Tata Volunteering Week 17 Volume No. 09   
  Cleanliness Drive Rallis India Ltd  
A group of Rallis India volunteers initiated a cleanliness drive at MIDC Lote Industrial Belt on 30th March, 2022. Volunteers spent the day cleaning the streets and collected three bags full of garbage.
  Visit to Old Age Home Rallis India Ltd   
Rallis India volunteers visited an Old Age Home at Chiplun on 29th March, 2022. Fourteen residents of the home were provided with towels, snacks and fruits. Volunteers spent quality time by conversing with the residents, as they also expressed their gratitude to the volunteers for making it a special day for them.
  Session on Road Safety for On-Site Drivers Rallis India Ltd   
Rallis India volunteers conducted a session on ‘Road Safety’ for 15 truck drivers and cleaners of the site. The training session explained the traffic and RTO rules, speed limits, overtaking, to avoid mobile usage while driving, using seat belts, upkeep of vehicle conditions, insurance coverage and various other topics that proved to be of help for the beneficiaries.
  Health & Nutrition Awareness for Slum Communities Rallis India Ltd   
On 26th March, 2022 a group of Rallis India volunteers visited the slum areas of Lote region to conduct a session on child care and nutrition for women. They were also briefed on the importance of personal hygiene and cleanliness of the surroundings.
  Session on Importance of Periodical Medical Checks Rallis India Ltd   
A team of Rallis India volunteers organized a session on the ‘Importance of Periodical Medical Checks’ for contract workers of MIDC Lote with the help of a certified surgeon. They were briefed about the importance of various tests like blood pressure, pulse, PFT, CBC and urine, vision test, X-ray, ECG and many more. The session was able to help the beneficiaries to know more about many other health conditions too.
  Session on First Aid for the Traffic Police Team Rallis India Ltd   
On 21st March, 2022 a team of Rallis India volunteers visited the Traffic Police Station, Lote to conduct a session on first aid during an accident. They were explained the measures to follow when encountered with a road accident. At the end of the session, give-aways were presented to the traffic police team.
  Environment Conservation Session for Community Rallis India Ltd   
Rallis India volunteers visited Budhwadi situated at Songaon village to conduct an awareness session on utilizing the natural resources especially water, judiciously. They also spent a good time interacting with the members of the community.
  Training Session on Operating Fire Extinguisher Rallis India Ltd   
Rallis India volunteers organized a training session on operating a fire extinguisher during an emergency, especially for the on-site security staff. They were also briefed about their roles and responsibilities during an emergency.
  Cleaning the Hydro Power Generation Plant Rallis India Ltd   
Rallis India volunteers visited the Hydro Power Generation Project situated in Lote, which supports the functioning of 60+ streetlights of the village. They cleaned the control room and the surroundings.
  Medical Camp for village residents Tata Chemicals   
The volunteers of Tata Chemicals along with their family members organized a free medical camp for the residents of the Aniali Village. The doctors in the camp conducted medical checks of the locals and distributed free medicines. Over 170 patients, benefitted through this camp and overall it was a successfully planned camp.
  Welcoming students living with disabilities Tata Consulting Engineers   
TCE Volunteers organized a welcome party for students the Asha School of Disability. Volunteers spent the day with these special children engaging them through dance, music and games. The activity was aimed at encouraging the kids to attend school again and feel comfortable in the new environment, as they were returning back after two long years.
  Volleyball Match at a children’s home Tata Consulting Engineers   
Volunteers of TCE organized a fun volleyball match for the kids of Anand Marg Children’s Home for orphans. 27 kids participated in the match and were also briefed on the importance of sports. The volleyball match between kids and volunteers spread smiles on the faces of both the parties.
  Webinar on ‘Know Your Carbon Footprint’ Tata Consulting Engineers   
TCE volunteers organized a webinar to sensitize the team on the carbon emissions we contribute with our lifestyle choices. This webinar was a step to make the participants aware of their own carbon footprints and ways to reduce it, followed by Q&A. An external subject expert took the attendees through the concept. A follow up session to this webinar was conducted to make cloth bags and paper bags that would later be distributed to the locals to avoid the use of plastic bags.
  Drawing Competition for Government School Students Tata Consulting Engineers   
To mark the ‘World Water Day’ and sensitize children about water conservation, volunteers of TCE organized a drawing competition for the students of a government school in Gautam Buddha Nagar. 100+ children participated in the competition and the best drawings were selected for the awards.
  Fitness Session with Students of an Ashram Tata Consulting Engineers   
Volunteers of TCE spent time with the children of the Lal Bahadur Shastri Bal Ashram, Ghaziabad to teach them Yoga, Zumba & Dance. It was a fun session wherein all the participants as well as the volunteers performed their hearts out. The kids were also treated with some refreshments at the end of the session.
  Donation Drive in the Tribal Areas Tata Investment Corporation Ltd   
Volunteers of TICL with the help of a private organization, carried out a donation drive in the tribal and rural areas of Virar, Bhiwandi and Thane. Essentials, books, stationery items, food items, clothes, fodder and more were donated to 2 cowsheds, 3 old age homes and 1 municipality school.
  Inaugural ceremony of a WATSAN project Tata Metaliks   
Volunteers of Tata Metaliks organized an inauguration ceremony of a drinking water and sanitation project in Risha and Prithimpur. Additionally, 2 classrooms were also inaugurated at a government school at Risha. All the residents of the village attended the ceremony. The TML volunteers leveraged this event to sensitize the children and adults on drinking clean & safe water, conserving the natural resources, etc.
  Eye Test Camp Tata Metaliks   
TML volunteers along with an optical brand conducted a free-of-cost eye check-up camp for the on-site truck drivers. They were screened for BP as well. The experts counselled the beneficiaries on maintaining hygiene and taking care of their health through regular health checks.
  Youth Festival at Junior High School Tata Metaliks   
TML volunteers along with Youth Invest Foundation organized a Youth Festival for the young adults of 30 nearby villages. A cultural program and science & maths fair was the main attraction of the fair. The children made innovative models out of waste home-products and used recycled materials to create handicraft products. It was amazing to see the enthusiasm of the participating students.
  Health Camp for Students Tata Metaliks   
TML volunteers conducted a general health check-up camp for students of 5th to 10th grade of Krishnanagar Jr. High School. Basic vitals and haemoglobin tests along with blood group assessment was done for children and the drop-out girls of the learning center. The women from the SHG groups of the surrounding areas also got themselves tested in the camp.
  Session on Menstruation Tata Steel   
A volunteer of Tata Steel conducted a session on mensuration for the students of class 8th of the Haridaspur Kanchia High School. The volunteers also engaged with the principal to work on a plan for establishment of a library in the school.
  Session on Maths and English for students Tata Steel   
A volunteer of Tata Steel conducted a guidance session on Maths and English, for the 7th to 9th grade students of a school in Haridaspur. The students interacted with the volunteers and asked questions pertaining to the subject.
  Cleanliness Drive Tata Steel   
A Tata Steel volunteer along with his friends spent the day in cleaning a public place after a local village fair was completed. They took this initiative to keep it clean and maintain a healthy environment.
  Awareness Campaign on Safety Voltas   
To mark the National Safety Week, volunteers of Voltas Ltd, conducted a safety awareness campaign to make the on-site workers aware of safety measures to follow in the work area. The workers were made aware of the safety culture followed by a quiz and safety pledge taking. The session concluded with a prize distribution of the quiz winners.
  Volunteering activities to be a ‘Super Spreader of Smiles’ Amalagamated Plantations   
Volunteers of Amalagamated Plantations undertook several volunteering activities under the theme 'Be a super Spreader of Smiles’ They cleaned the club area and painted the doors. They organized a medical check-up camp, a health awareness session for the senior citizens and distributed free medicines and bedsheets to them.
  Financial Literacy Session for domestic helps IHCL   
Volunteers of IHCL conducted a financial literacy session for the domestic helps in Colaba. They were taught about various saving schemes and investment techniques. The volunteers also conducted a yoga session for the participants to engage them.
  *This update covers only some of the activities undertaken by companies.