Tata Volunteering Week 16 Volume No. 05   
  Awareness Program on Importance of Masks Tata Power (TPREL)   
A team of volunteers from Tata Power (TPREL) organised an awareness program focusing on the necessity of wearing a mask in a time like this and distributed free-of-cost masks and sanitizers in Noida.
  Plantation in Poolvadi Wind Farm Site Tata Power (TPREL)   
The Tata Power team came together to plant over 50 saplings in the Poolavadi Wind Farm Site and other surrounding locations.
  Awareness Drive on E-Pik Pahani App Tata Power (TPREL)   
A team from Tata Power volunteered to run awareness on the E-Pik Pahani App for rural farmers. The initiative helped farmers from across renewable sites of Maharashtra such as Palsawade Solar Site, Netmagic Solar Site, Agaswadi Wind Farm Site, Khandke-Supa Wind Farm Site and GSW Wind Farm sites. More than 300 employees, O&M employees, village youth, SHG women and farmers volunteered in the awareness drive and over 6500 farmers have been registered on the E-Pik Pahani App who will benefits from the State Government.
  Tree Plantation Drive Tata Power (TPREL)   
Tata Power volunteers in collaboration with the School Management Committee, Grampanchayat Devapur and Women SHGs planted more than 60 saplings in Palsawade Solar Site, Satara.
  Felicitating Teachers from Parbatipur Academic Center Tata Steel   
Volunteers from Tata Steel along with PSD, CSR & NGO TRCSC volunteers visited the Parbatipur Academic Centre and together with the children, honoured the teachers. Volunteers also engaged with the kids and distributed stationery items and sweets to the children. This event was organised in association with PSD, CSR & NGO TRCSC volunteers.

Additionally, volunteers from Tata Steel along with Tata Steel Utilities and Infrastructure Services Ltd, PSD, CSR & NGO TRCSC volunteers distributed sports materials such as Carom Boards, Badminton, Chess Ludo to youth and girls from Parbatipur Academic Center and Dugni Village.
    School Bags and Stationary Distribution at Harisundarpur Academic Centre Tata Steel   
Tata Steel and Tata Steel Utilities and Infrastructure Services Ltd. CSR and ICS Department volunteers visited Harisundarpur Academic Centre and handed over school bags and stationery kits to children.
  Domuhani River Beds Cleanliness Drive Tata Steel   
Tata Steel volunteers organized a cleanliness drive to clean the Domuhani River beds and surrounding areas. They removed around over 40 kgs of plastic and other wastages.
    Mass Vaccination Drive of Covid - 19 Tata Steel   
Tata Steel teams volunteered to assist during a mass Covid vaccination drive for the local community at Sosomali Village near Jamshedpur. They assisted with registrations, counselling and crowd management.
  Visit to Masti ki Pathshala, Jamshedpur Tata Steel   
Volunteers from Tata Steel visited children of Masti ki Pathshala, Jamshedpur to spend quality time with the children. Masti ki Pathshala is a Tata Steel Corporate Social Responsibility initiative, for the all-round development of street children and child labourers.
  Virtual Interaction on Horse Riding Tata Steel   
Volunteers from Sports Department of Tata Steel interacted virtually with the children of Child Care Institution, Jharkhand. A virtual tour on Horse Riding was given to the children and they were explained about the various breeds of horses, how they are kept in the stables and the food that they feed on. Live demonstration of horse riding was also done.
  Cooking tips to all Tata Steel Long Products   
The Volunteers from TSLP initiated to assist women from communities through various mediums and conducted sessions for an hour to give necessary tips required while cooking.
  Covid Awareness Session Tata Steel Long Products   
A group of volunteers initiated a session with people in Beleipada market to ensure that all wear masks and maintain social distancing. They also provided information about preventive measures during the phases of the Covid. The session emphasised on the need of people staying at home and being vaccinated before the third wave hits to minimize the spread of this virus.
    Free Education Tata Steel Long Products   
The Volunteers from TSPL reached out to some vulnerable children to provide free education to them.
    Sessions on General Health and Kitchen Hygiene Tata Steel Long Products   
Volunteers conducted online sessions for rural families regarding good personal hygiene. The emphasis was on keeping hands, head and body clean to stop spreading of germs and illness.

Volunteers also conducted a one-hour session with the cooks in RBC explaining them about cross contamination that occurring in the kitchen. They explained how risk of food contamination can be lowered with basic kitchen hygiene rules like washing hands with soap and clean water, handling bins, cleaning and disinfecting the surface etc.
   Yoga Sessions Tata Steel Long Products   
Volunteers organized a yoga session for RBC students to help them increase their flexibility, muscle strength and body tone.
  Session on Education and Covid-19 Tata Steel Long Products   
Group of Volunteers had a session with children educating them about the impact of Covid 19 and other situations around them.
  Sessions on livelihood Tata Steel Long Products   
The importance of livelihood was explained by group of volunteers to women of Belipada Market. Few activities essential for everyday life were also conducted. The topics included securing water, food, fodder, medicine, shelter, clothing to group etc.
   Sessions on importance of Sports Tata Steel Long Products   
Group of volunteers had a discussion on importance of sports with students of RBC. Discussions on how a student gains various skills, experience and confidence that are helpful for developing their personality were held.
  General Awareness Sessions on Critical Issues Tata Steel Long Products   
Volunteers organised general awareness several sessions on topics focussing on punctuality, discipline, hygiene, health and food, self-development, prevention of alcohol, population control, Atma Nirbhar Bharat, environment, and water conservation. The series of sessions benefitted students, youth and several other community members.
  Book-keeping for SHGs Tata Steel Long Products   
Volunteers organised a half-day session on importance of book-keeping for SHGs and L&D Centres. They explained how this is a healthy way to record financial statements such as income statements, balance sheets, cash flow statements and more.
  Farming Session Tata Steel Long Products   
A small session was conducted by the volunteers in Joda Township on importance of vegetable farming, sustainability of rural and farm economies and how to serve, protect and enhance natural resources.
   Distribution of Covid19 Safety Kits Tata Steel Long Products   
Volunteers flagged off a distribution drive where they handed over Covid19 Kits in Kandra Village. Around 200 kits were assembled and distributed to the doorsteps of the community members. Health workers will be visiting the homes of children with Covid symptoms and provide medicines.
  Counselling Sessions for Parents Tata Steel Long Products   
A group of Volunteers organised counselling sessions for parents of students of Sishuprem Nursery School, TSLPL Township, Bilepada to make them understand the importance of education in life.
  Distribution of Study Material The Tinplate Company of India Ltd   
A team of volunteers from TCIL visited Jhumkatola village to interact with the children who are presently facing issues with their studies due to the pandemic. The volunteers encouraged children by telling them the importance of both studies and games in life and gave them tips on how to attend the classes smoothly and effectively, despite the Covid challenges.
  Competitions for Students on ‘Hindi Diwas’ The Tinplate Company of India Ltd   
On the occasion of Hindi Diwas, volunteers from TCIL organized a series of competitions for the students of Tinplate Union Mahila Inter Mahavidyalaya. Events like speech, poetry and essay writing were conducted for the students in Hindi. To ensure maximum participation rangoli and art activities were also added for the students.
  Vaccination Drive The Tinplate Company of India Ltd   
Volunteers from TCIL Administration Department organized a vaccination drive for people living in communities in surrounding areas. The major focus was to cover those people who are domestic help, contractual labourers or daily wage earners. The entire vaccination drive was facilitated by the volunteers from TCIL which included approaching the local administration for availability of vaccine, spreading of awareness among the people, registration process and managing the whole event.
  Sensitizing Children on Importance of Digital Education VOLTAS Limited   
During the Ganesh Chaturthi festive holidays, volunteers from VOLTAS Limited, gathered children from communities and explained them the importance of education and studies during the pandemic.
  Road Safety Awareness Ginger Hotels, Ahmedabad   
Everyone needs to be aware of the road traffic rules especially children and the youth who most face the risk of road accidents. A team of volunteers from the Ginger Hotels Ahmedabad, organised an awareness campaigns to educate and sensitize communities with road safety rules and safe driving tips.
  Food Distribution Drive Ginger Hotels, Ahmedabad   
Volunteers from Ginger Hotels Ahmedabad came together to provide meals to the vulnerable and destitute outside ‘Shree Jagannath Temple’ Ahmedabad.
  Celebrating International Coastal Clean-up Day Indian Hotels Company Ltd   
The team at Taj North Goa – Taj Holiday Village Resort & Spa Goa and Taj Fort Aguada Resort & Spa Goa celebrated the International Coastal Clean-up Day by cleaning the Sinquerim beach. They gathered tonnes of plastic bottles, bags, broken glass pieces and even metal. This was an effort by the volunteers to empower people to take action in conserving the ocean and its surrounding.
  Donation Drive during Ganesh Chaturthi Indian Hotels Company Ltd   
On the day of visarjan (immersion ceremony), the culinary and the HR team handed over fruits to Street Providence, a rehabilitation center for the destitute, which was later distributed among the ones in need.
  Tree Plantation Drive Rallis India   
Teams from Rallis Lote Unit organized a Tree Plantation drive at Bhoiwadi village of Songaon Grampanchayat. Various types of trees were handed over and planted along with the villagers to increase the flora of the region.
    Visit to a Primary Health Centre Rallis India   
Volunteers from Rallis Lote team visited a Primary Health Centre, Pir Lote and interacted with the nurses, doctors and health workers who were on Covid duty. They team also met some of patients at the OPD and briefed them about the pandemic and precautions to be taken such as wearing face mask, using hand wash and sanitizer, social distancing and more. They also distributed disposable PPE Kits to the nurses.
  Visit to Hydro Power Generation Project Rallis India   
Employees from Rallis India Lote visited the Hydro Power Generation Project in Gavthan, Lote. The plant has a capacity of 6 KW power generation that lights us over 60 streetlamps in the village. The volunteers engaged in cleaning the control room and the surroundings.
    Empowering Students from Tribal Communities Rallis India   
Senior leaders from Rallis India visited the tribal communities of Saraiwadi near Karjat and interacted with children from Shikshan Ranjan Kendra. They spoke about covid precautions, discussed career opportunities and inaugurated the oil mill assuring the women to support them to initiate sale of oil. Additionally, the volunteers visited the kitchen gardens of the tribal homes and engaged with discussion regarding the various produce being grown.
  Paint a Dream Board Tata Advanced Systems Ltd   
Volunteers from the Tata Advanced Systems Ltd team Hyderabad conducted a session ‘Paint a Dream Board’ for children from the surrounding community. The dream board let the kids sit and think about what they want in life. This facilitated in streamlining their though process and helped focus on their goals and aspirations.
    Street Theatre Program – Performing Arts in Education Tata Advanced Systems Ltd   
Volunteers engaged with children and youngsters through performing arts and helped them reflect on their behavior and embrace key messages. By using drama as a learning tool, the young ones could add purpose and value to their creativity and discover their unique self. The activity aimed to improves self-esteem, motivation and achievement.
  Plantation Site Cleaning Tata Chemicals Ltd, Mithapur   
Tata Chemical volunteers from TCSRD, CSR/CD department together with their family members, conducted a plantation site preparation activity for an upcoming drive to development the dry deciduous forest region.
    Plantation drive in the Rural schools Tata Chemicals Ltd, Mithapur   
Volunteers from Tata Chemicals, Mithapur team visited Primary Schools in Shivrajpur, Mojap, Batisa and a High School at Vasai village of Okhamandal Taluka to conduct a tree plantation drive in the school premise. The activity was well appreciated as it inculcated the values to protect and conserve the environment among students at a very young age.
  Visit to Rainbow Homes for Girls Tata Metaliks  
Employees from Tata Metaliks, Head Office team visited Loreto School at Sealdah to engage with young girls from Rainbow Homes. Women employees had a great session with the girls where they sand, played educational games and spoke their hearts out. These children are mostly orphans or belong to broken families from urban slums.
  Blood Donation Drive Tata Projects   
Volunteers from Tata Project Hyderabad team conducted and participated in a Blood Donation Drive in Association with Red Cross. Over 30 units of blood was donated which will be used to help patients with Thalassemia.
  Lake Cleaning & Plantation Drive Tata Projects   
Volunteers from the Tata Projects Hyderabad team participated in a drive where they cleaned the surroundings of Lake Mushki and spread awareness on usage of litter bins and how plastics and dumped waste affects the water bodies.
  *This update covers only some of the activities undertaken by companies.