Tata Volunteering Week 17 Volume No. 07   
  Science Exhibition for Government School Students Rallis India Ltd  
To mark National Science Day and the launch of Tata Volunteering Week 17, the volunteers from Rallis India ltd organized an Inter School Science Exhibition Program at three different government primary schools. Over 90 students participated in the exhibition and presented 45+ innovative experiments. The program proved to be a great platform for the children who displayed their knowledge and creativity with utmost confidence. The winning team was awarded.
  Session on Star Gazing Rallis India Ltd   
RIL volunteers organized a star gazing session for young children, teachers and locals of a tribal community. Mr. Abhay Yawalkar - A science expert took the participants through the process of identifying various constellations and starts, its placement and trajectory. The session provided the children and the community members with a unique experience that left them intrigued.
  Scientific Toy Making Rallis India Ltd   
Volunteers of Rallis India Ltd with the help of Mr Abhay Yawalkar, a science expert, organized a scientific toy making session for the students of two government primary schools in tribal area of Narmada District, Gujarat. Over 50 students participated in this program and were taught how to make 10 different types of toys.
  Women’s Day Celebration Rallis India Ltd   
To mark the International Women's Day, volunteers of Rallis India ltd organized an event for the parents of special children. 50 parents participated in this event along with their children. They participated in games and interacted with the volunteers. The volunteers leveraged this opportunity to spread awareness on basic health and hygiene.
  Cultural Activities for Students Tata Chemicals   
Tata Chemicals volunteers along with their family members visited the Ghadechi Aashramshala School and organized a cultural day. Over 70 students from grade 1 to 8 participated in traditional folk dances like garba and many other dance forms of the Okhamandal community. The program enabled the children to nurture their talent and perform for an audience which in turn helped in building their confidence.
  Visit to an Autism Centre Tata Investment Corporation Ltd   
Volunteers from TICL visited Anchorage, an institute that coaches autistic individuals in Mumbai. The purpose of this visit was to provide vocational training and enable work opportunities for individuals living with autism.
  Day Out with Kids from an Orphanage Tata Investment Corporation Ltd   
Volunteers from TICL arranged a day out with the kids of Sneha Sadan Orphanage in Mumbai. They volunteers took the children out for a movie which was followed by heartful meal at McDonalds. The children were beyond overjoyed to experience something for the first time.
  Session on Water Conservation Tata Metaliks   
To mark the World Water Day, volunteers from TML organized a session on water conservation for the communities of Raipara Village. Prominent Environmentalists - Mr. S P Sinha Roy and Mr. Gaurav Anand spoke on the topic of groundwater and the urgent need to conserve it, environmental concerns and means to mitigate it. They shared water positive initiatives that can be implemented inside the plant in order to impact the surrounding ground water.
  Sensitizing the Community on Water Conservation Tata Metaliks   

In line with the Jal Se Jeevan Mission of TML, the volunteers organized an awareness program on water conservation for SHG women and the youth at Khalkhona, Rajarbagicha village. The community members were made aware about water conservation, plantation and cleanliness issues. The topics covered were rainwater harvesting, conserving water bodies like pond, using available water judiciously, reusing the waste-water for irrigating plants and kitchen garden, keeping the water bodies clean to harvest enough rain water for recharging the aquifer, draining waste water from all tap points and connecting to recharge pit. The volunteers also educated them about water pumps with sensors that will help arresting water wastage in farming.

The volunteers spoke on the importance of planting more trees and how that leads to a clean environment, checking soil erosion and inviting rain in the area.

  Mega Tree Plantation Drive Tata Power   
The volunteers from Tata Power initiated a mega tree plantation campaign beginning on the 3rd of March and to continue till 12th of March 2022. The 10-day campaign encouraged all employees of the site to plant trees. They also marked Women’s Day this year by encouraging women staff to be a part of this initiative. This campaign was one of the largest campaigns that aligned with the vision of making a greener tomorrow.
  Holi Celebrations with Community Children Tata Power   
Volunteers from Tata Power celebrated Holi with the children of the Affirmative Action (AA) Community, Ahmednagar. Volunteers along with 50 children from the community played with herbal colors. The volunteers left no stone turned to add colours to the lives of these children.
  A Visit to an Orphanage Tata Power DDL   
Volunteers from Tata Power DDL visited the Palna Orphanage to donate medicines, toys, clothes and dry ration. They interacted with the students residing there and spent quality time with them. They encouraged the students to do well on life and grow up to be empowered citizens.
  Food Distribution Drive Tata Power DDL   
Tata Power DDL volunteers along with NGO partner, One Rupee Foundation, that works to support the underprivileged section of the society, facilitated the distribution of food to the people in need.
  Distribution of Stationery Items to Children Tata Power DDL   
The volunteers of Tata Power visited a Vocational Training and Tuition Center at Kakori and distributed stationery and food items to 50 underprivileged students from their personal contribution. This center in Lucknow is managed by Sofia Education & Welfare Society with the support of Tata Power-DDL.
  Blood Donation Drive Tata Power DDL   
Volunteers of Tata Power DDL along with the Social Impact Team and the Indian Red Cross Society organized a blood donation camp to support children affected by Thalassemia. Over 70 volunteers donated blood and contributed to the cause.
  Sports Day for Students Tata Steel Utilities and Infrastructure Services Ltd   
Volunteers of TSUIS organised a sports day at Vyasabhumi Ashram Jajpur. The students participated in the games organised by the volunteers and won prizes. The aim of this initiative was to engage children through games and physical activities and to promote the importance of play in the early learning age. The volunteers spent quality time with the children and served them with meals.
  Spending a Day with Students Tata Steel Utilities and Infrastructure Services Ltd   
TSUIS volunteers spent a day with the students of Khalari School Rosal and encouraged the students to plant trees in their school. They volunteers organized a quiz competition and distributed masks. Both, students and volunteers spent quality time with each other by interacting and participating in all the planned activities.
  Drawing Competition for Students Tata Steel Utilities and Infrastructure Services Ltd   
TSUIS volunteers organised a drawing competition for 1st to 5th grade students of Jhillingora Academic Centre, S-K district. All the children participated enthusiastically, and the winners were awarded with prizes. The team interacted with the children and distributed food items.
  Fun Competition for Students Tata Steel Utilities and Infrastructure Services Ltd   
Volunteers of TSUIS organised a fun jumping word competition for students of class I to V at two academic centres of Itagarh and Bara Govindpur, S-K district. The children were deeply engrossed in the competition and had fun playing the word game. The session helped sharpen the minds of the young ones along with imparting knowledge on words and grammar. The winners were awarded.
  Awareness Session on Hallmark Protection Tata Steel Utilities and Infrastructure Services Ltd   
Volunteers of Tata Steel Utilities and Infrastructure Services Ltd along with NGO partner TRCSC organised an awareness session on hallmark protection week for the women residents of the Dungi village. The participants were oriented on the various aspects of hallmark protection. They interacted with the volunteers and asked questions to enquire more about the subject matter.
  Session on Health & Hygiene for Women Tata Steel Utilities and Infrastructure Services Ltd   
TSULS volunteers organised a health and hygiene awareness session for women residents of the Anandpur village. Over 25 women attended the session and interacted with the volunteers to better understand the ways of maintaining personal hygiene, its importance and impact.
  Drawing Competition for Children Tata Steel Utilities and Infrastructure Services Ltd   
TSUIS volunteers organised a drawing competition for the students of 1st to 5th grade at the Raimara Academic Centre. Three best drawings were selected and awarded. Volunteers also donated carrom boards and other sports materials to encourage students to play sports. They also explained to students and teachers the importance of play in the early years of childhood.
  Skill Development Training for Vendor Employees Tata Steel Utilities and Infrastructure Services Ltd   
Tata Steel Utilities and Infrastructure Services Ltd Sukinda volunteers organised a skill development training programme for the vendor employees of the site. The session received a positive response from the participants and have requested the volunteers to conduct similar sessions in the future.
  *This update covers only some of the activities undertaken by companies.