Tata Volunteering Week 16 Volume No. 03   
  Safety Awareness Session for Kitchen Staff at a Community Kitchen Taj Mahal Hotel,
New Delhi   
Volunteers from the Food Production, Housekeeping, Engineering and Human Resources teams from Taj Mahal Hotel, New Delhi conducted a Health & Safety Awareness Session at the MCKS Food for the Hungry Foundation, Delhi involved in preparing food for more than 6000 beneficiaries every day. The volunteers inspected the kitchen, stores and washing area and provided observations in compliance to the FSSAI certification and recommended corrective actions. The fireman gave a detailed demonstration about the different safety equipment to minimize risks and potential injury in case of fire in the kitchen. The Microbiologist provided details on biological and chemical hazards related to food production and storage while the Chef gave information about the kitchen clothing, equipment and personal cleanliness.
  Celebration Teachers Day Rallis India Limited, SEZ II, Dahej   
Volunteers from Rallis India Ltd organized a felicitation ceremony for teachers from six government primary schools. 60 teachers attended the event where the team honoured their contribution in shaping the new generation. They were presented with gifts and the day was made special by a motivational program followed by activities and games.
  Visit to Orphan Children's Home Rallis India Limited, Ankleshwar   
Volunteers from the Rallis India Ltd Ankleshwar team visited a Home for orphan boys and spent time with them. The also presented wall fans to the home followed by snacks and chocolates for the residents.
  Virtual Fancy Dress Competition Rallis India Limited, C-44, Dahej   
A team of volunteers organised a virtual fancy dress competition for children from government primary school. Over 120 students actively participated in the event. Entries were sent via WhatsApp and the volunteers sorted the best entries and chose the winners. The activity helped boost confidence among students from rural communities and built a sense of healthy competition.
  Supporting a Physiotherapy Centre for special children Rallis India Limited, Ankleshwar   
On World Physiotherapy Day, volunteers from Rallis India Ltd Ankleshwar team supported the set up of a physiotherapy center in Shaishav Divyang school for special children, Ankleshwar. They provided some of the equipment, a physiotherapy trainer and a teacher. This program will benefit over 20 special children who are currently enrolled in this program.
    Eco Friendly Idol Making Competition and Covid-19 Awareness Session Rallis India Limited, Seeds Division   
Rallis volunteers from the Seeds Division organized Eco Friendly Ganesha Idol making competition and workshop followed by an awareness session on Covid precautions at the Government High School, Hennagara. Over 75 students participated in the instructor lead workshop and 25 in individual competition.
  Plantation for Development of Dry Deciduous Forest Tata Chemicals, Mithapur, Gujarat   
To restore the dry deciduous forest area, volunteers from Tata Chemical, Mithapur along with their families conducted a plantation drive where they planted over 60 saplings mainly of Jamun, Karanj, Drumstick (Moringa oleifera), Tamarind (Tamarous Indica), Neem (Azadiracta Indica), Rangooni Badam, Baniyan (Ficus Benghalensis), Peepal (Ficus Religiosa), Piloo (Salvadora Persica), Bakkam (Melia Azebaraph), Raiyan (Manikara Hexandra), Custard Apple and Nagor.
    Virtual Session on ‘Know Your Birds of Mithapur’ Tata Chemicals Ltd., Mithapur   
A knowledge sharing session on migratory birds of Mithapur was conducted by the TCSRD, CSR/CD team of Tata Chemicals virtually. 16 volunteers joined the interactive session to understand the different types of birds, how to identify them, what they indicate about the natural habitat, their migration path, their characteristics and more.
  Mithapur Beach Cleaning and Waste Collection Tata Chemicals Ltd., Mithapur   
The TCSRD, CSR/CD teams of Tata Chemicals conducted a cleaning drive at the Mithapur beach. 34 volunteers from the MHY-IBL department and their family members actively joined in and contributed towards the activity. to activity with the volunteers. family members cleaned Mithapur Beach.
  Celebrating Teacher’s Day Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited   
On teacher’s day, the team of volunteers from Tata Power Delhi Distribution came together to felicitate and acknowledge the teachers for their contributions in shaping the society. The event was celebrated with WLC and VT instructors at all VT and WLC locations.
  E Tablets & Shoes distribution Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited   
The volunteers distributed e-tablets in five government schools of Sultanpuri and Ramesh Nagar to make online classes accessible to all students, especially those with no smartphones, laptops and internet facilities. The tablets were distributed to 30 meritorious students motivating them to work hard and fulfil their career aspirations.

Additionally, the team also gifted the students a pair of shoes and socks.
  Awareness Session on Cyber Security Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited   
A session on Cyber Security was organized by the IT Infra Group for the Vocational Training Centre beneficiaries. The session comprised of Volunteers from TPDDL and 30 students who have enrolled in different trades. The objective of the session was to spread awareness regarding cybercrime and to prepare students become more vigilant about online frauds, use and misuse of digital platforms, online hacking etc.
    Session on Career Counselling and Safety Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited   
A group of volunteers conducted a career counselling session for students motivating and guiding them to explore various career possibilities and choose the right opportunity. In addition, they spoke about the importance of safety, at home, on the road and at workplace.
  Blood Donation Camp Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited   
A blood donation camp in association with the Indian Red Cross Society was organized at the Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited, Keshavpuram office. Over 40 units of blood was donated by the volunteers for Thalassemia affected children.
   Gurutsav – Celebrating Teacher’s Day with Government School Teachers Tata Consulting Engineers Ltd. Bangalore   
65 volunteers from TCE Bangalore arranged Gurutsav, an event to honour teachers for their dedication and hard work put towards shaping the new generation. Volunteers had put together entertainment program followed by games and de-stress activities.
  Creating Best from the Waste with DAIA Tata Consulting Engineers Ltd   
A team of volunteers conducted a session on ‘Creating Best from the Waste’ with students from Door Step School (DAIA). The event aimed to create awareness among young children about recycling and reusing. They were also taught to create valuable items form waste material from our surroundings. Children were shown videos and pictures of process of making tote bags from the old t-shirts and the children created piggy bank from old used plastic bottles.
  Know Your Nation Tata Consulting Engineers Ltd.   
A session was conducted to create curiosity among young children about the diversity in our country – the diverse culture, food and geography. 25 children from Development Association for Integrated Activity (DAIA), Tuticorin were presented with various cultural dance styles, folk songs across different states of India through videos and virtual walkthroughs. Volunteers also shared information on prominent monuments of Indian, tourist places, popular food items and cultural attires. Children asked specific questions on dance styles, food, and location of monuments during the session and shared their experiences of places they have visited near Tuticorin.
   Importance of Work from Home & Kitchen Ergonomics Tata Consulting Engineers Ltd., Bangalore   
The TCE volunteers imparted knowledge on the importance of proper posture, compatible workspace environment and better routine in everyone’s lives. An insightful and easily comprehensible session was conducted with valuable tips, everything from comfortable accessories to stretching exercises. To make it even more fun and interactive some games were added. Volunteers wrapped up the session with interesting suggestions about daily routine by a professional yoga instructor.
  NCR Virtual Heritage Tour Tata Consulting Engineers Ltd., Noida   
A virtual Heritage Tour was conducted for the children of Sakshi NGO and Lal Bahadur Shastri Sudarshnam Bal Ashram. The activity aimed at educating students about the Monuments of Delhi and its history. Children were shown iconic monuments of Delhi through pictures and videos, how they were built during the different period, dynasty, kingdom and rulers. A quiz was also conducted at the end of the session.
  Road Safety Tata Consumer Products, Kellyden PC   
Volunteers from Tata Consumer Products, Kellyden PC installed a convex mirror at an important and busy 5 road intersection in front of Kellyden Tea Estate Factory gate. A group of people from the community as well as workers from Estate, security and transporters were educated on the use of a convex mirror. This will assist the heavy vehicle drivers, motorists, cyclists and pedestrians to get a wider field of vision while going past the intersection and blind turn. This will prevent accidents in that area, helping in easy and safe movement of traffic and pedestrians during rush hours.
  Celebrating International Literacy Day Tata Metaliks   
Tata Metaliks Ltd CSR team along with partner NGO Youth Invest Foundation celebrated the International Literacy Day, 2021 themed ‘Literacy for a human centered recovery: Narrowing the digital divide’ with various community stakeholders. Youths, adolescents, and women from various villages, participated in recitations, songs, dance, and skit on social issues emphasizing. Adolescent girls and boys made posters on early/child marriage and presented their learnings to the audience. A skit on importance of education in one’s daily lives was presented by the women of the Adult Literacy project.

The adolescent boys also presented science models made from waste products at home. The models made were a vacuum cleaner, air con, a torch light. These were made using carton boxes, toothpaste covers, spare pipes etc. The volunteers interacted with the children, asked them relevant questions and explained them concepts in science and future career options that they can pursue. A quiz on general knowledge was conducted by the employees. They also spoke to the participants regarding the use of technology in education and how one must only use it for productive purposes.
   Career counselling & building digital acumen for high school students Tata Metaliks   
The volunteers took part in a career counselling session for students from classes 9 -12 of Gokulpur High School. They had an interactive session regarding their interests and career aspirations. The students mentioned their interest in pursuing nursing, developing gaming applications, opening salons, getting admission in the police force, Indian army etc. The volunteers guided them through the processes to apply for the mentioned areas and also directed them to the YouTube channels on academic content which the students can subscribe and learn from. They also spoke on cyber laws and how one must be careful while using the internet.
  Tree Plantation Drive Tata Metaliks   
The volunteers participated in a tree plantation drive in Jhatibandh village planting and distributing 700 saplings of amla, guava, mango, jackfruit. They interacted with the villagers regarding the placement of the sapling and maintenance of the plant and how to promote a clean and green environment.
  Health, hygiene, COVID awareness and safety session Tata Metaliks   
An exclusive session on health, hygiene and Covid awareness was conducted by the volunteers for members of Jan Kalyan Samiti and residents of Roypara village. He community members were also encouraged to take vaccines to combat COVID.

Volunteers from the medical department spoke about home remedies to treat dehydration and eat healthy, seasonal food to build immunity in the changing season. Volunteers from safety department spoke on domestic safety measures, how one must be careful while cooking in the kitchen. He also suggested what to do in case of heavy rains and lightening, and what to keep in mind in while dealing with electrical products at home.
  Visit to a Children’s Home Tata Motors   
Team of volunteers from Tata Motors, Pimpri Winger Factory visited Punarutthan Samarsata Gurukulam, Keshav Nagar to spend their time with children. The volunteers encouraged them to build a better future by giving them inputs on Value Education. The team congratulated and praised the children for making eco-friendly Ganapati idols. Some gifts including stationery, grocery items and cloths were handed over to the children.
  *This update covers only some of the activities undertaken by companies.