Tata Volunteering Week 14
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Tata Volunteering Week (TVW) is back with its 14 th edition! From September 5, 2020, companies across the Tata group will be offering volunteering opportunities for employees, family members and retired Tata colleagues. As we are mostly working from home, this edition will largely be an online based volunteering to connect heart to heart. We have abundant volunteering opportunities organised by Tata companies, and a message from the Group Chairman that will inspire you to join the volunteering group. Activities will range from sharing knowledge with children and bringing smiles to their faces to making masks at home for the underprivileged, from planting a sapling in your neighbourhood to conducting virtual baking sessions. If you don’t find anything of interest, you may use the Do-it-Yourself (DIY) toolkit and plan an activity of your own. There is always something for everybody.

“Great, when did the Tata group start Tata Volunteering Week?” Tata Volunteering Week, the first volunteering format of Tata Engage was launched on 3 rd March 2014 to commemorate the 175 th birth anniversary of our founder, Jamsetji Tata. Today the Tata group ranks among the top ten corporates in the world in terms of volunteering hours. In FY20, we clocked 1.52 million volunteering hours as a group.

“I’m intrigued, What’s new this edition?” This edition brings to you a wide range of volunteering opportunities which you can take up while you are working from home. In this time of pandemic, when safety and social distancing is of utmost importance, Tata Volunteering Week 14 wants you to stay socially connected and work from heart by volunteering online. So, let’s spread some smiles, beyond walls, across miles.

“Yes, count me in! But where do I start?” If you’re ready to join in, contact your CSR / volunteering team, today!

You could also log on to Tata Engage website to view available opportunities , and get in touch with the relevant contact person of the activity that interests you. You can participate in any Tata company’s activity, and in as many activities as you like.

You could use the DIY volunteering toolkit if you want to plan something on your own and inspire others. And don’t forget to report your efforts.

So, go ahead, volunteer and work from heart!

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Volunteering spirit just gets better year on year
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