Tata Volunteering Week 17 Volume No. 08   
  Food Distribution Drive Rallis India Ltd  
Volunteers from Rallis India Ltd, Ankleshwar organized a food distribution drive for the destitute patients of Civil Hospital, Bharuch. 100+ patients were served with wholesome meal prepared and served by the volunteers.
  Blindfold Drawing and Sports Contest Rallis India Ltd   
Rallis India Ankleshwar volunteers organized a blindfold drawing and sports competition for a tribal primary school. This School has been adopted under the Model Tribal Village initiative- in the Narmada district. Students of 1st to 5th grade actively participated in the contest. They were also oriented on the working of the human body.
  Maintaining Forest Land Tata Chemicals Ltd   
Volunteers from Tata Chemicals Ltd along with their family members, spent a day in maintaining a dry and deciduous forest area in Mithapur. They watered the plants and trenched the ground to promoting afforestation.
  Climate Change Awareness Campaign Tata Chemicals Ltd   
TCL volunteers from organized a environment fair to create awareness on climate change and sensitize students, employees and the communities about issues that need urgent attention. Students displayed topic specific models and presentations to explain the risks and mitigations towards the effects of climate change.
  Cleaning the Indrayani River Bank Tata Consulting Engineers   
TCE volunteers organized a cleanliness drive at the banks of the Indrayani River at Dehu gaon. Volunteers collected bags of trash and disposed it in the garbage collection centre. They also sensitized the residents on keeping their surroundings clean and maintain general hygiene.
  Celebrating World Water Day Tata Consulting Engineers   
To mark World Water Day, TCE volunteers organized an awareness session on water conservation. They sensitized the site workers about the importance of water and the need to conserve it and make it available for the future generations.
  Awareness Session on Environment Protection and Safety Tata Consulting Engineers   
To promote awareness on Environment and Safety, the volunteers of TCE organised a session for the site employees of Aurangabad. The session elaborated on topics such as importance of tree plantation, environment protection, waste disposal management, and more. The attendees also participated in a safety quiz organised by the volunteers.
  Visit to an old age home Tata Consulting Engineers   
TCE volunteers visited Param Shantidam - an old age Home in Taloja, which is a home to 45 senior citizens. They interacted with the residents, taught them the basic use of internet and played their favorite songs on YouTube for them. They also distributed fruits, groceries and toiletries.
  Visit to a Child Care Facility Tata Investment Corporation Ltd   
Volunteers of TICL visited St. Jude Child Care Centre in Mumbai to spend day with children under treatment. Volunteers interacted with the kids and made the day special by organizing a puppet show which left the children in absolute awe.
  Stationery Kits Distribution Tata Investment Corporation Ltd   
The volunteers of TICL along with NGO partner CRY, visited a municipality school in Sion to conduct a fun and class. They also distributed drawing kits and other stationery items to encourage kids to attend school.
  Creating Artificial Water Bodies Tata Power   
Volunteers of Tata Power along with NGO partner BOSCO have initiated a mission to create water holes for animals of the remote areas of the Kedgaon village. This initiative will give the animals and birds the access to water in the scorching heat.
  Feeding the Stray Tata Power DDL   
A team of Tata Power DDL volunteers spent a day on the streets to feed the stray dogs, cats and birds. The volunteers also visited a cow shelter in Rohini, Delhi, to provide fodder to the facility.
  Health Awareness Session Tata Power DDL   
To mark the 'No Smoking Day' Volunteers of TP DDL conducted a health awareness session with the local community on ill-effects of smoking. The session highlighted on the adverse health effects of smoking.
  Books Donation Drive Tata Power DDL   
Volunteers of Tata Power DDL initiated a books donation drive in Indra JJ Camp, Rohini. They distributed books to the underprivileged children of the locality to promote reading and encouraged them to attend school.
  Session on Women's Security and Safety Tata Power DDL   
Volunteers from Tata Power DDL conducted a session on 'Security and Safety' for the Women Employees at the Vocational Training Centre (VTC) Bawana and CSA. The session focused on the importance of self-defense, women rights and other topics relating to the safety and security of women.
  Gift Distribution at the Vocational Training Centre Tata Power DDL   
Volunteers of Tata Power DDL visited the Vocational Training Centre at M2K, Sector 3, Rohini and distributed gifts to motivate and uplift the spirits of the children pursuing various courses at the Vocational Training Centre.
  Session on Vedic Maths and Interpersonal Development Tata Steel   
Volunteers of Tata Steel organized a session on Vedic Mathematics and Interpersonal Development for the students of 9th & 10th grade of Kusupanga High School, Meramandali, Odisha. Methodology of fast calculations, importance of mental math, time and speed of calculations were taught in the session. They were also briefed about the measures to boost and build self-confidence through role play. Students were asked to solve the sums in the classroom and were appreciated for their confidence and efforts.
  Interacting with primary school students Tata Steel   
Volunteers of Tata Steel visited a Primary School at Dharnigora village in Jamshedpur. They interacted with the students, motivated and encouraged them to work hard and excel in life. The volunteers also distributed stationeries and sports items.
  Women's Day Celebration Tata Steel   
To mark the International Women's Day, volunteers of Tata Steel organized a get together and a felicitation program for the women entrepreneurs of Tata Steel Meramandali Women Empowerment and Entrepreneurship Programme. Over 1450 rural women members who are a part of this initiative were awarded for their hard work and appreciated for the change they are making to the entrepreneurial landscape of Odisha and developing a canvas of self-sustain society.
  Promoting the use of Paper Bags Tata Steel   
A group of Tata Steel volunteers along with NGO partner TSF, spent a day making 1500 paper bags to promote limited use of plastic bags. These paper bags will be distributed in the local shops of the Sahibabad community.
  Awareness on Safety Tata Steel   
A group of Tata Steel volunteers conducted a Nukkad Natak on 'Safety' in Maharajpur School to create awareness on importance of safety among young children.
  Disaster Response Planning Voltas   
A third-party digging work over a PNG gas pipeline resulted in rupture of a high - pressure gas pipeline. This caused a jet fire in the highly populated Industrial area leading to casualties. The volunteers of Voltas came forward to manage the locals and control panic. They educate the community members by organizing a disaster response session along with several government officials and volunteers from the nearby industries.
  *This update covers only some of the activities undertaken by companies.