Tata Volunteering Week 18 Volume No. 03   
  Awareness Session on Safety at Workplace Indian Hotels   
Volunteers of the Indian Hotels organised a workshop on safety at workplace for the crèche staff, as well as the caregivers. The activity aimed to equip the staff in handling situations during fire emergencies.
  Hand & Face Hygiene Indian Hotels   
A team of volunteers from Ginger Katra conducted an interactive session on health and hygiene for students of Bhartiya Vidya Mandir. The one-hour workshop focussed on hand was techniques and other important aspects that the children should keep in mind. The session addressed over 120 kids.
  Rallis India Limited, SEZ II, Dahej   
Colouring activity with children Quiz contest of senior students
Volunteers from Rallis India Ltd, SEZ II, Dahej organised a colouring activity for primary school students of Luwara's 1st and 2nd grades. The participants received colouring books with animal pictures. The programme intended to assess students' creativity and knowledge. A general knowledge quiz competition was organized for 11th grade students of P J Cheda College, Dahej. Some questions about general knowledge were prepared by volunteers. The contest had 10 rounds of questions from the field of Arts, Commerce, and Science. They felicitated the winners with a prize.
  Teachers Day Celebration Rallis India Limited   
Rallis India Ltd, Ankleshwar volunteers planned a celebration for government school teachers. The programme hosted interactive and engaging activities that honoured the teachers and boosted their morale. 20 teachers participated in the event and were also presented with gifts.
  Fire Safety Awareness Program Rallis India Limited   
A fire safety awareness workshop was organized by the volunteers of Rallis India Ltd. Ankleshwar unit. Students of 6th to 8th grade of government primary schools attended the session. The sessions was led by the factory safety officer, who also trained each student on how to use a fire extinguisher. They also demonstrated a few other safety factors.
  Biodiversity Awareness Program, Mithapur Tata Chemicals   
Volunteers of TCSRD, CSR/CD department of Tata Chemicals, conducted an awareness session on biodiversity for school children. Over 30 students participated in the field trip and learnt concepts related to environment and biodiversity. were a part of this field study.
  Protection of Biodiversity & Plot Maintenance, Mithapur Tata Chemicals, Mithapur   
Volunteers of Tata Chemicals cleared the plantation trench of 3 nearby plots and made it suitable for watering. This activity was conducted by the volunteers and their family members who made more than 260 trenches across 3 plots.
  Nursery development Tata Chemicals, Mithapur   
Volunteers of Tata Chemicals along with their family members supported a local nursery by making saplings sacks. These sack will be later used for mass plantation purposes. Total 500 saplings of Ketki plant also known as Agave Vivipara were made.
  Tree Plantation Drive, Mithapur Tata Chemicals   
Volunteers of Tata Chemicals along with their family members organised a tree plantation drive. More than 1000 saplings were planted, that one day will contribute to the greenery of the region.
  Engineers day at High Schools, Mithapur Tata Chemicals   
Volunteers of TCSRD, CSR/CD department of the Tata Chemicals visited the high schools of nearby districts of Vasai, Dwarka, Ghadechi & Goriyali, Dhinki and Varvala. The visit was focused on preparing the school students for Engineers' Day.
  Skill Up, Delhi Tata Communications   
According to a recent report, 70% of young Indian professionals lack mentorship. Approximately 57% of the young professionals polled concurred that they lack the relationships necessary to find a mentor. Volunteers of TC had the chance to mentor undergraduate students professionally through their initiative- Skill Up. The children had the opportunity to see the company office, gain inspiration, and develop their aspirations.
  Road Safety Workshop, Pune Tata Communications   
Students gained an understanding of the value of road safety through this initiative organised by the volunteers of TC. They taught the children about the need of driving safely, whether they are driving a car or walking on the street. They were also taught about medical emergencies and ways to handle them by moving quickly and by requesting either medical assistance, transportation assistance, or both from the authorities.
  Toys for Joy, Delhi Tata Communications   
Children feel safe and secure with soft toys. They can help children to comfort themselves. These soft toys were made by volunteers of TC which will be donated to children in need, were made with the assistance of the activities.
  Beyond Barriers-SLN Terminus-HYD Tata Communications   
Through GEVP, the company has been able to support more than 25,000 lives in the past couple of years through a variety of initiatives, including the recording of an audio book, a sign language workshop, a tactile book, and a blind cricket tournament for individuals with disabilities. The volunteers of TC constructed wheelchairs for them during DRIVE week, assisting them in navigating their aspirations. The volunteers wanted to support the social inclusion of 600 persons with disabilities through mobility aids, friendly public places, and inclusive sports through activities specifically selected for physically challenged people.
  Sports to Inspire, Chennai Tata Communications   
Volunteers of TC have been able to support more than 25,000 physically abled lives in the past couple of years through a variety of initiatives, including the recording of an audio book, a sign language workshop, a tactile book, and a blind cricket tournament for individuals with disabilities. Volunteers took part in a particularly special cricket/football game during DRIVE Week with visually impaired athletes who, despite their challenges, played with the passion of a genuine sportsperson.
  EduCraft – Equinox, Pune Tata Communications   
TC volunteers worked to enhance the educational potential of kids from impoverished communities who had little to no access to education's overall development. They built benches and desks for a school in Pune.
  Plant a Tree, Mumbai Tata Communications   
To support the vision of protecting the environment, volunteers of TC planted a tree, along with a seed of hope and a goal for a brighter tomorrow.
  Beach Clean-up – Matawan Tata Communications   
25% of all internet traffic worldwide passes through one of the biggest and most technologically advanced subsea fibre networks owned by Tata Communications. The volunteers recognise the significance of this priceless resource given the dependence of our industry on the oceans and beaches sprucing up. The volunteers collected trash from the beach area and contributed to the enhancement and protection of our beaches.
  Skill up, Equinox Tata Communications   
Volunteers of TC through the program- Skill Up shared the working experience of the telecommunications sector to the students of various colleges. The visit helped the students to prepare for a career in the telecommunications and IT industry.
  Seeds of Change – Kormangala Tata Communications   
To compensate the loss of natural forest over the years and focusing on conservation of environment, the volunteers of Tata Communications conducted an activity of preparing seed balls. These seed balls are an assortment of marble-sized spheres that are made of clay, the Earth, and seeds. They believe, these seed balls are an easy and quick solution to reclaim the lost green cover of our environment. Volunteers helped collect seeds that helped restore the soil quality while enriching it.
  Dream School, Chennai Tata Communications   
Volunteers of Tata Communications helped transform a government school in Chennai. With the intent to create the best learning environment for a child, they changed a basic brick and mortar establishment into a holistic infrastructure. The volunteers engaged in various activities such as cleaning, painting and beautifying the school premises, classrooms and corridors, etc.
  Toys for Joy, Pune & VSB Tata Communications   
Every child loves to play with soft toys, however, not every child gets to play with one. 225 volunteers of TC, 150 from Pune & 75 from the VSB unit respectively, gathered together to make soft toys. These toys will be donated to underprivileged children who don’t have access to plush toys. Through this gesture, the volunteers have contributed to making someone’s childhood, a happy one.
  Beyond Barriers – Whitefield & Delhi Tata Communications   
In last couple of years through GEVP the volunteers of Tata Communications have been able to support more than 25,000 specially abled individuals. Various activities like recording an audio book, sign language workshop, tactile book, blind cricket have been organized in the past. This drive week they stepped up and physically built wheelchairs for them, and helped them steer through their dreams. Through activities specially curated for physically challenged people, they aimed to support the social inclusion of 600 Persons with Disabilities through mobility aids, inclusive public spaces and inclusive sports.
  Food For All, London Tata Communications   
Volunteers of Tata Communications, London teamed up to help prepare healthy and enriching meals for those in need.
  EduCraft & Tools for Schools Tata Communications   
Volunteers of Tata Communications from Pune, Karuna and JTP engaged in constructing benches, desks and notice boards to be given away to schools for the underprivileged kids. Unlike private schools, productivity and learning capabilities at government schools are weighed down by a lack of basic furniture. With Education as one of the key priority areas, close to 300 volunteers strived to improve the educational capabilities of children from underserved communities.
  Beach Clean-Up Drive – Singapore Tata Communications   
Volunteers of TC, Singapore joined hands together to clean up a beach. They collected garbage around the region to beautify and protect our beaches from further pollution.
  Recycling used coffee capsules Tata Communications   
TC volunteers from Singapore, recycled used coffee capsules with innovative DIY ideas to create decorative items.
  Food for Mind and Belly! Tata Communications   
Volunteers of TC contributed to collecting and packing old books and dry non-perishable food items to provide individuals in need.
  SHFB Food Distribution Tata Communications   
TC Volunteers helped set up tables, unload food, distribute groceries and fresh produce to clients, and also assisted in cleaning up.
  GURUTSAV - Teachers Day celebrations with government school teachers Tata Consulting Engineers   
At the Government school in Yeshwantpur, Bangalore, 32 employees volunteered by performing their skills, holding a few stress-relieving activities for the teachers, and helping students open-up and talk about their feelings.
  Together Foundation Tata Investment Corporation   
Twelve employee volunteers of Tata Investment corporation made Ganesh festival cards with 8 -14 autistic young adults. This helped to increase sales of greeting cards in Mumbai.
  Awareness on single usage of plastic and global warming for School Students Tata Power Solar   
Volunteers of Tata Power organised a session to raise awareness of global warming, renewable energy, and single-use plastics in Masthanhalli Government School in Jigani, Bangalore. The session followed by a power packed interaction on home and road safety. School bags were later distributed to the participating students.
  Awareness session for SHGs(Self Help Group) Tata Power Solar   
In Hennagara village, Bangalore, twenty-three volunteers spread awareness on functional literacy and social issues for the SHG members. The main motive was to make people aware about livelihoods and skill building.
  Quit tobacco campaign Tata Power Solar   
To raise awareness of the negative effects of the tobacco use, the volunteers of Tata Power organized a ‘Quit Tobacco’ campaign. Their primary objective was to educate recipients about cleanliness and good health. The event was held at the TPSSL Manufacturing facility in Jagani, Bangalore.
  Visit to the orphanage for specially abled children Tata Power Solar  
The volunteers of Tata Power and their families spent the day interacting with the girls who were physically and mentally challenged in Balasore, Odisha. They shared songs with the kids, played instruments and games with them, and showed them how to play simple games that don't require much exercise.
  Blood Donation Camp TATA Projects ltd.   
To mark the TATA Volunteering Week and the International Day of Charity. The volunteers of Tata Projects along with Red Cross India held a blood drive at the corporate office in Hyderabad. The donated blood will be used to treat thalassemia, a hereditary condition that affects children.
  *This update covers only some of the activities undertaken by companies.