Tata Volunteering Week 18 Volume No. 09   
  Engaging with the students of the VTC Tata Power - Delhi Distribution Limited   
Volunteers of TPS- Delhi Distribution Ltd engaged with the students of VTCs across various locations. They celebrated the World Literacy Day, conducted a session on capacity building, road safety and fire safety for them. A plethora of activities were organized to aid with the session topics.
SessionVTC Location
World Literacy Day All VTCs
Capacity Building VTC B- Block Mangolpuri
Road Safety VTC B- Block Mangolpuri
Personal Safety VTC B- Block Mangolpuri
  Organizing plantation drives and awareness sessions with the students of schools. Tata Power - Delhi Distribution Limited   
Volunteers of TPS- Delhi Distribution Ltd organized a tree plantation drive along with a number of awareness sessions at schools in various locations.
School NameSession Name
MCD Primary School, Block- B-2 Ashok Vihar – ll Tree Plantation & Kite Flying
Government Girls Senior Secondary school, Shahbad Daulatpur UF Plant Inauguration and water conservation session
Government Sarvodaya Kanya Vidyalaya at RohiniSafety Session
  Educational Kits Distribution Tata Power - Delhi Distribution Limited   
Volunteers of TPS- Delhi Distribution Ltd visited the Rana Pratap Government Girls Senior Secondary School, Rethala to distribute educational kits to the students. Under the ambit of the ‘Meri Paathshala' initiative, Tata Power-DDL in collaboration with Government of Delhi provides Educational support to the Out-of-School Children enrolled in the Special Training Centres (STCs) and helps them to gain formal education and curate a brighter future. I lieu to this, volunteers came forward to spend some fun filled time with the out of school underprivileged children and motivate them to regularly attend school and focus on building academic skills.
  Cleanliness Drive & Distribution of Waste Bins at School APPL   
Volunteers of Kakajan Tea Estate of APPL undertook a cleanliness drive at the Rajoi Market and distributed Waste Bins and Brooms at the Rajoi Model School.The School Principal, Teachers, Students also joined in cleaning the area along with the volunteers
  Blood Donation Camp APPL   
Volunteers of Hattigor and Noweranuddy Tea Estate of APPL organized a Blood Donation camp on 28th & 29th September. The event saw participation from over 70 volunteers.
  Engaging with children from an orphanage Tata Motor Finance   
The Volunteers of TMF visited the Arunima Hospice, Behala & Kamakhya Balak Ashram – Barasat to spend a day with children from an orphanage. They organized a drawing competition for the kids and also gave them gifts. The visit concluded with a hearty lunch for the children.
  Visit to a Municipal School Tata Projects   
Volunteers from Tata Projects along with Akshaya Patra Foundation staff conducted a drawing activity with students of standard 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th in Thane Municipal School. The topic of the drawing activity was Diwali, drawing sheets and colors were provided to the students. The volunteers also participated in distributing the mid-day meal to the students.
  Mass health and sanitation awareness Tata Steel   
A mass health campaign has recently been drawn towards people in the villages of Karansai, Bhagalpur, Balita, Lahanda Munda Sahi, and Kaleibeda to promote health and hygiene. Through the campaign the volunteers if Tata Steel also raise awareness about good hygiene habits such as washing hands five times a day, using a toilet for defecation, and adopting safe drinking water practices.
  Training on Capacity Building & Leadership Development for SHG Members Tata Steel   
The volunteers of Tata Steel organized a 3-day training through peer network to improving women's economic empowerment and resilience.
  Promoting education - Super 30 program Tata Steel   
The volunteering activity organized by the volunteers of Tata Steel, regarding the Super 30 programme is being a major contributor in terms of education in community-led projects. As this project tends to support interventions to improve learning outcomes as well as conditions in the learning communities and in support services to girl children specifically.
  Tree plantation -Mission Hariyali Tata Steel   
The volunteers of TS helped businesses carry out various CSR initiatives for a better society. They invite businesses to work with Green Leaf. Together, they reduce environmental disturbance in a beneficial and long-lasting way. For the same reason, the volunteers planned a variety of charitable and environmental events for businesses, including a tree planting with five other volunteers who shared the same philosophy on how to live more sustainably and the changes you can make in your life and the world.
  Blood Donation Camp Trent ltd.   
In Trent house, BKC, volunteers initiated a blood donation drive to celebrate TATA volunteering week. 35Lts of bags were collected which will be in need for 105 cancer patients.
  Exposure Visit to Retail Store Trent ltd.   
Every year, Trent University conducts an exposure visit for students in current CSR programmes as part of Tata Volunteering Week. The goal is to familiarize the students with the goods offered by a retail establishment and to demonstrate to them how to buy and sell goods. Students from the retail course at Bright Future and the vocational training programmes run by Salaam Bombay Foundation in the eighth and ninth grades were also a part of this visit.
  Fun Games with School Children Trent ltd.   
To honour Volunteers' Week at Trent, a very special outing was planned for staff members and their families to the Raigad Zilha Parishad School, Pashane, Vangani, on September 24, 2022. There, they spent the day getting to know young, deserving students from less fortunate communities and learnt about their lives. They planned educational activities, enjoyable games, neighborhood sports, and also enjoy delectable home-cooked meals.
  Fitness Challenge with Salaam Bombay Foundation Trent ltd.   
The volunteers of Trent Ltd organized a fitness challenge for all employees as part of Tata Volunteering Week. The Salaam Bombay Foundation's fitness monitors who were kids in grade 9 and are a part of the fitness academy along with alumni who are qualified fitness trainers had led the fitness challenge. The goal of fitness trackers was to promote fitness awareness and a healthy lifestyle among users. This activity led to enjoyable fitness classes for Trent employees that also included knowledge about the exercises.
  Career Counselling for Underprivileged Kids Tata Consulting Engineers ltd.   
Volunteers of TCEL organized a career counseling session. In-depth information on careers and the courses was provided to the students. They were taught the importance of completing grade 10 in order to be eligible for any future employment. Benefits of various educational levels were also mentioned. What happens beyond the tenth grade, including career growth and job happiness, was explained. Students had the chance to speak about their desired careers. 60 students benefited from the activity
  Food Distribution Drive, Akhanda Jyothi Orphanage Tata Consulting Engineers ltd.   
The team of TCEL volunteers gave food and drinks to the residents of Akhanda Jyothi orphanage residents. They also held a seminar on hygiene and cleanliness for these kids.
  Cyber Security for Underprivileged Kids Tata Consulting Engineers ltd.   
R. Raghavan, vice president, provided comprehensive information about TATA and TCE. Volunteers presented the benefits and drawbacks of social media and mobile technology. They received practical instruction on how data theft and hacking are carried out. Additionally, information on how social media is used in modern life was presented to the students.
  Nutrition, Health and Hygiene For Underprivileged Kids Tata Consulting Engineers ltd.   
TCE volunteers educated underprivileged children on nutrition in the Government Primary School, Yeshwantpur. They conducted exercises to teach kids about nutritious versus harmful diets.
  Celebrating 2nd October at an Orphanage Tata Consulting Engineers ltd.   
In Bangalore's Sainele Foundation, volunteers participated in a fun and educational activity to celebrate Gandhi Jayanti. After seeing videos on Gandhiji's life narrative, there was a brief discussion about the lessons learned. The students also participated in an origami activity to explore their creative side. They created flowers in the colors of the Indian flag.
  Plantation Activity & Session on Environment Tata Metaliks   
Together with the Bagbandi village women's self-help group, employees of Tata Metalliks took part in a tree-planting operation. They attended a workshop on environmental preservation, maintaining community cleanliness, growing many crops on farms, and using government programmes to supplement their income. Additionally, they supplied instructions on how to care for the fruit trees- guava, jackfruit, custard apple that were given to them
  Football Academy Tournament Tata Chemicals, Magadi   
The volunteers of Tata Chemicals organized a football tournament for the children aged 10 to 18 years. Before the competition started, a discussion was given emphasising the value of trees in our environment and how they might help students do better in school.
  Promoting walking to reduce carbon footprint Tata Chemicals, Magadi   
Employees from Tata Chemicals Ltd, Magadi, volunteered to walk 18 kilometres to create awareness on reducing one's carbon footprint.
  *This update covers only some of the activities undertaken by companies.