Tata Volunteering Week 17 Volume No. 05   
  Safety Rally in Industrial Areas Rallis India  
To marked the 51st National Safety Week, volunteers from Rallis India and Lote Parshuram Industries Association organized a safety rally in Lote MIDC. The rally promoted the importance of wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) and also demonstrated best safety practices.
  Science Exhibition for School Students Rallis India   
Rallis India volunteers along with Science Intervention Consultant Mr. Abhay Yawalkar organized a Science Exhibition at Kavita Vinod Saraf High School, Lote and ZP Schools of Gunde & Lotemal. The exhibition saw participation of over 35 groups, a total 120+ students presenting their innovative ideas like reactions of acid and base, the conduction of heat, elements of light waves, pressure, force, surface tension, light, density, chromatography and more.
  Health Awareness Session for Contractual Workers Rallis India   
The Rallis India volunteers came together to conduct a health awareness session for 50+ contractual workers. The session focused on the precautionary measures of common diseases like cold, flu, fever, allergies and safety precautions and guidelines on COVID-19.
  Health Awareness for Tribal Communities Rallis India   
A team of volunteers from Rallis India visited a group of tribal women in Tadwadi, Karjat. Volunteers interacted with them about their likes and interests. The team engaged with the women through games and other activities such as musical chairs, passing the parcel. As the women performed their traditional folk dance, the volunteers encouraged them to keep their tradition and culture alive.
  Training the Shikshak Mitra Rallis India
Rallis India volunteers in alliance with NGO partner, All India Local Self Governance, organized an exposure visit of 8 ‘Shikshak Mitra’ at the Skill Building Centre, Karjat to enhance their teaching skills. These ‘Shikshak Mitras’ run Shikshan Ranjan Kendra at villages in Telangana where students of 6 to 13 age groups are educated through innovative ways. The trainees were taught entertaining methods of teaching through songs, skits and puppets. The group covered all the 3 centres of Karjat to learn more about teaching though play.
  Sports and Recreational Activities for Students Rallis India   
Rallis India volunteers visited Saraiwadi Shikshan Ranjan Kendra in Karjat to organize a sports day for the students. Games like basketball, lagori and jenga were enjoyed by all the students. The activity focused on explaining the importance of sports to the young students. Encouraged by them, volunteers too participated in these games.
  Maintenance of a Dry and Deciduous Plot Tata Chemicals Ltd   
Volunteers of the Tata Chemicals, Ltd along with their family members dedicated their time in supporting reforestation and maintenance of a plot. The group trenched the ground to support plantation and also watered the dried plants.
  Children’s Festival for school students Tata Metaliks   
A group of 25 volunteers from TML organized a children’s festival for the students of Narayanpur Khulapatna Primary School. The festival consisted of drawing, dance, singing and rangoli making competitions. The event was well planned and teachers, staff, dignitaries, volunteers and prople from the village also participated in the event.
  Rural Tour of Jal se Jeevan Mission Tata Metaliks   
TML volunteers visited the nearby ponds and water harvesting structures to promote water conservation. They interacted with the pond owners and educated them about cleaning, maintenance and the effective ways through which fish harvest can be done in these ponds.
  Inauguration of a Manufacturing Unit Tata Power DDL   
Volunteers from TML along with an NGO partner, inaugurated the SHG units comprising of sanitary napkins and jute products manufacturing units in Rohini, Sector-3. The occasion witnessed performances by various centre beneficiaries. Volunteers also encouraged women to learn new skills and propel towards financial independence.
  Clothes Donation Drive Tata Power DDL   
A group of TPDDL volunteers went around the area of JJ Clusters at Civil Lines to donate clothes to the underprivileged and homeless residents of the areas. They also fed and installed water bowls for the stray dogs.
  Talk on Women Empowerment for VTC Beneficiaries Tata Power DDL   
The volunteers of TPDDL along with an partner NGO, organized a session on women empowerment for the beneficiaries of the Vocational Training Center (VTC) across multiple locations. The session was packed with exciting games, competitions and other recreational activities that promoted empowerment in women.
  Visit to Women Literacy Centres Tata Power DDL   
Women Literacy Centres across different locations celebrated women’s day by participating in the various activities and games organized by the volunteers of TPDDL. The volunteers held various sessions to motivate the women to keep learning, growing and become financially independent.
  Awareness Session on POSH for ABHA members Tata Power DDL   
With the aim to sensitize women against harassment and to make them aware of their rights, volunteers of TP conducted an online session on POSH (Prevention of Sexual Harassment). 30 ABHA members attended this session and interacted with the volunteers to gain more knowledge about the same.
  Session to Improve Safety Discipline Tata Power DDL   
A group of TP volunteers with the objective to ensure integration and adherence to safety practices in work culture and lifestyle, organized a session for spreading awareness of the same. The session aimed at renewing the commitment of employees to work safely throughout the year.
  Tree Plantation Drive Tata Power DDL   
TP Volunteers contributed towards building a livable and sustainable community by organizing and engaging in a tree plantation drive.
  Food Donation Drive Tata Power DDL   
Tata Power volunteers donated food items to the residents of a marginalized community in JJ Cluster. The beneficiaries were overwhelmed and delighted by the gesture of the volunteers as the full packed meal rejoiced their day.
  Health Check for Senior Citizens Tata Power DDL   
The volunteers of TPDDL conducted a special health drive for senior citizens to check their diabetes and blood pressure levels through the Mobile Dispensary of TPDDL. The volunteers also spread awareness about the importance of living a healthy lifestyle amongst the beneficiaries.
  Scholarships to Students Tata Power DDL   
TPDDL volunteers organized a scholarship distribution drive to support students in completing professional and technical courses. This gesture encouraged the students from disadvantaged communities to aspire and build a fruitful life.
  A Cleanliness Drive Tata Projects   
The volunteers of Tata Power initiated a cleanliness drive to clean-up Nullah, a nearby project site. All the employees participated in this drive and cleaned all the plastic and other waste materials.
  Women’s Day Celebration with Anganwadi Staff Tata Projects   
Volunteers of Tata Projects along with NGO partner, Care India visited Thuamul Rampur Block of Kalahandi (Odhisa) to organize a training session and a quiz competition for the Anganwadi staff. The volunteers appreciated their contribution made towards developing the tribal communities.
  Support for Ukrainian Refugees in Poland Tata Steel, Europe   
Tata Steel Europe volunteers came forward to donate and deliver clothes, water, food and other essential supplies to Ukrainian refugees on the Polish border. They also specially contributed food and clothing for children.
  Livelihood Awareness Session Tata Steel Long Products   
A group of TSLP volunteers conducted a session on livelihood awareness for women living in the surrounding community. The session focused on improving livelihoods through stitching and other skill based activities that help these women generate income.
  Inauguration of Mushroom Cultivation Program Tata Steel Long Products   
The volunteers of TSLP to create livelihoods for the residents of the Sapra Village inaugurated a mushroom cultivation program. The program will include training sessions for the beneficiaries on the process of cultivating high quality mushrooms.
  Cricket Kits Distribution to Rural Sports Club Tata Steel Long Products   
To encourage sports and to support the local sport clubs, the volunteers of TSLP distributed cricket kits to the clubs of Dugdha, Kuchidih and Jhargovindpur. The volunteers also provided youth engagement training to the cricket club members.
  Inauguration of a Stitching Centre Tata Steel Long Products   
The volunteers of TSLP came together to inaugurate a stitching centre to support the livelihoods of the rural women of Saharbera Village. This centre will teach the women tailoring skills and help them create income generation opportunities to sustain their families.
  Nutrition Session for Anganwadi workers Tata Steel Long Products   
Volunteers of TSLP conducted an orientation program for Anganwadi workers to pocus on the importance of right food habits and nutrition. Over Anganwadi workers participated in the session.
  Certification for the Driving School Trainees Tata Steel Long Products   
TSLP Volunteers organized an event to provide certificates to the driving school students of a nearby village. The certificates provided a boost to 40 trainee students to drive safely and responsibly.
  Bal Drishti Programme for School Children Tata Steel Long Products   
Students from the Bileipada High School were screened for eye-sight as part of a Bal Dristhi Initiative organized by the volunteers of TSLP. The eye test camp reached out to over 120 students from the surrounding communities.
  Mango Sapling Distribution Tata Steel Long Products   
To support the growth of vegetation, volunteers from TSLP initiated a plant distribution drive. They distributed mango saplings to over 120 local residents and provided care instructions to promote high-quality growth.
  Session on Women Empowerment and Livelihood Tata Steel Long Products   
The volunteers of TSLP conducted a session to promote livelihood and empower the rural women of the Lahanda village. The session impacted 15 women who were counselled to walk towards financial literacy and independence.
  Educative Workshop on ‘Good & Bad Touch’ Tata Power Company Ltd   
The volunteers of Tata Power Company Ltd conducted an informative yet fun session for the students of a ZP School of the Shirtav village, Satara. The session sensitized the young students on the concepts of good and bad touch. The volunteers dedicated their time in training themselves before hand to educate these students in the right way and to make the session enjoyable for the students.
  Eye Test Camp for Locals Communities TP Central Odisha   
Volunteers of TP Central Odisha Distribution Ltd in coordination with an Eye Hospital, organised an eye check-up camp. The volunteers also spread awareness on the importance of regular eye tests and precautions to protect eye sights of children from an early age. Over 90 patients were provided consultation from trained optometrists and were even provided with spectacles.
  Visiting the Women Literacy Centre TP Central Odisha   
Volunteers of TP Central Odisha Distribution Ltd, visited the Women Literacy Center, a centre for women residing in slum areas of Bhubaneswar. The visit focused on educating these women to develop and contribute to the society. The volunteers also spent time with family members of these women and shared success stories of leading women around the world to encourage enrolment in Women Literacy Centre.
  *This update covers only some of the activities undertaken by companies.