of COVID-19.
   Masks and sanitizers distribution Tata Power Delhi Distribution   
Tata Power Delhi Distribution volunteers chose to distribute masks manufactured by the SHG women to the underprivileged communities. The purpose of organising such an activity was to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and support the SHG women. Hand sanitizers and face masks are two things no one can leave home without these days, so the beneficiaries were grateful.
   Sanitary napkin distribution Tata Power Delhi Distribution   
Women of JJ Clusters were provided with packs of sanitary napkins. The volunteers distributed sanitary napkins to give women access to basic form of menstrual protection available in market. These women face health risks as they lack access to sanitary napkins. The objective was to prevent use of old clothes and other traditional unsafe methods as it hampers mobility and health of women.
   Session on 5S and Emerging Technologies in RAC sector Tata Power Delhi Distribution   
A one-hour session was delivered by Mr. B Satyanarayan – Deputy General Manager, Supply Chain, UPBG on 20th March 2021. 127 participants joined the session from various skill training centers. He spoke about importance of 5S in day to day life which is not only significant for technicians but each one of us. Mr. Satyanarayan also touch upon behavioural aspects which is a thin line between attitude and talent. He also said that "Talent can be acquired" but "Attitude" is inherent. He highlighted the emerging new technologies in the refrigeration industry and why it is important to adopt the same keeping environment clean. Participants were interactive and enjoyed live online sessions related to their field.
  *This update covers only some of the activities undertaken by companies.