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   Tata Volunteering Week 19 Volume No. 03   
  Plantation Drive Indian Hotels Company Ltd (Ginger, Vapi)   

8 volunteers from Ginger, Vapi team participated in a tree plantation drive at the GIDC Park, Vapi. The activity aimed to spread awareness on preserving our environment & ecology.

  Career Guidance Session for students Indian Hotels Company Ltd (Taj North Goa)  
Taj North Goa – Taj Holiday Village Resort & Spa Goa; Taj Fort Aguada Resort & Spa Goa and Ama Stays & Trails North Goa conducted a career guidance session for St. Xavier School students led by the volunteers who are experts in the field of HR and Learning & Development function.
The session was aimed at providing students with insights into the hospitality industry and career opportunities that it entails. The volunteers highlighted the importance of customer service, skill development and how it can help students excel in their chosen career. During the event the students had the opportunity to ask questions about their interests and career goals.
The event also included group discussions to help students better understand the skills and qualities needed to succeed in their careers. The team also highlighted the role of mentorships, internships and apprenticeships in gaining practical experience and building professional relationships.
  Cleaning drives Indian Hotels Company Ltd (Taj North Goa)   

Beach clean-up
Taj North Goa – Taj Holiday Village Resort & Spa Goa; Taj Fort Aguada Resort & Spa, Goa & Ama Stays & Trails North Goa organized a beach clean-up drive at Sinquerim beach to promote environmental awareness and sustainability practices. The drive was attended by 90 volunteers from Taj North Goa who contributed their time and effort towards the cause. The team gathered litter and garbage from the beach, which included plastic waste, cigarette buds, and other pollutants. The collection drive covered a significant portion of the beach, and the team made sure to dispose of the waste responsibly.


Cleaning an old age home
Volunteers from Taj North Goa organized for a cleaning drive at the Arc of Hope, an old age home that houses 24 elderly women. The objective of this activity was to engage with the elderly by providing support to those in need. The volunteers spent the day cleaning and spent quality time with the residents of the old age home. They engaged in conversations, listened to their stories and also offered help to elderly ladies who needed assistance with daily chores.

  Guidance session on Interviews Indian Hotels Company Ltd (Taj North Goa)   
Taj North Goa team organized a session for the students of Navsarni College on how to attend job interviews. This session provided valuable insights and tips especially for students interested in pursuing a career in the hospitality industry. The volunteers focused on the importance of knowledge about the company, appearance, grooming and hygiene, communication skills and body language.
  Women’s Day celebration Indian Steel Wire Products   
A team of volunteers came together to celebrate Women’s Day with the young girls of Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya, Ghatshila. They played fun games and quizzes with the girls and spent quality time with them.
  Participation in science project competition Rallis India Ltd.   
Marking the National Science Day, a volunteer from Rallis India Ltd, Lote along with students from Science Intervention Programmes, participated in a State Level Science Project Competition held at Ankleshwar in Gujarat. A study tour was also organized for all finalist students, teachers and principals to commemorate the birth anniversary of JRD Tata.
  Safety Rally Rallis India Ltd.   
Seven volunteers from Rallis India Ltd, Lote team actively participated in the Safety Rally organized by Lote Parshuram Industries Association as a part of 52nd National Safety Week celebration at Lote MIDC.
  Empowering rural women Taj SATS, Delhi   
In collaboration with Sshrishti communication and Grampanchayats, Self-Help Groups, Taj SATS Delhi volunteers organized a session for rural women in Bhati Mines that discussed women's safety, female hygiene, female child education, and women's rights. The volunteers also encouraged them to acquire skills that will enable them to create better livelihood opportunities.
  Engaging with the elderly Taj SATS, Kolkata   
A team of volunteers from Taj STATS, Kolkata spent time with the residents of an Old Age Home for Destitute Women named Notun-ghar, meaning new home in Bengali. The volunteers distributed food packets, fruits and grocery items.
  Session on cyber security Tata Metaliks   
TML volunteers took a session on cyber security for the trainees of skill development center in West Midnapore. The session highlighted various cases of hacking, bank frauds, cybercrimes and more. The volunteers, through a detailed presentation, explained the various ways one can fall into trouble such as social media websites, online banking etc. The team also informed them about the means they have to launch a complaint, should any such untoward incident take place.
  Session on financial literacy Tata Metaliks   
TML volunteers from the finance and accounts team conducted a session on financial literacy for the community, including women, youths and key village stakeholders. Over 60 beneficiaries participated in the event where the volunteers spoke on types of savings for different age groups, investments, safe online banking and transactions, insurance. Special focus was given on online frauds through OTP and other channels. Volunteers also highlighted the importance of safe online transactions and long-term investments.
  Women empowerment session Tata Power Central Odisha  
WSHG members are associated with TPCODL and are the Extended Family Members. In order to empower them, empowerment sessions have been conducted wherein the necessary skills are provided to Women regarding the importance of communication and Importance of Digital Literacy at Workplaces, which eases the tasks and bolsters the speed as well.
  Empowering WSHG members Tata Power Central Odisha   

WSHG members, Angul who are the frontline workers, were acknowledged and rewarded by a team of volunteers. The session focused on the importance of optimism and a positive approach to achieve success.


In Talcher, volunteers conducted a session to motivate the WSHG members to deliver quality results in the remotest areas. The volunteers shares ideas and experiences to produce effective and efficient results. A reward and recognition was also organized to celebrate the work done by the WSHG members.


In Bulagaon, a team of volunteers conducted a session on gender equality for the rural WSHG members. The session focused on reaching the women in the surrounding areas and helped in the upliftment of rural women.


Nayagarh volunteers celebrated holi with the WSHG members while explaining to them the importance of team work.

  Empowering women Tata Power Central Odisha   

Women volunteers from TPCODL, Bhubaneshwar visited the Women Literacy Center and discussed the importance of gender equality, importance of women education and ways to become self–motivated.

  Visit to an Orphanage Tata Power Central Odisha   
35 volunteers from the Cuttack team visited the orphanage ‘Jashoda Sadan’, Cuttack and handed over a kit with daily essentials to 60 orphan children. A session on safety and ethics was also conducted to educate the children on such topics early in their lives.
  Plantation drive Tata Power- Delhi Distribution Limited   
19 volunteers from TP-DDL participated in a plantation drive that was held at the district office, Badli.
  Menstrual hygiene management program Tata Power- Delhi Distribution Limited   
A menstrual hygiene management program was held in association with HLL Lifecare Limited to create awareness on menstrual hygiene and health. This session was conducted for women belonging to Patrachar Colony. The SIG team along with the ABHAs organized the program. Over 500 beneficiaries were reached out through the program.
  Awareness session on health and Hygiene Tata Power- Delhi Distribution Limited   
40 volunteers organized an awareness session on health and hygiene under the mobile dispensary of Tata Power-DDL. SIG team along with the ABHAs organized the program and 600 beneficiaries were reached out through the program.
  Career counselling Session Tata Power Northern Odisha Distribution Limited   
Volunteers from the TP-NODL organized a career counselling session for students of the vocational training centre in Balasore. The students were apprised about the various career options available after finishing their course in the vocation training centre. The volunteers included HoDs explained to them the transition from education to employment.
  Blood donation camp Tata Power Northern Odisha Distribution Limited   
A blood donation camp was organized at NOCCI, Balasore Division and the volunteers donated over 105 units of blood. Some volunteers also assisted in registration and logistics.
  Blood donation camp Tata Projects   
65 volunteers from Tata Project’s NIA site conducted a blood donation drive partnering with Rotary Noida Blood Bank.
  Education kits distribution to students Tata Projects   
Tata Projects volunteers distributed educational kits to students from a Tata Project adopted school - MPPS Kandlakoya and MPPS Sutariguada. Over 230 students were benefitted from this drive. The volunteers counseled, mentored and motivated the students to continue their education and excel in their academics.
  Health & hygiene awareness session Tata Steel Utilities & Infrastructure   
Volunteers from TSUISL billing and CRCC department organised a health & hygiene session at PPP Model School - UMS Bhatia Basti Kadma, Jamshedpur. Information related to health & hygiene was given to the 90 students by volunteers and students ware also aware through demonstration. Girl students were informed about how to protect themselves from hygiene related to menstruation.
  Food Supplements for Cancer Patients Tata Steel Utilities & Infrastructure   
Volunteers from the Procurement team distributed special nutritious food supplements for cancer patients and their families at TWU Guest House near TSUISL corporate office. The team spent quality time with 35 cancer patient and 25 support staff and caregivers.
  Interacting with board students Tata Consulting Engineers   
A team of volunteers organized an engaging and motivating session for class 10th grade from Govt. High School, Yeswanthpur. This school caters to students from underprivileged background.
  Health & Hygiene Awareness JCAPCPL   
The volunteers organized an awareness session on health and hygiene and distributed hand wash to all student and teachers of the MVS School, Telco, Jamshedpur. Plant maintenance and EHS Head, Mr. Kirit B Daxini joined the session.
  Food Distribution with Roti Bank JCAPCPL   
Volunteers organized food distribution drive with Roti Bank for people in need at the MGM Hospital Campus, Jamshedpur.
  Beat Plastic Pollution & Cleaning Drive JCAPCPL   
A team of volunteers conducted the Beat Plastic Pollution & Cleaning Drive at Dobro Dam, Jamshedpur, and spread awareness to ban single use plastic and not to throw plastic in public place.
  Health & Hygiene Awareness JCAPCPL   
A health & hygiene awareness session was organized for children from New Kapali Basti School, Jamshedpur to sensitise them about the importance of maintaining good hygiene for better health and a happy life.
  Self-defense & Personal Safety for girls JCAPCPL   
The volunteers conducted a session on self defense and personal safety for young girls from Masti Ki Pathsala, Bagunhatu, Jamshedpur. They focused on educating them about the vulnerable point of human body and techniques to use hand and leg for self-defense. CFO, Mr. Pranav Jha & other SLT members attended the programme.
  Self-defense & Personal Safety for girls JCAPCPL   
20+ volunteers came together to celebrate Holi at a shelter home for young girls in Bagunhatu, Jamshedpur. CFO, Mr. Pranav Jha & other SLT members attended the programme.
  Water conservation awareness JCAPCPL   
A special session was conducted on water conservation awareness at Janta School, Sonari, Jamshedpur to teach students how to save each drop of water while using and how they can save smartly from their home. Family members of the volunteers also volunteered during the event.
  Road Safety Awareness for Cyclists JCAPCPL   
Volunteers came together to spread road safety awareness among cyclists by pasting reflective stickers in Burmamines Parking Area, Jamshedpur.
  Holi celebrations with the elderly JCAPCPL   
A team of volunteers celebrated holi with the senior citizen of the Ashirwad Old Age Home, Jamshedpur, Jharkhand
  *This update covers only some of the activities undertaken by companies.